Monday, June 25, 2007

welcome back

My sis Mer threw a welcome back bash for me. Her and her roomate Tracie had a picknik(spelling I know) and a pool swimming adventure for me. I even got welcome back balloons. It was awesome. I ate some really good food, and hung out with some really good friends. I also remembered today how ANGRY I am at Chelsy still. I am talking about a fierce anger. Something I pray about but really am having trouble letting go of it. I feel really scorned from what she did. And for some reason, I feel like it is some how my fault.

After the pool party, me and Chris went disk golfing. It was much fun for the front 9 holes. But the back 9 I didn't throw, I just enjoyed everyones company. Felt good to be back with the friends I care about so much about.

I am super tired.

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