Saturday, June 30, 2007

Had a great Bon Fire today.

Today one of my older brothers, Troy had a bon fire at his house. It was really cool, and we planed it out together so that I could bring my parents and they could meet him for the first time. It was a lot of fun. Both of my brothers were there. Travis, and Troy. Both married, both have beautiful kids. I will try to explain the people in the picture. Close right hand corner is Chris of course. Behind Chris is my dad. In the lower left hand corner on the couch is Travis and his wife Amber. On the far back wall all the way to the left is Grandma and to the right of her is my older brother Troy. To the right of Troy is my sister Brandy, and my brother in-law to be John. At this point we were inside talking, looking at pictures, and just enjoying each other. My mom got a chance to see a picture of my Biological father. She was immideatly taken by how much we look alike. It is in deed a little suprising to see someone much older than me, someone you haven't ever seen before that looks so much like me. It's almost a little creepy.
Next we went outside and had some Hot dogs and smores, and good food. In a little bit we will start playing with the fireworks that John bought. This only leads to what could be called wreckless make your own opinion though.Alright, I don't know if you are familiar with Males, and shooting off fireworks. But it usually goes like this...oooooo, ahhhhh, wow neato!............Can't we do any better than that? "HEY, I GOT A GOOD IDEA!" Well, this is exactly what happened, and soon we had a Barney doll filled to the brim with Gun Powder, and soon my brother in-law to be had stuck a bottle rocket up Barney's butt, and took off. Yes, thats right........and it was amazing. Watch the video below.

So, with Troy (big brother), we haven't gotten any DNA testing done, or anything of that sorts, but the fact that he enjoys doing something like this as much as I proof enough for me. I had a really good time today. :-)

Friday, June 29, 2007

back to work, felt good.

ahhhh, a sigh of relief after I got done with work today. This sounds kind of odd/funny, but I didn't miss this country too much, but I definately did miss my job, and working. I like staying busy, and earning some cash. It makes the day go by faster, and I just like the people at Vision Scapes, they are fun to work with, and easy to get along with. Very chill work atmosphere.

After work I went over to Tony & Amber, Nick and Brandons' house. I work with Tony, Nick and Brandon, and our boss owns and rents their house to them. It is really cool, and pretty big, they have a huge back yard, and it is right by work, so you can very easily walk to work.

After all that jazz Chris took me home and I got cleaned up, my buddy Brad called me, here is a picture of Brad.

Brad is a good old boy, from way back in the day. We have known each other from elementary. I like these relationships because I can put all my trust in these people and feel confident. Brad a good guy, plain and simple. Yea, so brad called, and after me and chris chilled out at the house for a bit, all of a sudden it was 9:30PM we were both suprised, so we drove to brads, chilled with some peeps, and played with Kaido. Kaido is Brads Pit Bull, it is an awesome dog, I have had the pleasure of watching Kaido grow up from a pup.
Definately not a pup anymore, and if you make him will regret it. lol. but it's not even funny................
today, and work and play I definately noticed a difference in my tremors. It seems they aren't hardly noticable unless I am under a great deal of stress. This is great, I think the real test will be in Church on Sunday during worship time. That's where I noticed them, wouldn't that be awesome if thats where I noticed them not there?

Thursday, June 28, 2007

The first follow up, has been upped, or followed...

I kept myself busy today. This morning I had to report to the alcohol assessment class. It was suppose to be 2 hours, but I was outa there in like 45min. This is what happened. Thankfully I got the lady who has a secure head on her shoulders. She realized that I do not have an alcohol problem, and that the minimal alcohol classes would do just fine. So, on a Saturday and Sunday from 8AM to 4:30PM I have fun. At a cost of $200 I better be learning everything there is to know about alcohol, why people drink it, and why it is a problem in America....even though I already know all of that. *****Let me clear something up too, I am taking this alcohol class because of when I got in trouble back in September of 2006. There is no new charge, and drinking is not a part of my life style choice.*******

At 3ish the photographer for the News Sentinel showed up. We told her stome stories from China, and then Jennifer Boen from the news paper showed up. She did the interview, asked many good questions, and did a good job like she always does. She will be writing a good article.

Chris's tire on his Lincoln was making the whole thing shake really bad for the past couple of days. He thought it was the roters.....turns out the tire was loose. Roters are still bad, but the friggin tire was coming off. LOL. he tightened it on, and it hardly shook at all. I laughed a bit.

I got a lot of E-Mails accomplished today. A LOT. I amaze myself how many of those things I write. God is so good, God is so good, God is so good...he's so good to me.
Someone sent me this video to watch, now you must do the same.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

a little movie shall we?

Today started out kind of slow. I messed around in the back yard with some sprinklers, cuz it is so darn dry out, I wanted to sprinkle some water on stuff for a while. I got a chance to talk to a good friend in Ohio that I haven't talked to for a while. Thanks Miss Haines. ;-) Then I did some work on my new diet. I decided to incorporate some Omega 3 acids into my daily intake, and cut Milk out. I still have to do more reading on why I am doing this, but I feel it will only be helpful in the MS fight. I got an E-Mail from a man who did an article on me a while ago that I was very impressed with, and he gave me a response that the news paper got. It's a new drug. It is taken Orally, and I am going to do some research on it to see what the hype is all about. Then, me and my friend Chris went and saw a great new movie. Me and Chris both thought it was awesome. I am a huge fan of the Die Hard trilogy, so this was great for me. Just like the old movies. Bruce Willis A.K.A. John Mcclain gets the crap beaten out of him while he saves the world. Surprising how this plot never gets old in these movies. :-)

Today I got to feeling pretty raw about Chelsy. ughhhh! I need to just forgive and FORGET! WHY IS THIS SO HARD FOR ME?

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

it was a hot one today

Today it got up to like 95 degrees. The whole day though, all I could think about is how much I wish I was working. I want to be back on a regular schedule.
This morning at 9:00 I had to be at court. Yes court. Last **September** I got an OWI, (Operating While Intoxicated) long story short MS was hitting me kind of hard, and I didn't know how I was going to deal with. Instead of dealing with my emotions and thinking about my options, I got a 24 pack and drank, and then decided to drive my moms car. Well, I ended up in a corn field with flashing lights around me. Back to today, I went to court, which has been pushed back and back and back. My lawyer asked me if I needed more time. I said NO, lets just get this over with. So I have to take alcohol classes, and bring proof that I paid the corn field owner for the corn that I knocked over. We will see how this all works out. But hopefully I take some classes and it's over.
I miss China. Everyone someone asks me if I am glad to be back....I hesitate, and say something like, "well, I am happy to see my friends and what not." Deep down inside I am thinking something along the lines of, "I wish I wasn't back in Indiana." But the big guy is in control, and he brought me back home for now. I can be okay with that. Hopefully I will be working back at Vision Scapes on Monday. That would be great. Time will start going faster and that would just be great.

Monday, June 25, 2007

welcome back

My sis Mer threw a welcome back bash for me. Her and her roomate Tracie had a picknik(spelling I know) and a pool swimming adventure for me. I even got welcome back balloons. It was awesome. I ate some really good food, and hung out with some really good friends. I also remembered today how ANGRY I am at Chelsy still. I am talking about a fierce anger. Something I pray about but really am having trouble letting go of it. I feel really scorned from what she did. And for some reason, I feel like it is some how my fault.

After the pool party, me and Chris went disk golfing. It was much fun for the front 9 holes. But the back 9 I didn't throw, I just enjoyed everyones company. Felt good to be back with the friends I care about so much about.

I am super tired.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

The long and sad trip home.

It was a lot harder to leave that hospital than I thought it would be. Everyone on my floor knew when I was leaving too. I think the reality that my treatment was over, and it was time for me to go home became really REAL when a nurse started crying. I went up to her, put my arm around her, and she told me not to go. DANG! She was the prettiest one too. In my head I kept telling myself, "be strong, hold those tears, don't do it....." And even though I managed not to cry in front of her, I was pretty choked up none the less.
We left the hospital at 2:30PM, so around 1ish my mom and I started to say good bye to all our friends. It sucked, and was really hard, especially to this lil lady. I know she will be strong and continue to see awesome results from the stem cell treatment. Our new friends Chris and Melanie had been with us from the very start of our last day in China also. Melanie and my mom went out to get a new suite case to carry all the stuff my MOM and i bought in China. When my mom and Melanie went out, me and Chris stayed back and talked. I am really going to miss all the stories Chris had to tell. He does such a good job of telling them too. I could really improve my story telling skills from Chris. Hopefully I will see him again in the future. I think once I realized I was back in Indiana. I felt super thankful. Thankful to all the people who supported me both emotionally, religiously, and finicially. Because without those people, and everything they did for me, this trip and treatment wouldn't have become a reality. At least not this early in the game. OK, back to the emotions. I am home now, tomorrow I am going to call my boss and try to get my job back, I have some things I have to deal with that hadn't gotten dealt with before I left. I feel like.........OK, back to where everything started. I know I have to just trust that this is where I am suppose to be for the time being. That is ok too. It really is, even though I am pretty unsure about many, many things.........That is ok. It just is.

And so.....I'm HOME

*Accept that some days you're the pigeon,and some days you're the statue.

* Always keep your words soft and sweet,just in case you have to eat them.

* Drive carefully. It's not only cars that can berecalled by their maker.

* If you can't be kind, at least have the decency to be vague.

* If you lend someone $20 and never see that person again,it was probably worth it.

* It may be that your sole purpose in life is simply be kind to others.

* Never put both feet in your mouth at the same time,because then you won't have a leg to stand on.

* Nobody cares if you can't dance well.Just get up and dance.

* Since it's the early worm that gets eaten by the bird, sleep late.

* The second mouse gets the cheese.

* When everything's coming your way,you're in the wrong lane.

* Birthdays are good for you.The more you have, the longer you live.

* You may be only one person in the world,
...but you may also be the world to one person.

* Some mistakes are too much fun to only make once.

* We could learn a lot from crayons... Some are sharp,
some are pretty and some are dull. Some have weird names, and all
are different colors, but they all have to stay in the same box.

*A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery on a detour.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Last Day in China

My last day in China is kind of a sad one. I am quite dissapointed I must leave this land of crazy taxi drivers and beautiful women. I don't want to depart from the masses of people and the high flying kites. I will miss the pushy elevator bound morning people and the loud Chinese conversations. I know for a fact that I will miss my friend Lynn. Although I did get a chance to have my friend Angel translate a letter for her. Maybe I shouldn't publish it, but I am going to anyways, just because I think that this kind of thing is important. God definately put it on my heart to be extra kind to this girl, and then I just really had it made clear to me that I needed to find a way to witness to her. So this is the letter I had translated for her. I will give it to her tomorrow with a Chinese translated Bible.

Dear Lynn,
It has been amazing getting to know you during my short stay in China. You have tought me many things I will remember for a long time. The first lesson I have learned from you is never to give up. You are a very strong individual and you work very hard at your goal of wanting to walk again. It makes me look at life, and the ability to walk and move about how I please differently. From that I have learned not to take LIFE for granted. You are very special Lynn, when I go home, I will continue to pray for you every day. I will pray that you continue to heal, and that some day you will be able to walk again. Never doubt yourself, the mind and body is a very powerful tool. You can do it if you believe you can. I will miss you a lot, and I am so thankful God brought you into my life, even for a short time. Your smile lights up a room, and you are very special, you have wonderful parents who care about you a lot. Be thankful for that.

One last thing I would like to leave with you. I would like to share the most important gift I can give; a gift that money can not buy. The gift is the love of Jesus Christ. Jesus is a very real part of my life, he is in control of every part of me. I hope you have been able to see the love of Jesus through me. He is so important. I will pray that Jesus touches your heart, Lynn. And if you would like to have Jesus in your heart, it is so simple. You can talk to him at any time. Just close your eyes, and pray. Pray that Jesus would come into your heart, and your life. Pray that you may better understand the love of God. He hears you any time you speak to him. He always listens, and he always cares. I have lived quite an interesting life, I have experienced many things, but the most important thing I have found in life is a good relationship with Jesus Christ. He loves and cares more about you, me, and every human on the earth more than we can ever understand. He died on a Cross for man's sins, it's not crazy, it's not a fictional story, but a true event. I have decided to give you a copy of an English/Chinese Bible just in case you ever decide you would like to learn about Jesus. Also, I would like to give you my E-Mail address. When you are up and walking again notify me by E-Mail and I will have to plan another trip to China to come visit you. Thank you Lynn, for being you. Keep smiling, and stay strong. The world needs more people like you.
God bless,

Here is a good verse to start with if you are interested. PSALMS 119:33-40
Yea, you like that. One of the ladies that works for Beike painted this for me. I absloutly love it. I couldn't ask for a better gift. It is so uber Chinese. Definately made my day. he he My friend Chris and some of his lady friends came over to the hospital room tonight and my mom cooked up some yummy home cooked meal. It was quite nice, and me and Chris (friend from the U.K.) had some real hearty conversation. I loved every second of it. I am really happy that this man came into my life when he did. It all happened for a reason, and I am digging it. This nurse approached me as I was walking down the hall way with my lap top to go to the computer room to write my BLOG. She kind of pulled me to the side and told me how much she was going to miss me. She told me that I had done a lot for the 10th floor patients. She told me how much everyone has appriciated me being here, and told me that she would miss me a lot. I gave her a hug and said I would miss her too. Then she looked at me in the eyes with a pretty serious face and asked, "will you remember me?" I assured her that I would, but I think I was suppose to get more out of what she was saying to me. I pray that the foreign patients that come through this hospital can touch these patients in a very positive way. That the love of Christ can effect them in a very powerful fashion. In no way did she say it, but it was almost as if she said, will you pray for me please. Very interesting. I am not going to get a chance to take any more pictures of this place when I leave...Obvioiusly. I figuer I can't take to many. This is a pic. of me in the computer room where I have been doing my blog every night for the past 5 weeks. I have enjoyed every minute of it, and I hope ya'll back home know how much fun I had doing it. God bless all the readers.
Good night,

Thursday, June 21, 2007

West beer town.

Today I was pretty lazy. But hey, of all the days I have been here, I think I deserve a couple of days where I just lay in bed, sleep, and not do anyhthing. So, it was nice. Yes, I did this till maybe 2:00P.M. till it was time to get up and take a shower. Once that was accomplished, I called Chris and Melanie, and found out what the plans were for the evening. Looked like it was going to be dinner, and then to West Beer Town. WHOO HOOOOO!!

SO, me, my mom, Lance, and his wife Gabbie went out to eat with Eric, Melanie, and Ashley. We went to this restauraunt where you pick all your food, and they make it for you. It was fun and all, but just different.
Yes, we had a wonderful meal and then we went off to the hot spot of the evening. West Beer Town!!!

Live entertainment, drinks, food, music, lights, everything!! From comedy, to a strong man blowing up a medicine bag, this show had it all, and was very fun. Melanie got a little taken by the show and before you know it she was dancing on the table top. From what I could gather, all the Chinese there loved having all us Forigners there to play with. We loved being played with too. So, it was good. Learn a little, have some fun, and Enjoy life. That is what went down tonight.

Also, I did another Chapter on Apostle Peter. Today we covered the part where Peter denied knowing Jesus. Pretty important part, and I loved it when God connects a Bible study to everything that is going on in my life. Its a good reminder that I am not in charge.

Pray that I be put next to someone really unique on the plane ride from Hong Kong to L.A. I want some interesting conversation, and I want to be able to share the word if I need to.

God bless,


P.S. I can't believe I have to leave China. Nothing in me wants to leave this place behind. It has grown on me like a fat kid grows on cake. I don't want to leave this new and exciting place. I do not want to leave my new friends, I want to make this place home. Strange?

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

see um off, say hello

Right off the bat the morning was filled with the full circumference of the emotion table. I helped take Bob, Eva, and Dena to the air port to say good bye. I had fun getting to know all of them, and I learned some very valuable lessons from them. It was not fun having to say BYE. But, that is a part of life, and I can appreciate the situation for what I have learned and gained from these amazing people.
God, bless these people. Bless their courage, and strength to search for something to help their daughter. The passion, and strength they have is amazing. NEVER, EVER give up. After I got back from the air port, I got cleaned up, and met Angel at one of the local universities she was studying at. I had to meet her to pick up a letter that she translated for me to give to Lynn. Then we talked for a while, and took a stroll, then sat by the river for a bit. It was all very lovely, and I think that it meant a lot to Angel as well as me.

After that was done, I took a taxi back to the hospital, and prepared for another night with Chris and Melanie. We ended up at a pub, where I got to do some more networking and got a chance to play some POKER!! Ahh, even though I lost some money, I had an amazing time playing, talking and just shooting the breeze. These people are very good. I hope at least some of them will be in my not so far off future. That would really be great. Maybe I ought to just save up for a plane ticket back to Shenyang. Wait, did I just spell that out loud?

Today was a wonderful day, and I must say good night, because I am very tired and ready to pass out.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

It's networking.

New friends, New fun, New learning, New Yum. Yes, thats right, I had a very good day. As my short stay in China slowely comes near to it's end, it doesn't slow down to a snail pace and slowely flutter off into nothing. NO NO, it has become a roaring mud slide of new frieds, experiences, and life lessons. I am so thankful for everyone I have met, and everything I do. I try to keep my learning cap on at all times, and try my hardest not to take anything or anyone forgranted. Here was my day. It started off with me going to the local digital picture shop. I got pictures of the white water rafting developed for everyone that went on the trip so they could remember the memories like I will. Then I got like 121 pictures from my daily experiences developed for super cheap so I can remember all the amazing experiences and people I have had the chance to live while here. LOVING IT.

After I got back from the photo shop, I went to the hospital and bought some JADE pieces from a nice mother and son team who had some nice stuff. Melanie helped my mother and I do this. I got some cool stuff. Then, I Melanie agreed to take me out to the computer district of Shenyang to see about buying a new battery for my lap top. The one I currently have doesn't hold much of a charge. The battery ended up costing near or the same for what I could get it in the U.S. so I decided to hold off on that one, and then me and Melanie went and screwed around for a bit. There was a small musical instrument shop on the computer strip, and I remembered that Melanie said she played a little bit, so I got her to play a couple of tunes for me. It was very nice, and I enjoy spending time with her. Makes me feel fairly appriciated. And what a beauty huh? After we parted ways, she invited me to a "PARTY" that her sister was going to for like a Mary K convention, but it's not Mary starts with an A, and I really don't remember it. But it was different, and I had fun.
This is Melanie and her sister.
There was a ton of Chinese women. There were 2 forigners. A lady, and Me. They definately took advantage of the fact that I was a sexy American, and made me talk in front of everyone. Then they got me to play this game. It was kind of like simon says. Except it was kind of rigged. I couldn't understand what simon was saying, so I was screwed, and I put my thumb up, when it shouldn't have been. SO, as a punishment, I had to either dance, or sing in front of everyone. I told Melanie to intruduce me, and tell them I would be doing an American Free style rap. LOL. I chose CKY2K - Brian's Freestyle(chinese rap) They all started clapping and keeping beat for me, while I totally got into this free style rap. It was definately a precious moment, and I was loving every minute of it. We left shortly after, and went to meet up with Chris.
Although Chris and I don't share some of the basic ideas like religion. I think we can both learn a lot from each other. He has a wealth of informaiton that I love to just soak up. Chris is from the U.K. and I love hanging with him. I had a really good time tonight, and did some networking with some of the Americans, australians, and canadians that are staying in Shenyang right now. All have unique stories, all are good people. Fun stuff.

One more thing I would like to add. Melanie is quite the little box of talents. She is a wizz with jewelery, make up, and clothing design. I was quite impressed. Not to mention she is a fantastic translator, artist, musician, and general good person. She cares about people, and is quite independent. It's been a pleasure getting to know her bit by bit, even for the couple of days I have had with her.

God bless everyone,


Monday, June 18, 2007

Time flies when your having fun.

Today is the 31st day I have spent in China. I think because I have managed to stay busy with so much of my time, and constantly meeting and attempting to communicate with people all the time. It has really sped time up. This is good and bad, I will tell ya why. It's good because I have been extremely social and met some incrediable people, both English speaking and not. It has allowed me to see life through the eyes of some traditional Chinese individuals and families. The fact that time has been going so fast is a negative because I am going to have to leave the place that I have grown to love. I sure wish I had a legitimate reason to stay here, and money to allow me to. But, I am needed back home by some of the people who love me, and I will just make the best of whatever the situation I am in.
Today I was feeling a little scrubby. I took a walk and got a hair cut. The hair cut involved a hair wash before the cut, a hair cut, another hair wash, and then hair styling. All for 10RMB which converts to $1.32 in American dollar. That still stuns me. They don't take tip's and they are serving you the whole time with a smile on their face.
The dew looked good. The girls won't touch my hair either I have noticed. They always call in the dude to cut my hair or beard. He is good too. I was pleased. I think he was kind of nervous too, because when he got out the mirror to show me the back of my head, he had this look on his face like he thought I wouldn't approve. I did approve, and with a big smile, I gave him the thumbs up and shook his hand. After that I went back to the hospital room and waited for this lady named Melonie. My mom and Gabbie met her and a man from the UK yesterday, they have proved to be quite helpful and they took us out to eat for lunch. It was really good and a lot of fun.
Here is Melonie and my mom in the hospital room before we left to do some shopping. I needed to get some pictures developed at one of the quick digital develope places, and she said she knew of a really good one. BUT, turns out when we go to it, it was burnt down. Thats too bad, I never did make it to a photo shop today.
Here is a picture of me, Melonie, and Chris (gentlemen from the U.K.) On the other side of the table we have the lovely....
Gabbie and mother dearest. We had a great time, got there prolly 1:45 and didn't leave till 4:35. We heard great stories, had interesting conversation, and I would say it's pretty safe to say we made some new friends. Chris invited me to go out again with him and his Australian buddy one night before I leave for home. That should be fun too. I had to leave because I had to get my final Umbilical Cord Stem Cell I.V. So I took a taxi for the hospital, and my mom, Gabbie, and Melonie went out shopping.
I got my stem cells in their little Beike box, and the nurse hooked me up to my I.V.
I can't believe it is my last stem cell treatment. But it is. I got one bone marrow injection using adult stem cells from my own body. That was injected into my spinal fluid. Then I got one Umbilical cord stem cell injection injected into my spinal fluid. Then I got 3 Umbilical cord stem cells injected via I.V. Time will tell from this point on wheather or not I will see any physical improvements due to the treatment. It's all good.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

White Waterific

Today was far more amazing than I could have ever hoped for. I have a lot of pictures and stories to tell, but first I would like to get one thing off my chest. God is so good. I see time and time again that God honors obedience. In a very real and amazing way. It has been happening, and is happening currently.
Yesterday afternoon Sid asked me if I would like to join him and the other Bieke staff(physical therapist, biologist, planners, bosses, etc.) to go "rafting." He didn't give me much more information, because I don't think he really knew much more information. He is in the lower left hand corner. As you can see, he is pretty unsure of what to expect. Boy does his facial espressions change during the day.
We passed the most beautiful country side. It is so different in China. The drive there was like 4 hours, but I couldn't get enough of just looking out the window at everything. The bus ride itself was as cool as the scenery out the window. Even though there was the language berrier, they made me feel like I belonged, and treated me as one of them. When I say them, I mean they treated me as if I was a worker right along side of them.
we joked around.
They tried to get me to eat "chicken leg."
Then finally, we arrived! Ohh yes. These people are great. I have so much respect for them too. They all care about each other. They are very kind and respectful to each other. They work 6 days of the week side by side with each other, long hours. But when it is time for them to interact outside of the work environment, they strive and enjoy each other to the fullest. I just think about some of the jobs I have had in the past, and the relationships I have had. I am not talking about Vision Scapes, but some of the jobs I have had, people just didn't really care. I think that says a lot about what they are doing. They know they are helping people in a big way, and they have a lot to be proud of. Every single person in this picture deserves a medal for caring.
I didn't want to buy another camera in China, so I left it in the Bus. I don't have pictures of the rafting experience, just and end picture. But the 3 1/2 hours on the river were non-stop amazing. Stunning views, and rapids, and amazing water fights. Ya see, they allow you to buy water guns, and they give every one a bowl to scoup water to fling at will towards any other raft. It was so cool. Out of probably over a thousand people I was with out a doubt the only American. Probably the only American with in a 100 mile radius. So I heard, "hello how are you?" about 25 or 30 times on the river today. I loved every second of it too.
This is where it all ended. Such a great time. A bonding experience, and memories that will last me a life time. Ohh, also, it seems that everyone was informed about what happened with Chelsy. All of the females became a little more friendly, and that was a plus+. Did I ever mention that Asian women are the most beautiful women on the planet? Cuz they are. As if they day couldn't get any better, IT DOES! They don't want to go home on an empty stomach, so out to dinner we went. Hey, look at that simle on Sid's face now. He had a blast today too. I was honored to go today, I had an amazing time, I saw god in those mountains, and I got to hang out with hot Asian ladies. Life is good.

A very wise and close friend sent this to me.
As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn't supposed to ever let you down probably will. You will have your heart broken probably more than once and it's harder every time. You'll break hearts too, so remember how it felt when yours was broken. You'll fight with your best friend. You'll blame a new love for things an old one did. You'll cry because time is passing too fast, and you'll eventually lose someone you love. So take too many pictures, laugh too much, and love like you've never been hurt because every sixty seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you'll never get back. Don't be afraid that your life will end, be afraid that it will never begin.

Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply. Speak kindly. Leave the rest to God.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

I had a great day.

I would like to start out by thanking everyone who wrote me an E-Mail regarding the Chelsy situation. I took all of your words to heart, and I agreed with every single one. Thank you for being good accountability partners, and giving good advice. You all know who you are, and you all are awesome.

The day started out like this. I woke up kind of early, and took my computer and went and started reading and writing E-Mails. I got an E-Mail from a lady named Nancy, it really interested me. I got really good feelings once I was done reading it, I think Nancy could help me, help others. That is all I will say for now, but I just got that feelin....deep inside of me, that this won't be the last time, that I speak of NAN-C.

I went for Acupuncture this morning, and for some reason, it was extremely relaxing. I really have no clue why, but I get like 10 acupuncture needles, and when he stuck the one in my forehead, it pretty much made me pass out. I was loving it.

For the rest of the day, I stuck around the Hospital. It wasn't boring at all though. I got to hang out with the girls. It was hott.
They all have very different personalities, and all are extremely caring and loveable. I had so much fun with them. Most of the day was spent with the two to the left. When their shift was over, they both told me that they would take me out for a night on the town before I leave for home. So, that ought to be interesting. ;-)
We played with turtles, we joked with patients, we played simple games like Tic-Tac-Toe, and confusing Chinese paper written games. Ummm, there was a high volume of flirting seeing how Chelsy is out of the way, and I don't have to worry about being faithful to anyone..."YES, that is important to some people!!!!" It was just a fun day, no worries, and no stress. I was loving it. Also, I started handing out all of the gifts to the female patients on my floor. Cute little girls and what not, it was awesome, and they appriciate it a heck of a lot more than Chelsy would have.
Next was my favorite part of the day. Called in a massage lady. It was amazing, and my body felt so good after it was done. Get this, it only cost $3.95! in American dollars for 45 minutes. Try getting a back, neck, legs and face massage in America for that price. Tips aren't even neccessary here either, and they don't even expect it. She did such a good job though I had to tip her. To finish off the evening, I went and hung out with the nurse on duty. Ya see, in her schooling she is taking an english class. Well, she has to be able to pronounce a whole list of vocabulary words, and I helped quiz her. She was very greatful, and it was kind of fun. While I was quizing her, some of the patients stopped by and helped give me with a Chinese lesson too. I learned hair, nose, lips, eyes, head, tongue and some other simple expressions. They had fun laughing at me, and trying to teach me how to place and use my tongue correctly. The simple things become so interesting here. Ohh, also, she asked me to pick out an English name for her. I am going to find a great one.

For tomorrow, I got invited to go with some of the staff on a vacation day. I don't want to give it away, but we leave the hospital at 6:00AM and travel to a different provience that is 4 hours away. You will just have to wait till tomorrows BLOG to find out. It is going to be super fun, and I will be sure to take many pictures.