Friday, June 01, 2007

relaxed today.....then I started not feeling so hott.

I took it easy today. Took it easy on Children's Day. From what I understand, many, many countries around the world celebrate Children's Day.....many except the U.S.A. of course. You probably can't make any money off it....Did I just say that out loud?This picture is classic. Okay, I was standing in the far back of the elevator. It is one of the elevators in the Hospital. I love this picture, because this is how it works every time many Chinese people want to go up or down. If the Elevator "seems full" you can always fit in 6 more. I think that is the common thinking shared among all Chinese people. I just stand in there and laugh as they keep cramming more and more people in. Sure I get some funny looks, but they won't be thinking I'm so odd when we are all free falling from the 10th floor because the cable broke. AHHHHH!!!!
These 2 joksters are great. The man to the right was in a bad accident. From what I can understand, he was in a head on collision with another car. It was a very bad accident. You can see in his throat where a breathing tube had to be placed. The reason I know is because there is a big scar from where they had to cut a hole. Paralyzed from the middle chest down. Still has a great sense of humor though. I hope to be able to do a one on one interview with him in the near future. We listen to each others music on our phones, and look at pictures the both of us have collected over time. A universal communication tool.....LIFE.
I don't have too many pictures to share for the day. But, the ones I do have, hold a lot of emotion and all carry great stories. This bracelet was given to me by my buddy Lynn. I love it, Love everything about it. I love the fact that Lynn gave it to me even more than I love it as a gift.

After she gave it to me, I invited her and the nurse, Naomi to watch Jurrassic Park. We watched the 3rd one, but Lynn really wanted to watch the first one. So, I searched for it and found it. Next thing I knew...we were watching it. Lynn is so gullible too. She gets really tense during scarry parts. LOL. SOOO, I of course have to grab her suddenly and scare the heck out of her and Naomi. Gets um every time.

During this movie, probably 20 minutes from it about to be over. I start getting the sniffles really bad. Then I started sweating, then the head ache came. It all happened so fast, It kind of suprised me. We will see how this works out.

Ta Ta

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