Tuesday, March 31, 2009

ziffles tuesday

i'm getting back logged. . . sorry bout that

-> 1st time i skipped a.m. class
-> met with Brian(pastor from ACC)
-> YMCA work out session after p.m. class
-> laziness
-> evening class, soo sleepy lately.


Monday, March 30, 2009

Must go to sleep, so tired, eyes heavy, mind slipping. . . . update coming @ later time.


Sunday, March 29, 2009

My parents left for Mexico this morning as it snowed a bit, and so I took full advantage of having the house to myself. . . Huge house party? No, just some high school kids over for some video games on my parents big screen T.V. Good time


Saturday, March 28, 2009

A taste of library, and Africa

You know where I ended up at this afternoon around noonish? Get this, THE LIBRARY!!!
"Ohhh Walter, your library has become almost homelike to me." I got into a real comfortable study position today. I am pretty flexible, so I just wrap and twist until I am comfortable. Here is how I sat for a lengthy amount of time.I guess this picture does not show how I am sitting very well, but my legs were all super Indian style. While I was studying, I got an expected phone call from a guy named Mark. Mark works for the The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and E-Mailed me maybe 3 days ago asking if he could call me to do an over the phone interview for an article he is writing about people and out of the U.S. stem cell transplants. We talked on the phone for 64minutes & 29seconds. He was very knowledgable, and I could tell he had done his homework on a lot of what we were talking about. He knew the names of contacts, and all sorts of things. I will be looking forward to what the article is actually like. He gave me the impression it would be 4 weeks until it was published.

Well, I was on campus, it was getting near supper time, so I was hungry. I remembered a girl from my law class handing me a paper talking about an event called Taste of Africa. So, I went and checked it out. There was entertainment and free food, as my friend Lili would say, "that's the place to be." Here are some pictures and even a video clip from the production. They had it all set up in the ball room. It smelled so good!! Yeah, and this is why it smelled so good! The food was super authentic. I mean I am assuming that is what the real stuff would taste like, I have never eaten food or been to Africa though, so I guess I really wouldn't know per say.

Anyways, they put on a fashion show. It was really cool, and there are a lot of really beautiful African women that go to IPFW. Some of these girls seemed so totally legit, I just wanted to sit down and get to know them. But, they were walking on a "cat walk," so it probably was not a good time. Lastly, the night ended on this very computer. My dad and I watched the boys State basketball game. Snider (the school I do contact work @ for Young Life) went to state against Bloominton South. It was a good game, but Bloomington won 69-62. There are two kids on the B-Ball team for Snider who regularly attend Young Life. I so wanted them to win, but you can't win um all. The picture above is kind of crappy; it sort of looks like a video game, but you get the idea.

Friday, March 27, 2009

cats and fires

I had an excellent day today. Does excellent mean productive? No, no it does not. It means that it was satisfying. Satisfying in the sense that I had no qualms with it. You could be asking yourself, “why would you want to study on a Friday, didn’t you decisively not take class on that day, for that very purpose?” To which I would say, “yes, but that means that I will have to study on Saturday.” I’m okay with that though. I did get some work done though. After I got in a little Bible time, and things of the sort, I went out to my car. Ya see, a while ago I destroyed my horn, by repeatedly hitting it with my fist out of frustration when I was driving to Canton Ohio to visit my friend Sarah. ~CLICK HERE~ to see the trip, and understand why I got so frustrated with directions, and GPS batteries (or lack there of), and what not. So, the steering wheel has had this extremely sharp metal sticking out of the top of it for quite some time, and today I took a stand against it. First, by bending the metal back into the plastic part of the middle of the steering wheel (there is no airbag. . . it’s a 93 Tempo). That is what the picture above is depicting. Then, I just got a roll of duck tape, and taped the heck out of that thing. It's not sharp to the touch any more.I went back to work at 3, there is a card game at work called Car Wars. It is amazing because it keeps the kids busy for hours, they also have to read what their cards say, and subtract damage from all sides of their cars. It is really quite nifty that they enjoy it so much.
Once I got home I played with my feline friend Molly. Molly has made an appearance on my BLOG before. She came on about 6 months ago, and I remember giving her a bowl of milk, ever sense, she has just kind of viewed our property as a second home. She belongs to our neighbor, and is very friendly and can hunt birds, so even though I am not a cat person at all, this one is okay with me. ~CLICK HERE~ to see her last appearance on my BLOG about 6 months ago, her picture and description is towards the bottom of the post. Check out these picture I took of her.

There is that "no tail" rear end of hers.

The night ended with a camp fire, and some good talk with my friend George. We just talked for hours, got some good talk in too. Productive stuff, I see a lot in George. Christ is surly working in him.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The hand of God

Driving to school today, I got behind a gentlemen who had a sticker on his window that really stood out to me. It was pretty depressing, because I thought of the mindset that would have to accompany this whole simplified idea. I edited the image a little bit, to get the sentence to stand out a bit more.In case your eyes will not let you focus in on what it says on the top of his back window. It says, LIFE SUCKS THEN YOU DIE. Now, could this guy have just thought it was a funny phrase, and slapped it on his car? Of course, but this phrase goes much deeper than that. I know people who live like that. And it's. . . well, sad. If that is all there is to life, meaningless existence, then death. Well, what would even be the point? Why exist at all? There HAS to be such a greater picture. If there isn't, then I might agree with that phrase posted on that guys car. But it is not true, and there is so much more to life than just mere existence. I will explain my hypothesis by explaining what a little 5 year old girl said to me today. I was outside playing on the play ground with the kids at work, and the clouds and sky were beautiful. I challenge the kids to use their imagination as much as I can. Often I will ask them, "What do you think that cloud looks like?" or "What do you see in the clouds today?" I will show you the cloud that was in question, then tell you what a little 5 year old girl named Jayla said to me about it. I was running and chasing after this little girl, when she paused and said, "Mr. Mikey, look at the hand!" I said, "what hand Jayla?" She pointed, and said, "look in the sky." She then said, "It must be the hand of God." It really made me think, and I thought about that darn sticker on that guys car. But, for a little girl, with childlike faith to say that a simple cloud looks like the hand of God, well that is pretty awesome to me. I said to her, "ya know what Jayla, I think that is more of a hand of God than you know." She just smiled and said, "bet you can't get me!"

I did of course get her. :o) Tonight was my photography class. This week's assignment was a specific food of our choice. I decided to do Pizza. I traveled all over the place seeking out pizza shops here and there. I got to talk to a lot of people, and smell a lot of great pizza. I'm going to share my contact sheets, then show you my picture that I edited a little bit in Photo Shop to turn in.And here she is, the pizza picture of all pizza pictures.It was taken at The Pizza Emporium right on Coliseum & Parnell. ~CLICK HERE~ to see the actual satellite photograph (It's right on the corner). I have not eaten here yet, but this place looks and smells wonderful. And the people, well the people are awesome, if not amazing. PRETTY ROCKIN COOL! God is soo good, even in confusion and hardships, God reins through in the most amazing ways possible.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Today, I went to Snider to do some contact work through all three of the lunch mod's. It was great because one kid lead me to another kid that I was taking/hanging out with last year. His name is Ray, you can see ray from this link that leads to a past post. ~CLICK HERE~ to see who Ray is. It was awesome, and totally not just a coincidence that I was lead to ray today; totally a "God moment." So, when I was at Snider (school I do contact work @), one of the kids wanted me to text his mom to tell her that he could get a ride with a friend. I did this, and again, another "just so happens moment," happens and about 30 minutes later I got a phone call from this kids mom, who knows me well. Her car broke down, and she needed a ride and couldn't find anyone else to help her. Of course I would help, and I am just so extremely happy that she thought to call me. Well, I know why she called me, and I know that God used that text to remind her that I can and will help in any way that I can.But, just because I am willing to help drive places to help people, it does not negate from the fact that I am an idiot when it comes to taking directions. I am seriously horrible at it. But, it was a nice day, so what the hay.I finally got to her, and was able to take her home. I was a little late to work, but my supervisor/boss is very cool about it, and was not upset at all that I was 15min late.

Then there was club. Club felt HIGH ENERGY tonight.I love HIGH ENERGY. Tom gave the talk, it was about how God knows us fully, and that we do not need to hide ourselves from Him. He talked about how if you do this, then you are just being like everyone else. People of all ages and race have emotional baggage of some sort. Whether it is abuse, self-hatred, lack of esteem, addiction, pride--stemming from all sorts of different issues, etc. We all got it, but to just lay it out in front of God, who already knows every bit of it, and loves unconditionally regardless of who you are or where you are at, well that is a hard thing to do. It means that first you have to accept that there is someone who loves you unconditionally, through your nasty stuff, and happy times. Someone who wants you to just give yourself, completely. God has an amazing love, a real and embracing love. I did not say that the love God gives is an amazing concept, because it is not a concept, it is something that can wrap your pain and issues up like a blanket, and hold you close.

I am so thankful for the love God shows me. Through my pride, and stupidity, God loves and embraces me too. That is a good thing to know.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Day at a glance.

So I start off real early Monday through Friday. Yes, my alarm clock is set for 5:22A.M. I set it for 5:22, because I almost always hit the snooze just once; an extra five minutes is always enough. But, on most days, my body wakes me up automatically like 5 minutes before my alarm goes off; on those days I just get up. This day, I needed those extra five minutes. It is strange, so far on Sunday, Monday, and today my body has decided to wake me up at 4:30A.M. Very strange, and I really hate it. I usually go use the restroom, and get a drink. I can usually go back to sleep then.


Yes, that is correct. I am off to work. I try to be in my car at 6:20A.M., that get's me to work at 6:28-6:30, just in time to welcome the first parent ready and willing to drop their little one off. So, work "usually" goes really smoothly in the morning, and that is that. On Tuesdays I usually leave like 5-10 minutes early, so I can get to class on time. I only have class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. So, today, since today is Tuesday I left at about 8:38A.M. I believe, and headed to school. As soon as I get to school, I used the restroom (aren't you glad you know that?), and went to class.

~Mass Communications~

My first class of the day, both Tuesdays and Thursdays is Mass Comm/Comm 250 with Julie Creek. I really enjoy this class, and I really enjoy this professor. It is an interesting look at the mass media mediums in America; their start, significance, and future role. This class starts at 9:00A.M. and is over promptly at 10:15A.M. On this day, when class was over I went directly to the Library where I needed to get some studying done for my Law class that I have in the evening.

I studied, and studied and took an online Quiz, and then went directly to my next class.

~Interpersonal Communications~

At 1:30P.M. my interpersonal Comm/Comm 212 with Sheila Cuffy starts. I do not much care for this class, and while I like the professor as an individual, I don't really see a teaching style. She changes up her methods of teaching, and her Exams are all over the place. Sometimes she will tell us to study something specific and will even tell us what questions she will ask, and then doesn't. Or, she will tell us to stay away from a certain section, and then questions from that section will pop up. It is frustrating. All in all this class should be fun, and applicable. But, I hate it. We watch movies for every section of chapters we go through, and they suck. Today was a movie day, we watched Bringing Down the House with Queen Latifah and Steve Martin. I couldn't hardly take any more, and I left about 30 min early; such a frustrating class. So, this class gets out at 2:45 on most days, today it got out at 2:15P.M. for me. I called a friend back who called during class because he had some questions about God/Holy Spirit/Jesus. We talked for a while, and then I drove to work. I have to be at work at 3P.M. which I was right on the dot.

I go to work, play with kids, and leave at 6P.M. I leave at 5/6 P.M. every other day. I use to get to stay till 6 every day, but they cut hours because of "economic instability." Kind of sketchy, but whatever.

So, since today I left at 6 instead of 5, I don't get any dinner, just go directly to class.

~Elements of Business Law~

I kind of like this class. It is by far the most difficult, but probably the one I enjoy the most. I am quite unfamiliar with all the content, but enjoy learning about the American law system as applied in a business setting. This is the second class I have taken for my Minor in OLS (Organizational Leadership & Supervision). I like this class, because I see how it is going to be applied in real life, and he (Kenneth Mattern) actually is an attorney in Fort Wayne, so he has a lot of real life experience and stories. He is extremely well spoken and informed. I like those qualities in a professor, he/she can be the most difficult prof ever, but as long as they know what they are talking about, and know how to teach, it's all gravy for me; I enjoy a good challenge now and then.

When this class get's over, I am pretty tired. I am pretty hungry, and mentally beat. When I went home I got something to eat, watched ohh maybe 45 min. of Television, and then hit the hay (went to zzZZ town/bed). That was my day.

Things I did not put in my BLOG = Prayer; I pray through out the day all day, every day. I try to make prayer as constant as possible. Bible Study; I did not put in my Bible Study (BSF) work, because next week is BSF's spring break, so we will not be meeting or getting new material. I will be doing the study starting on Monday. So, I try to just get in the Bible, and read and ask God to speak to me in whatever part I decide to read.

Thanks for taking interest in my day. I tried to put it out just as it comes. There were a couple of little insignificant things I did, that I did not mention. . . because they were insignificant.

Monday, March 23, 2009

God heals and honors obedience.

I did not study for my LAW class at all over the weekend, this action. . . . or lack of action had Pro's & Con's. Pro's = I did not have to study/read any Law this weekend. I had a break from Law. Con's = There is a crunch time to get my reading caught up. I have to some what hurry through the different chapters, instead of taking my nice leisurely time like I usually do. Ohh well, I banged a bunch out today, and got a 10 our of 10 on the online quiz I took.

I went through the day, and I realized something. I am happy. I really am happy, and excited for my position. Right now in life, I am not living the most exciting and fascinating life, a lot of people my age went on amazing Spring Breaks, with drunken foolishness, and crazy stories to tell. But, I am content with where God has me. I am keeping my eyes fixed on the prize, or maybe I should say Prize.Eventually after time rolled on for a while, I went to BSF (Bible Study Fellowship). Boy I sure do love singing Hymns. In BSF, we are studying the Life of Moses. We just finished Numbers 21. The Israelites are closing in on the Promised Land that God told Abraham he would deliver unto his descendants. I just love listening to Jack, and being challenged by him. But back to the hymns. Today we sang, Great is thy Faithfulness & Come thou fount of every blessing. Two amazing hymns, they just speak so much truth. It really encourages me at BSF. I am by far the youngest one of the group, but that is even more encouragement. I want to continue towards complete surrender. Surrender to a cause that I can give my all for. I am going to go to bed. I hope I sleep well. I have been pretty restless the past, ohh I don't know week or so.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

great sermon @ Alliance & the start of healing

"Thou movest us to delight in praising thee; for thou hast formed us for thyself, and our hearts are restless till we find rest in thee." -St. Augustine

(pictured above is Megan, who is Lances wife. Lance took me out to eat on Wednesday)

Pastor Brian gave a very awesome talk at Alliance Community Church this morning. I am so glad he started out with this quote from Augustine because we need to be reminded that the whole reason we exist on this Earth is to praise and worship the King. Yes, that is correct, adjust your eyes, let them focus on the fact that the whole reason we are on this big blue ball floating in the universe is to praise and worship the God who created us. Praise and worship does not mean to just sing and prance say lyrics to Him, but to live a life in accordance to what His son taught. So, as to go along with what Brian was saying last week, this is what I wrote in my notes.

Often we (Christians) want God to bring a revival to the huge situations of life; "A Billy Gram movement to end abortion or homosexuality if you will." BUT, God wants to bring a revival in our hearts, a complete renovation that allows complete surrender to take place.

How can this revival process begin to come about in men?

-Men must be humbled

Christ lived a life of examples, he often lowered himself below that of sinful men. I mean just the thought of His existence shows this. He is GOD, and he choose to become a human, one that feels pain, and struggles, and hurts, and was hated and eventually crucified on a cross. Another example that is not so HUGE to wrap your mind around is found in Matthew 3:13-17. Ya see, Jesus wanted to be baptized, because it was what God wanted. But, John was probably thinking, "You are the Son of Man, you don't need baptized, and me, well i'm just a sinful man, how could I do it?!?" But, Jesus humbled John by the example he showed. The revival must start with me (and all followers of Christ).

I ask myself, how has Christ humbled me?

I answer. I have been beaten down, through my life I have experienced the ugliness of drugs and alcohol. My body has been consumed physically by a disease that can do anything at anytime. Through all my experiences, even the deepest darkest pains of serious depression and pain. I came out of my period of time where I turned my back on God to realize Truth and all my experiences have allowed me to fully embrace it. I am a changed man. I can stand before any man and testify to the healing power of Jesus Christ. BUT, first there must exist a personal relationship. It won't work by your own means. It simply can't.
Then I went to Dave's house. Before church, I had an opportunity to be a part of a process that will start the beginning of healing for an individual. The power of God is real. You just have to accept it for what it is, and fully embrace it even though you can't make sense of it all. The FAITH portion of Christianity is huge, but so vital. It is okay to doubt, as long as it does not separate you from Truth, notice the capitol T.

Dave talked about the decentralization of the church idea he spoke with me last week. I still get it, and feel it is good. It is just so radically different for individuals who have been brought up in the programmed churches that are so prevalent in America. And I am not saying that churches that look like the churches that are all over the place do not preach the word of God and save souls. . . . there is just so much more to it than that. So much more to a personal relationship with Christ than going to Heaven or Hell. God wants to bless and honor those who are obedient to Him. If an example is ever an "ultimate" example on my BLOG, you better believe it will involve Jesus Christ. I will end with this one. ~TO DAVE~ Dave I get it, and I should have gotten right along side you and fully embraced the idea better, but let's just continue to keep at it, because I feel you are right on here. I really do.
Luke 22: 39-46

Philippians 2:8

Saturday, March 21, 2009

eye eye captain

Yes in deedy, I got some things taken care of today. First thing on my agenda; get the rest of my airfare to Arizona out of the way. I left the house around noon, and was at the library by 12:30. I got on a computer and finished with some of the questions that the Lost Canyon (camp I will be interning at) staff ask in order to get a better feel for where I am at Spiritually, as well as my personality.

Then I started the search for the tickets.
It took me a while, but I found a ticket from Flagstaff to Indianapolis for $306.50. Not bad, considering the ones I bought last Tuesday (the 10th) were $334.79. That is a real good thing I think because I cut out about 30 bones, so I am happy with that. I am getting really excited about this internship too. I mean you can see the excitement in my eyes!!Now I just have to keep my act together long enough to finish this semester off with a solid footing (good grades) and get as many kids totally pumped for our area's camp trip to Windy Gap in North Carolina!!

SO, then I did my Bible study. It was such a nice day, I went outside to Bible it up.Yes, yes, the good ole Israelites are about to come into the Land God promised them. They are getting closer and closer. Starting to learn. . . .a weee little bit too.

Then I went to the computer lab and was working on an assignment for my photography class. We were given 4 different pictures, we had to take an unedited picture, and make it look like the edited picture. They were pictures that our Professor had taken, and we had to do the best we could in Photoshop to make them look like the ones he had edited. Just take a look.The top left was the picture he had edited. The original picture l0oked a mess. He told us we could take the picture in a different direction if we saw fit. If you notice, I went a lighter and brighter green on the elf as well as the stripe on the girl's (to the left) jacket. With this picture, it was not too difficult. I actually did an "auto color & auto brighten" option, and it almost made it look identical. So, the hockey picture was super simple. It is late, and I am still on campus at the 24/7 computer lab. I am going home now, I have not eaten, and my head hurts.

Friday, March 20, 2009

fantastic friday

Good ole Friday, sometimes you just do not disappoint. Today was by and large one of those days. It started off normal; work, then I went home and got some extra sleep. Then, I think I worked a bit on writing out the answers to questions that need to be completed in preparation for my internship in Arizona this summer. Then I mostly lollygagged around until it was time to go back to work at 3PM. We watched a movie, because Fridays are movie days. The movie we watched, Aladdin and The Prince of Thieves. The kids were hooked on it, and quiet. It was a relief. In all actuality, the little boys were much more into it than the girls, strange how that worked.

Anyways, I got the chance to go over to the home of Bob and Karen Mansfield for dinner. Bob is the gentlemen who invited me to come to Alliance Community Church in the first place. Well, we planned on getting together, and Bob said he can cook, so I wanted to find out if this was true. Turns out…. IT IS VERY TRUE! He made the Japanese dish of Tempura. It was amazing, and the "secret sauce" was delightful. We held small talk through dinner, and when we had all finished eating, we moved to the living room. I got to their house a little after 6P.M. We moved to the living room ohh after maybe 45 minutes to an hour of small talk in the kitchen. When we moved to the living room, we talked about God and our relationships with Christ, and lifted each other up and just had a good time. I left their house around 10:30ish. And I tell you, it was a quick 3 hours. This is how the body of Christ is supposed to work. This is how believers are to interact with each other. Bob only knows me because of one "God meeting" in a parking lot. Then I decided to check out his church. Then I felt extremely welcomed and loved there. Then they decided to invite me over for food and talk. It was a beautiful thing, and I was very lifted up and encouraged by it.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

locked out...like so many times before

If you search my site (upper left corner), by searching the two words, "locked out," you will find that I do this often. The last time I locked myself out of the house, was ~September 25th, 2008~. Yea, go ahead and click that link to take a looksie. So, I went to work. Then I went to school and took a Mid-Term Exam for my Mass Communications, I was feeling good about how I did, so I wanted to go work out and make big muscles.I did just that. I headed straight to the YMCA, and upon my getting out of my work out clothes. I discovered that I had not put in any extra boxers. . . . . But, I figured that I lived close, and as soon as I got out of the shower, I would hop into my jeans, and drive home to put on some boxers, and get some lunch before I had to go to my afternoon class at 1:30. Well, I got home, opened the garage door with the key pad, then expected to just walk in the house when. . . . .I found that some how the door that enters into the house from the garage, was locked from the inside. Just like back in September of '05. Well, back in Sept, I just put a ladder up the 2nd story, and got in through the screen. But, it is not warm enough to have the house opened up. So here I am cold, no underwear, and hungry. Called my mom, she was shopping and would not be home, brain stormed, and came up with nothing. Well, I thought enough to call my friend George who lives close. Just so happened that he had an extra pair of boxers that would fit me, and when I called him he was on his way home from work. BINGO!! He would also feed me, I was all taken care of.Good conversation, and hanging out time. Well, I went to my afternoon class, then my evening class.I took this picture, and for some reason, I really liked it. Don't know why exactly, maybe it was because of the run in I had with the gentlemen in the hat. He seemed like a very introverted by extremely nice guy. Wish I could have had a conversation with him.

After my Photography class, I had a conversation with an individual from the class. It was refreshing to have a talk like that. . . . . I need a... ..., wait, I just need to be patient in the Lord. That is what I need. And whatever needs to happen in order for me to attain that, is what I need. Yup, that is what I said and I am sticking with it. God bless, and G'Night!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday's are the best days

I love going to CLUB (the once a week gathering we have for Young Life) because it is when all the contact work, loving, and what not comes together and fills a room for an hour and a half or so. Tonight at CLUB, I got pied in the face because I did not know where the most vanilla was produced. It was Madagascar, and one of the kids I hang out with bet I would not know that one, so he chose me as the leader. If I would have gotten it correct, he would have been pied in the face. But I did not, so I got pied.

So, about CLUB. Jessica gave the talk. She did an amazing job, and kids were totally linked with what she was saying. She was talking about how having doubt, does not mean you cannot believe in God. She talked about how some people think that until they "get it," that they should just hold off on the whole FAITH concept. When Christ says, "come as you are, confusion and all."

I connected with it, and knew TRUTH was in her message.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patty's

Yes, it is St. Patrick's day, and even though I see the holiday as an excuse for Hallmark to make money, and people to get drunk on a week day. It is what it is (sadly).

I went to class, and got the LOW DOWN on my mid-term for my Mass Communications class. Part of it was a take home test, which I will do really good on. The other part is a cumulative multiple choice/true & false test. I will be studying for that tomorrow because I just got the study guide. Good thing I have been staying up on all the reading and what not.

After class, I went to work, where we had a St. Patrick's day PARTY for the kids. Check out these pictures that Andrea (site director) took.

The party was a success by my standards, and although I would not be spending St. Patty's day with people of my own age, doing activities that could be quite enjoyable, I wouldn't have traded this St. Patty's day for anything. I was in charge of games....I should say, I made up games on the spot that involved big green balloons, and running. The kids were amused, and I liked laughing at them. There was a lot of GREEN, and that is good protection, because you know I would pinch ya. When I got done with Patty's party, I went to class. Law class actually let out early (I got an 86% on my 2nd test) so I took advantage of the opportunity, and went to my Sister's and her Fiance's apartment, and played the Wii, and chilled with them. I love them a lot, and want them to come to know the God I know and love. If you would like to pray for them, their names are John and Brandy.

Monday, March 16, 2009

lesson learned

Shortly after I dropped my sister off for work (she got her 2nd DWI & does not have a license currently) I was driving on Lima road and a copper got behind me right away. I was like 70% sure of why I was being pulled over. I did not have a seat belt on. Not because I choose not to wear it, but because currently it is not working. You might ask yourself, "seat belt not working?" For which I would answer, "yea, it's broken." My belt use to be an automatic one, where I would never have to worry about it. But ya see, it broke. :o( It use to do this nasty loud and annoying grinding noise, and it would not move at all, unless I forced it to do so with my hand and intense upper body strength (sarcasm added). That seemed silly, so a while ago, I had the repair shop just keep it in the upper locked position. So, every time I got into my car, I would have to pull the belt over my head, and sit down. Are you following me? Well, I think since the mechanism that sucks in and let's out the belt was not created to be stretched out so far all the time, that is what caused some kind of failure. Yes, the belt broke. And that is why I did not have my seat belt on. Because it is stuck in the OUT position, and would be pointless to wear. I have it tucked back behind my seat. Well, I should have had it fixed a while ago, but I did not. And so.....lesson learned.

I got to get my Box Ball (also known as 4-square) on with some very excited youngsters. I hope summer decides to stay upon us, and this warmness is a trend that will continue. I am totally tired of cold, and fully ready for warm.

After I got off work, I headed home only for enough time to make something to eat, and head out the front door for BSF (Bible Study Fellowship).

BSF was good, I did not have my dad to sit next to though. He is sick, and so I headed off dadless. The overriding theme was God's authority. How man deserves nothing, but is given everything. I had to let that soak for a while, but it is very true in my life. I deserve nothing, but through Christ I am given everything. I could have no materialistic things, an empty stomach, and a burden the size of an elephant on my shoulders, but through Christ I would still have EVERYTHING. Also, another side note I pulled importance out of was, "A Godly man, will stand in submission to authority." That is difficult for me to swallow, because my pride can creep up on me very quickly, sometimes without me noticing that it is happening.