Friday, March 20, 2009

fantastic friday

Good ole Friday, sometimes you just do not disappoint. Today was by and large one of those days. It started off normal; work, then I went home and got some extra sleep. Then, I think I worked a bit on writing out the answers to questions that need to be completed in preparation for my internship in Arizona this summer. Then I mostly lollygagged around until it was time to go back to work at 3PM. We watched a movie, because Fridays are movie days. The movie we watched, Aladdin and The Prince of Thieves. The kids were hooked on it, and quiet. It was a relief. In all actuality, the little boys were much more into it than the girls, strange how that worked.

Anyways, I got the chance to go over to the home of Bob and Karen Mansfield for dinner. Bob is the gentlemen who invited me to come to Alliance Community Church in the first place. Well, we planned on getting together, and Bob said he can cook, so I wanted to find out if this was true. Turns out…. IT IS VERY TRUE! He made the Japanese dish of Tempura. It was amazing, and the "secret sauce" was delightful. We held small talk through dinner, and when we had all finished eating, we moved to the living room. I got to their house a little after 6P.M. We moved to the living room ohh after maybe 45 minutes to an hour of small talk in the kitchen. When we moved to the living room, we talked about God and our relationships with Christ, and lifted each other up and just had a good time. I left their house around 10:30ish. And I tell you, it was a quick 3 hours. This is how the body of Christ is supposed to work. This is how believers are to interact with each other. Bob only knows me because of one "God meeting" in a parking lot. Then I decided to check out his church. Then I felt extremely welcomed and loved there. Then they decided to invite me over for food and talk. It was a beautiful thing, and I was very lifted up and encouraged by it.

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Bob and Karen said...

Hi Mikey,
It was a blessing to have spent the evening with you last night and to get to know you better. Bob and I can see God working in your life and we know that He has great things for you. We will be praying for you as you strive to please Him in all that you do. We will do this again sometime. Bob loves to cook and share with others. See you tomorrow. Hugs, Bob and Karen