Thursday, March 19, 2009

locked so many times before

If you search my site (upper left corner), by searching the two words, "locked out," you will find that I do this often. The last time I locked myself out of the house, was ~September 25th, 2008~. Yea, go ahead and click that link to take a looksie. So, I went to work. Then I went to school and took a Mid-Term Exam for my Mass Communications, I was feeling good about how I did, so I wanted to go work out and make big muscles.I did just that. I headed straight to the YMCA, and upon my getting out of my work out clothes. I discovered that I had not put in any extra boxers. . . . . But, I figured that I lived close, and as soon as I got out of the shower, I would hop into my jeans, and drive home to put on some boxers, and get some lunch before I had to go to my afternoon class at 1:30. Well, I got home, opened the garage door with the key pad, then expected to just walk in the house when. . . . .I found that some how the door that enters into the house from the garage, was locked from the inside. Just like back in September of '05. Well, back in Sept, I just put a ladder up the 2nd story, and got in through the screen. But, it is not warm enough to have the house opened up. So here I am cold, no underwear, and hungry. Called my mom, she was shopping and would not be home, brain stormed, and came up with nothing. Well, I thought enough to call my friend George who lives close. Just so happened that he had an extra pair of boxers that would fit me, and when I called him he was on his way home from work. BINGO!! He would also feed me, I was all taken care of.Good conversation, and hanging out time. Well, I went to my afternoon class, then my evening class.I took this picture, and for some reason, I really liked it. Don't know why exactly, maybe it was because of the run in I had with the gentlemen in the hat. He seemed like a very introverted by extremely nice guy. Wish I could have had a conversation with him.

After my Photography class, I had a conversation with an individual from the class. It was refreshing to have a talk like that. . . . . I need a... ..., wait, I just need to be patient in the Lord. That is what I need. And whatever needs to happen in order for me to attain that, is what I need. Yup, that is what I said and I am sticking with it. God bless, and G'Night!


Mikey said...

ANONYMOUS, I accidentally erased your comment. I was kind of in a hurry, and instead of publishing it, I accidentally hit the delete selection. Sorry about that, if you post it again, I promise to be more careful.

Anonymous said...

never mind