Friday, March 27, 2009

cats and fires

I had an excellent day today. Does excellent mean productive? No, no it does not. It means that it was satisfying. Satisfying in the sense that I had no qualms with it. You could be asking yourself, “why would you want to study on a Friday, didn’t you decisively not take class on that day, for that very purpose?” To which I would say, “yes, but that means that I will have to study on Saturday.” I’m okay with that though. I did get some work done though. After I got in a little Bible time, and things of the sort, I went out to my car. Ya see, a while ago I destroyed my horn, by repeatedly hitting it with my fist out of frustration when I was driving to Canton Ohio to visit my friend Sarah. ~CLICK HERE~ to see the trip, and understand why I got so frustrated with directions, and GPS batteries (or lack there of), and what not. So, the steering wheel has had this extremely sharp metal sticking out of the top of it for quite some time, and today I took a stand against it. First, by bending the metal back into the plastic part of the middle of the steering wheel (there is no airbag. . . it’s a 93 Tempo). That is what the picture above is depicting. Then, I just got a roll of duck tape, and taped the heck out of that thing. It's not sharp to the touch any more.I went back to work at 3, there is a card game at work called Car Wars. It is amazing because it keeps the kids busy for hours, they also have to read what their cards say, and subtract damage from all sides of their cars. It is really quite nifty that they enjoy it so much.
Once I got home I played with my feline friend Molly. Molly has made an appearance on my BLOG before. She came on about 6 months ago, and I remember giving her a bowl of milk, ever sense, she has just kind of viewed our property as a second home. She belongs to our neighbor, and is very friendly and can hunt birds, so even though I am not a cat person at all, this one is okay with me. ~CLICK HERE~ to see her last appearance on my BLOG about 6 months ago, her picture and description is towards the bottom of the post. Check out these picture I took of her.

There is that "no tail" rear end of hers.

The night ended with a camp fire, and some good talk with my friend George. We just talked for hours, got some good talk in too. Productive stuff, I see a lot in George. Christ is surly working in him.

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