Saturday, February 28, 2009

today I'm better

As the title so profoundly explained, I am doing much better today. I guess it was just a 24 hour bug. A nasty one at that though. I was really under the weather. It was crazy how horribly painful my body aches were. I mean, it was as if I had injured my lower back. But, as soon as the fever and ickyness were gone, so was the body pain. No matter though. I had to get back to school fairly quickly today. As soon as I got around, maybe 1:15 I was at school right back to the same classroom/computer lab where I have my Thursday evening photography class. You might ask yourself, Why, why did you need to get back there so quickly? I WILL TELL YOU. I forgot my little scandisk flash memory card. When I went back to check it and all the available lost & found's. It was still no where to be found. :o( This means someone in a Friday class swiped it. Now, is it important enough for me to dig in a little bit and go to those Friday classes and see who sit's in that seat.......Well, if I couldn't recover that information, then MAYBE, but since I can recover that information, I probably will not. I just hate that people steal stuff like that. It just really eerks me like no other. Anyways, here are 3 portraits that I really liked from the last assignment.

Yea, I like the way those pictures turned out. The first one was of a little girl that we watch in Daycare, and her pregnant mommy. The second was of a the girl Annie ( I think that's her name) from my law class who let me take some pictures. And the third was of my friend Brandon, who blows glass at my other friends house. I thought they would all make nice portraits, and I was right.

Back to MY DAY... I did a very SMALL amount of studying, before I went to the MALL..... Ahhhh, yes the MALL sucked me in. I need a new pair of shoes, and I went to the place I hate like no other. I went to the MALL, and I hated every second of it. So much so, that I could not stand being there for very long. It's almost like people put on their big fake faces to fake it up for the world to see. And sadly, they aren't exactly putting on what I would call their "good face." Usually it is just a very worldly face that is extremely materialistic and prideful. This is just my way of saying, I HATE THE MALL, and it was a stupid decision for me to go there. NUFF SAID.The mall was yuck, but hanging out with Jesse & Nick was not yuck. It started off at Nick's house. I took them to get pizza, and gave Nick his first lesson on how to drive a stick shift. Then we went back and played a little bit more video games. After that, I talked them into going to several big SUPERMARKET's to try to spend as much drive time in their electric cart's as possible. From the 4 stores we visited late at night, we only got a total of about 17 seconds of drive time. No matter though. The night kind of ended with a little King of the ice mound. Ya know how when big parking lots are plowed, and it has warmed up several times, but not enough to rid the lot of the big nasty sharp and jagged massive mounds of ice/dirt yet. Well, we played king of the hill on one of those. It was a bad idea, because it was really sharp, and it was hard to get down from. But we can say we did it now. And that is all that matters.....

For she said, if I may touch but his clothes, I shall be whole. --Mark 5:26

Now that is faith. Unmoving, solid, extreme faith you can sink your teeth into. She didn't know exactly what He was about, but she knew he healed, and did amazing things, and for her that was enough. wow to that.

Friday, February 27, 2009

today i'm sick

As I lay on the couch, with an unsettled tummy I realize that the saying, "when the sun goes down. the fever goes up," is a very sincere saying. I woke up this morning and puked like crazy. I also woke with this body ache that was just out of control. I didn't eat anything till about 9:00PM, and it is staying down, that is a real good thing. It seems like when I stay down, I do alright. I am just so thankful that I have a fever because it means that it is not my Multiple Sclerosis acting up. Ya see, my M/S can push me into what is called vertigo, and it usually comes on with a real upset stomach right after I wake up. It's funny, but a fever has never been so welcomed, and I can say that my 1 year+ time free from M/S exacerbations continues on. :o) HORRAY FOR FEVERS!! I say horray because if it were an M/S attack, I would experience similar feelings, but without the fever.....also
everything would be spinning. OK, this is mikey signning off.



Thursday, February 26, 2009

from phone

In my Interpersonal communications class today, one of the 3 guidelines to a happy prolonged relationship(or something to that effect) was to practice safe sex........they(classmates) joked and made comments about it that were very gradeschool and I hated being there because of it. If someone could tell me what safe sex has to do with interpersonal communications, I would greatly appreciate it.

I am in bed right now as I type, but tomorrow when I get to a computer I am going to upload some of the pictures from this weeks photography assignment. They turned out real good I thought.



Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Typical move

Okay, so the last post, the post from Monday, I totally said how addicted to BLOGGING I was. Then, on Tuesday when I was coming home from my evening LAW class (which by the way, I got an 85% on the first test!!), I called someone, and started talking and talking, and talking. The talking continued, and just kept right on going. Soon I was laying in bed, completely ready to go to sleep and although it popped into my mind that I should post for the day real quick, I seemed to forget at the last moment. My head hit the pillow, and BAM!!! I was out like a light bulb smashed into oblivion. Anyways, I just thought that was funny. I will share one story from yesterday. While I was sitting in my evening LAW class, I noticed this girl sitting in front of me. She had these really sweet looking fingernails all painted up nice and pretty like, so during one of our breaks, I approached her and asked if I could take a picture of her. I explained that this week's assignment in my Photography (J210) class was portraits. I told her that I really liked her look, and wondered if I could take some portrait pictures of her. She agreed quickly, so when class got over, I snapped some pictures of..Annie. We will see how they turn out tomorrow.

Wednesday's are the best days. You know why??? BECAUSE OF YOUNG LIFE!!!! I friggin love going to hang out with these kids in this setting. There is an amazing amount of energy, and the kids just really pick up on it. The atmosphere is VIBRANT, and it is perfectly okay for me to....well, be me (a little insane). I love the songs, the games, and especially the talk. I love to watch the faces on some of the kids. When a kid "get's" a talk, there is nothing better to see. For the connections to just sort of click inside. Also, some of the guys I have been spending time with are really looking at camp this summer as a very real possibility. It is an awesome thing to see God in work.

Like I said earlier, this week's photography assignment is Portraits. And at Young Life, after all the kids left. I asked Ashley, wife of Josh V(Main YL area director) if I could take a picture of her pregnant belly & face. I really hope it turned out good. It has the potential of being a really neat shot. We will see tomorrow though.

Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm addicted

TO BLOGGING! Seriously, I am super tired, I only want to go to bed, but I am drawn to my computer. Not to check mail, or get on some social network. NO, I get on because I feel a drive, an inner need to write my life out on BLOG. It's a strange thing it is. But, here goes.

I came home right after work to "study." Now, there is a mistake in that sentence. I cannot study at home for some reason. There are far to many distractions, and in reality, there just aren't very many places physically in my house, or I should say my parent's house that are conducive to studying. I got home, and the couch beckoned my name. Before I knew it, Cash Cab was on the Discovery channel, and I just had to watch one...or two episodes. Once that was over, I grabbed my book bag, and went downstairs to sit at the table, spread out, and start in on the work load. DIDN'T HAPPEN, I forgot my dad stayed home from school because he is sick, and so the T.V. was on. So, I just went off to the library. I was there for what seemed forever, and didn't really get much done. Do you ever have those days where the motivation just is not there??

Went back to work, and did all that stuff. I didn't really feel like I had done anything of significance until I got to BSF (Bible Study Fellowship).I took this picture of a depiction of the Tabernacle community. We are studying that while studying the Life of Moses, so I thought it was only fitting to snap a picture. I wish I wish I wish I had my notes from the lecture in front of me. Not that I don't remember what we talked about, but because I am able to recall much better when I have my notes in front of me. It was based around complaining, and how God views complaining. WOW, I took a lot from this weeks lesson. Mainly, GOD HATES COMPLAINING.


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Today started out at Alliance Community Church again. I really like it there. The people are genuine, and I always end up staying after talking with a couple or individual for 30minutes or so. That is good stuff. It is a simple church service, but for me that is good stuff too. I had some time to blow before I went over and chilled with Tom (English prof. from last semester) so I went and picked up Nicky's X-Box that needs to be sent in to be fixed or have them send him a new one.Now it needs to be sent through UPS, and Nick's dad works for UPS....why he couldn't do this, I just do not know. But it is going to be done, and that is all that matters.The picture is crappy because it was really bright out, and Tom moved.

As soon as I left Tom's, I went directly to Dave Church. It was good because George really came out of his shell. He was asking questions, and that is just Jesus at work in his heart. SO AWESOME TO SEE!! Sorry this is such a brief BLOG, I am at school and updated quickly. TA TA!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

kinda shaky

Because today was a Saturday, you better believe it was filled with some studying. I got to the school library at about 1:00PM. I studied there for a while, and I guess I just got restless. I take adderall because I have ADHD, and took some later on in the afternoon. Like maybe 3 or so, this was my first mistake. I changed locations from the school library to the downtown central library because I wanted to get over to my best friends house to take some portraits of him and his roommates (this weeks assignment in Photography is portraits). So I did that, and when the downtown library closed, I got my pictures. I didn't want to drive all the way back back on campus to finish study time, so I went to the closest Starbucks to study. I didn't want to be "that guy" who shows up, unpacks, and studies at a coffee shop w/o purchasing anything. SO, I got a coffee which was my 2nd mistake because I forgot how much coffee makes me totally wired. SO, now it is late'ish (little after 10PM) and I am wide awake. DO'OH!! My mind is racing because of the Adderall I probably did not need to take in the first place, and the coffee that I definitely didn't need to drink.

Friday, February 20, 2009


What a Friday. As soon as I got out of the shower this morning, I knew I was TIRED. The week had wore me down, and I wanted to take some recuperation time. As soon as I got back from work (9AM'ish) I headed right to the couch, and took me a little nap. I had some good lunch, and got right on my Bible study.Yes, it was a cool study today. I got out my study Bible, and was like cross checking these names to those verses, and such. It was cool to see what I ended up with. Very cool actually. Numbers 12:1-3 were the verses today. A very small amount of reading compared to some days of past studies in the Life of Moses. I learned that Miriam (Moses & Aaron's sister) was the first prophetess mentioned in the Bible. I learned that no one is above gossip and that family criticism must be handled appropriately (with love and kindness). This is my buddy Tony. He has been my lil pal ever since I started doing childcare at Lincoln Elementary for the YMCA. Tony is a great lil dude. Little kids are such a blessing. Can they be somewhat stressful at times...Yes, but for the most part, and I try to pay the most attention to their many positive attributes. SO MUCH FUN TOO!!

The evening rolled around, and my cousin and I went to a Mad Ants basketball game. Fort Wayne's B-Ball team is not very good, but they had a unique half time show. It was the rubber man, and let me tell you, he was pretty crazy. He could fit through a tennis racket and a toilet bowl lid. Check out these pictures, then I am going to bed.

I guess I can explain them a little bit. Ya see the first picture is of them bringing him out in a clear box. Yea, it didn't even look like a human could survive in that thing, and out popped this dude. Then he got all freakishly flexible and it was just like, "wow that is almost creepy." But, whatever, it was entertainment.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

pictures and numbers

I went to that Basketball game yesterday, and well I think that this picture turned out pretty good. The assignment was "people working." I was focusing on the REF of course.I stopped at some random restaurant called Wings, etc. And asked the waitress if I could snap a picture of her working. She was supposed to pretend like I was not there, but she kind of gave me "the look" so I snapped a pic. I really like the way it turned out. Here are some other pictures.This was taken at McDonalds after the game yesterday. I guess it was of me "working," but I was not working, and I didn't actually take it...because you can't take a picture like this of yourself, unless you have a tripod and your timer works. So...yea. I like this picture a lot though. HERE ARE SOME MORE!!Here is one of my Pop's at work. And one ofMr. D in shop class.

So yea, those are my pictures. In my Bible Study today, I went through Numbers 11:4-35. I have already gone through Exodus and Leviticus. Again, I am seeing just how much of a "stiffed neck" people the Israelites are, and how much they just fight everything. They go against God and just refuse to surrender. Wait a second, I am starting to make some kind of similar correlation between the Israelites and parts of my life....can this really be (intense sarcasm)??? I love going through "the life of Moses." I have grown and been challenged in areas that I have never really touched on before. It is amazing to see when and how God chooses to work, if you just let him in and do his transforming. Beautiful thing the Holy Spirit is.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

good good good good

I was at the library this morning….of course, and I just saw a guy make the “sweetest” move on a girl. The guy was originally sitting off to the left by himself. The girl came in a while later and started working on her math or chemistry---it sounded advanced. Meanwhile, the guy repositioned himself without her really paying much notice. He was watching her...more than he was doing whatever work he may have meant to be working on. When the time was right, he made eye contact with her, packed his stuff and stood at her table asking if she understood the work alright. To which she smiled and replied, "not really." He offered his assistance and she quickly accepted. I assume they only knew each other from class, I also believe they are both freshmen, but possibly in an advanced math or chemistry class. He was very sweet and slow to make his move; it was cool to see it all play out in front of me. The world needs more guys like him. Of course I am making a lot of assumptions, but outwardly, the world needs more guys like him.

When I got off work, I went directly to Tom's house. Tom is one of the Young Life staff in Fort Wayne. We had planned on meeting at his house and then all going together to the Snider basketball game.

We met, and prayed, and talked about some of the methods to reach out to the Young Life kids. After we prayed, Tom made a neat comment. He said, "ya know, Paul puts so much importance on writing to different churches, and lifting people up in Christ, I just think that God is looking down on us smiling right now, just the fact that we are all gathered here talking, writing, and thinking out new and better ways to reach kids for Christ, I just think it's a beautiful thing." Well, I agree with Tom, and it felt good, kind of made my heart melt a little bit. Pretty powerful too. So, then it was off to the game.

I didn't get too crazy because I was with a new leader, his name is Ben and he is a great guy. It can kind of be an intimidating thing to go to with all these kids. So, I stayed relatively close to Ben for this time and just kind of chatted with him. Afterwords, we told kids to go to McDonald's and we chilled there for a bit. I had some McFun tonight. Although I did not eat any of the greasy grub, I did enjoy the presence of a great handful of some good gal's and guy's. In all seriousness, I can not think of a better way for me to spend my Wednesday evening. I seriously can't. I feel that God has blessed me so much with giving me the opportunity to hang out with these kids, or any kids for that matter. Such a privilege and I just love it.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Stereotypical... I try not to be

I really like this Elements of Business law class I am in. I really do, the professor is a really interesting guy, and I guess I think the information is generally interesting. That, and I really know nothing of law, so it is all fairly new information. Or, at least extremely expanded information on a topic I knew close to nothing about. There is a guy though, a guy in my class. He was fairly quiet at first. But, I think now that he has gotten comfortable with the people and environment he blurts out all the time. He has a very, ummm how do I explain this, "elementary" sense of humor. He down plays almost every comment or topic he can, and for the first hour, I could just shurg it off. But the class is nearly 3 hours long, and it just kept going and going. I felt myself getting more and more anxious about this guy. BUT, I kept my mouth shut, although I felt the general consensus of the room probably had a very similar disposition to mine, inclusing the prof. When the class was over, I was walking into the parking garage. The "chatty" gentlemen was behind me, and so I held the door open for him as he approached me. I held the door for maybe 3 seconds. He approached the door, and immideatly pressed the handicapped door opener button. Did not make eye contact with me, and walked right on past. I was almost offended, not outwardly, but inwardly I scrunched my eyes, and felt as though he had personally and rudely attacked me. I walked to my car as if someone has just wronged me. Minutes later, I realized that I had now become "in the wrong." A follower of Christ does not open a door for someone in order to get a thankyou or a pat on the back. A follower of Christ opens a door for someone, even an annoying someone to let them know you care about them, and want to spread this LOVE thing around. In Christ, there need not be recopricity. It's nice when it comes, but I have to watch it. That guy will be on my list now. To be ever careful how I look at him, think about him, and to pray for him. And that's that.

After class I wanted to go get my "TAN" on. So I did just that. And now I feel like I have been sizzling like a weenie on a hibachi. For real! This picture may not show it very clearly, but I am red like a lobster. And of course, because of the protective eye things, I have some real cute WHITE spots around my eyes. All is well though. Not a complaint, just a state of being. Next time I will remember not to tan so long, OR, tan more often. Either alternatitives would have averted this uncomfortable state I am currently in.

Monday, February 16, 2009

sick of it? NOT ME & Donnie Darko

This morning as soon as I got out of work, I went right to the YMCA. I did not sleep well at all last night. I don't know if it is my M/S causing me cognitive issues, but I was dog tired, and my body would not let me fall asleep. I had an amazing evening, what with George and all too. I fell asleep the first time after hours of laying in bed, just because I prayed myself to sleep. Then I woke up, woke up wide awake......and it was only 2:30AM. I was like, "awww common." That is just how it is sometimes though. So I worked out hardcore this morning and went to the library to study study study. I am going to keep showing off pictures of me in the study mode because...well because I am not sick of it, possibly slightly sick of it. But I am just going to physically show my steadfast to the whole study thing.I am not showing off, this is just my life. The title of this BLOG is, "MY LIFE, MY JOURNEY." So, I feel it is good to show my life. I hope you are following me, because this is really as simple as I can put it. Just kidding, I know my readers are super smart, and love that I show boring pictures of me in a study portal at a dusty library. Maybe some day, I will be able to BLOG from a isiland off the coast of Australia. Or, from Mars. Either would be equally cool.I went to Wall-Mart today. How do ya like that. Good ole friendly neighborhood Wall-Mart. The above picture was in the check out line, but that lady bought that stuff. I just had to re-up (by more) on some 35mm film for my photography class. This week's assignment; People at work. The night almost ended with BSF. My dad wispered in my ear and said, "hey, check out what one of the guys said in my group." He showed me what he wrote down, and made a comment about it." I wrote this down at the top of my lecture notes. Before I put down all my own notes for the lecture.
It said this...
-Shame is the gateway to Grace.
~If you're not ashamed of what you've done, or you can't understand shame, then you won't be able to grasp Grace. Grace has many deep theological definitions. I like this one, grace is undeserved love and affection. I do not deserve for God to love me so much that he knows every hair on my head. I do not deserve for God to give his only son for my life, sins and short comings, but he did. I understand very clearly what I have done and continually do wrong. By God's grace I am wiped clean. Beautiful God, simply beautiful.

The night really ended with me and my parents watching the movie Donnie Darko. The last time I watched it was at my friend Tony's house. It was a pretty strange situation that only the BLOG post from that day can do justice. ~CLICK HERE~ to see what i'm talking about. I live a "unique" life. To me it is pretty exciting on a daily basis. Maybe later this week I will share the statistics of my BLOG. They are nothing HUGE, but pretty interesting to say the least, to me they are anyways.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

church & library & more church OH MY!

I was amazed, blown away, nourished, enlightened, and empowered by today. Let's look back on the events that took place. Pay attention though, because it does not make a whole lot of sense until the end. Well, I started off at Alliance Community Church. The last time I was here, it was super bowl Sunday. It was great, really great. I liked it a lot, and felt super comfortable there. ~CLICK HERE~ to be reminded of just how comfortable I was. I'm just saying, I love feeling welcomed, and to have God just BE THERE, ya know. It is a beautiful thing when, as Dave would say, "the cause is more important than the people." WOW DOES THAT NEED TO BE TRUE IN EVERY CHURCH!! But anyways, check this out. When church get's out, I go straight to the library. Ohh yes, that is correct, THE LIBRARY!This was my place of study. This picture was taken when I was finishing up my Bible study for the week. And those stripes on my shirt were from the new Polo I got, I look good in it. I'm just saying.... STUDY time was good because on Chapter 7 in my Elements of Law class, I studied and studies a real hard chapter, and got an A+ on the online quiz I had to take. It was 10 questions, you have a maximum of 1 hour to take it, and I finished in 5 minutes. That means I spent thirty seconds on each question. That is pretty good I do believe.

I had made a decision last Sunday at Dave church. I made a decision based on my friend George's reaction after we left. George, who is turning his life around, in an amazing and GOD driven sort of way, said to me, "I really feel at peace there." This in itself, is a huge statement for George. George struggles with anxiety, and does not feel comfortable around strangers. I brought him to Dave church the first time a while back, like 6 weeks ago and he got dropped right into the thick of it. Loud singing and praising to God. I knew it was what he needed, but could only tell him by throwing him into it. I knew he was ready, and I guess I just kind of assumed God would do the rest. I had faith that He would. I rambeled a little bit, i'm not sorry, but I will get back to the library now. The DECISION I had made was that I had to get George back. Ya see, when we left last week, George said to me, "man, we should get some pizza and stay and chill with them." The two times we had gone before last week, he was real antsy to get out of there a.s.a.p. I knew it was a "God thing." So, as soon as he said that, I went with it right away. In fact, God told me that needed to take precedence over whatever else.It was not an audible voice, but it might as well have been. I believe fully that when the Holy Spirit puts something on your heart, you just know it. And the Holy Spirit also gives discernment to know what is of Him, and what is not. So now the CONFLICT came around. I am committed to Young Life. I knew there was a chance I had a Young Life meeting, but instead of checking it right away, and planning accordingly. I just didn't. I suppose maybe I knew inside I would have one, but just didn't want to deal with any possible confliction. So, when I was at the library today I got a text message reminding me along with all the other leaders that we had a Young Life meeting. DO'OH!! It happened. I replied and said briefly that I could not attend because of something important. I got a message back....then a phone call from the YL area director. We talked for a while, and I explained it, but I kind of sugar coated it. I didn't lie directly to him, but sort of in a way. I beat around the bush, and didn't tell him I "kind of had an idea" that we had a meeting. Instead I left him with the thought that I "forgot." I did not tell him what I knew in my heart, which was that God told me to take George. Maybe because I didn't want to tell him that and then find out it was not true.... So I took George, and did not go to the leader meeting. Turns out that tonight was a huge breakthrough for George and Dave Church. We, as a church talked about something really important at Dave church tonight. We talked about our plan as a church. We got some specific things to pray about, and a plan of action in Christ to flow with. George heard it, and said, "I have never really been a part of a church before, it has never really made sense till I came here. I want to be part of this, can I be a part of this?" I about fell apart. My eyes were literally welling up with tears. This was amazing! George "get's it," and see's that what we are doing is for Christ. Like Dave said, the Cause (spreading the news of Salvation) must be more important than the people (body of believers in the Church). That does not mean that you should not build up the body, or grow them, quite the opposite in fact. It was a beautiful thing. God amazes me over and over again. I wrote a lot today. I threw in some pictures to lessen the blow though. Hope it all made sense. :o)

P.S. I tried to call Josh (YL area director) tonight. But, he was not available. I will be calling him tomorrow first thing to tell him exactly what was going on, and apologizing for not being 100% straight forward and explaining why I was not.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Let's start it off right. The movie I shared on my BLOG yesterday, well it just got a whole lot better. Watch this video to see how. Yea, that is great.

Okay, so it is valentines day today. I am proud to admit that I do in fact have a Valentine.


The only thing is....she is a bit of a long distance valentine. She lives in Arizona, and I met her last summer when I volunteered at Lost Canyon (the camp I got an internship @ this summer) last summer in Arizona. I did get her a gift too. It was a singing picture message. High tech right? Anyways, I have not heard back from her on if she liked it or not, but I am sure she did.

What did my V-Day consist of you might be asking yourself. Well, I will tell you. CLEANING! I cleaned my bathroom, and managed to take an incredibly long long time.
This is a picture of my bathroom before I started cleaning. Call it a "BEFORE" picture if you will. Yes yes, now hear this, the bathroom is much cleaner in this "after" picture so to speak. Gotta love a good before & after picture though don't ya? So, most people could probably accomplish a clean bathroom in ohh maybe an hour tops. It took me nearly three and a half, no kidding. Things like breaking the sweeper belt, cleaning toilet tank's, cleaning all wood work, shower detailing, etc. seem to really take up a lot of time. I know what you are thinking, you are thinking, "did you say toilet tank cleaning?" YES I DID!! Check out the before and after shot's of this bad boy. Yes, here she is. Years and years of water flowing in and out, in and out, dropping slight amounts of sediment here and there can really add up in a toilet tank. Well, when I was reading the directions on the back of the toilet bowl cleaner, I noticed it gave directions for cleaning the toilet bowl tank as well. I thought to myself, "well why not?" SO I DID IT!! AND CHECK OUT THE END RESULTS!!! That's right ladies and gentlemen, my very own, spotless TOILET BOWL TANK! Not only will I have the peace of mind that the inside of something I never see is clean, but I will be able to sleep better at night knowing that the world has been rid of a little less toilet bowl tank sedimentation. WHAT A LOAD OFF MY BACK! I had all the intention in the world to go onto campus early and study study study. But, my laziness and bathroom kept me from leaving my house until about 5:30'ish PM. Once I did leave though, I managed to get a lot done. This is where the majority of my study time took place. I started out with Mass Communications, and ended with Elements of Business Law. My chosen location was right atop a stairwell. The highlight of my evening was when I heard a voice scream, "YAAAHOOOOOO!!!" very loudly. Then, shortly after the happy scream of exaltation, a young man appeared through the doors. I smiled, and asked him, "so what are ya so happy about?" He politely explained how he was done with wrestling for the season, or possibly forever. He said he lost his last match, but was so happy to be finished. We had a little small talk afterwords, but it was just so nice to be able to hold a perfectly nice conversation with a complete stranger. I like that stuff a lot.