Thursday, September 01, 2016

Dark Journey

The Struggle is Real

Wow. Being a parent is the most humbling experience. I have had so many moments of leaning HARD into the Lord's presence. Louisa's thrush has cleared up, however, she still wouldn't eat. Feeding her became some my weakest moments. She would struggle and pull away from the bottle after only taking 10 ml. She would cry and I would cry. She would be so hungry, fussy, and still refuse to eat. I started to become more and more anxious over this of course. 

My entire life I have struggled with anxiety. Not just a worry or nervousness but mind paralyzing anxiety. It will come over me and I start to lose all sense of reason. I am ridden with fear and just cannot function. This started happening with Louisa's feedings. I dreaded them. I would start to shake and overcome with fear that she wouldn't eat. I only let this go for two days and on the third day of her not eating during the day and then screaming all evening I finally called her pediatrician. We brought her in and that is when he found the thrush. I thought once we got the medicine for that she would eat and I would have my baby back.

She didn't eat. Her eating actually got worse. I cried and cried. My husband thought I was going to shut down. On the third day of her struggling to eat I once again called the pediatrician and took her in. She had lost an ounce in two days! My heart sank. The doctor believed she had gas pains and that is why she wasn't eating. That could have been the case for that moment in particular but in my heart I knew that wasn't it. There was something bigger. 

Monday morning I called her cardiologist. I, of course in all my mom glory, sobbed and said, "she won't eat. She is so hungry but won't eat." Dr. Cottrill said, "Okay, we will figure this out together." Dr. Cottrill thought it might be reflux. We started her on a medication two days ago and I already feel like I see a difference. Last night she cried and cried because she was hungry and every time I offered her more to eat she drank every bit of it. I am hoping and praying this is the solution to our eating strike.  

I am so humbled by the Lord. Honestly, when I was pregnant I just kept saying, "I won't need any help. I will just figure it out." Oh I was so wrong. I needed a lot of help and thanks to my Mom and my Mother-in-Law I have had the BEST help out there. The Lord has truly blessed our time together and I cannot be more grateful. 

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