Tuesday, June 12, 2007


OK, as of now, it is 10:42PM Tuesday evening, and I am updating my BLOG on time about what happened today. SO, this means that everything is happening as it should in the hospital. HORRAY.........Until the next thing comes up, and I have to overcome it. Like the great overcomer that I be, thats me! whoop whoop.

OK, today started of very simply. I went shopping with Eva, Angel, and my mom. YUP, sounds like mass suicide huh? well, it was similar to slowely stabbing yourself with a sharp uneven object. Yea, it was that fun. But, I got through it, and I have some good pictures to share. I have some good video to share also, but I am running my Laptop on battery power, and the program I have on my laptop sucks up way to much battery life for me to do it in a orderly fashion. SO, just the pictures for now.
Here you have your 3 lovely ladies, ready to take on the malls of Shenyang.....
Yea, so they have these huge buildings with 6 floors of this. 6 Huge floors, I am talking about hundreds upon hundreds of vendors selling whatever you want, and nothing you want. I tried finding gifts for friends, and turned up with a shirt for me, and some stupid ceramic cows. WOW, good shopping mikey.
Then I got bord of the mall/market and decided to go for a walk. Well, I got lost as usual, and stumpled upon this old old catholic cathedral. It was really neat, and it had pictures of Jesus all around it. Big pictures, and there were Chinese Nuns.......I thought religion wasn't allowed. Confusing Chinese. They need to get their persecution of religion right or something.

SO, the day ended like this. I found 20 pretty pink roses for 10RMB which is like $1.35 in American dollars, and put it on her door knob, then her mother found it, and showed it to Lynn. Well, as soon as they figuered it out, I showed back up and took a picture of the lovely Lynn next to her pretty pink roses, she sure liked them. And I am sure going to miss her. But, when she is up and walking again, I will have to make another trip to China to come visit her. Yup, I think I am going to have to make that promise to her.

God bless everyone who reads this,


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