Thursday, June 07, 2007

what an Angelic day. he he he

Today was a great day by my definition. Great, because I got a lot accomplished and am very happy with the work I am getting done. Ya see, today the translator I hired came over for the first time. Her name is Angel. Here is a picture of her.
Yup, this is Angel. She did an excellent job translating for me, I am very pleased with her work, she is very sociable and the Chinese patients seem very comfortable around her, even when I ask personal questions. SO, this is very good. This was an interesting situation I found myself in earlier today. All I wanted was to get a drink out of this pop/water machine. SO, I put in my 3.50 RMB and pressed the button. I heard the bottled water fall, and when I reached into the collector that it should have fallen into....There was nothing there! Puzzled, I started attempting to reach up and into the machine. This was fruitless, and soon these three saw my attempts. They came over to me, and motioned that I needed to put the money in. I explained that I put the money in, and pressed the button, Then nothing came out. SO, the girl in the black gets on her cell phone and calls a number on the pop machine right away, and they both tell me to wait. SO, i stand by. Waiting patiently. They walk down stairs and come back with some money, So I guess the phone call had some success. She put the money in, and pressed the same flavored water that I pressed, and again, you could hear it fall, but nothing came out. This time, they understood what i was trying to communicate to them. They immediately started laughing, and started kicking the pop machine. BAM, two flavored waters came out, and everyone was happy. It was just an example of people helping people. It was great.

SO, after I got my water, I waited outside of the hospital for Angel. When she got there, we walked up to my hospital room, and I introduced her around. We looked at what the hospital offers, and I introduced her to some of the Chinese patients I have made friends with. Then, we went to our first interview. It went really well, and I will be posting the interview on my Blogg, once i edit it, and am happy with the format and everything.

2 people got interviewed today.

Yuan Bing was the first Chinese patient to be interviewed, I was very happy with the interview also. It went really well, and he has nothing but the best things to say about the hospital. I promise, as soon as i have edited the interview, I will post it on HERE.

The second interview was with my girl, LYNN! It couldn't have gone any better.

The interview with Lynn went so well for many reasons. Her mother was there, so I got input from Lynn and her mom. I also learned a lot about Lynn. The best part of the interview is that I got a chance to tell Lynn that I am praying for her every day, and so are a lot of my friends and family. SO, I know that God is getting a chance to touch her heart. Angel, the translator is a Christian, so that only helps the situation. It was awesome, I asked Lynn if i could pray for her, and Angel asked her, then Lynn told Angel that she would like her to translate for me while I held her hand and prayed for her. It was so powerful, I was struggling not to cry, but I stayed strong, and toughed it out. It is amazing how God sets these things up. I keep learning through the devotional on Peter I am doing, that I need to keep stepping out of my comfort zone, and God will take care of the rest. I believe with all my heart that God was definitely in control of the patient interviews today. Hip Hip Hooray!!

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