Thursday, June 28, 2007

The first follow up, has been upped, or followed...

I kept myself busy today. This morning I had to report to the alcohol assessment class. It was suppose to be 2 hours, but I was outa there in like 45min. This is what happened. Thankfully I got the lady who has a secure head on her shoulders. She realized that I do not have an alcohol problem, and that the minimal alcohol classes would do just fine. So, on a Saturday and Sunday from 8AM to 4:30PM I have fun. At a cost of $200 I better be learning everything there is to know about alcohol, why people drink it, and why it is a problem in America....even though I already know all of that. *****Let me clear something up too, I am taking this alcohol class because of when I got in trouble back in September of 2006. There is no new charge, and drinking is not a part of my life style choice.*******

At 3ish the photographer for the News Sentinel showed up. We told her stome stories from China, and then Jennifer Boen from the news paper showed up. She did the interview, asked many good questions, and did a good job like she always does. She will be writing a good article.

Chris's tire on his Lincoln was making the whole thing shake really bad for the past couple of days. He thought it was the roters.....turns out the tire was loose. Roters are still bad, but the friggin tire was coming off. LOL. he tightened it on, and it hardly shook at all. I laughed a bit.

I got a lot of E-Mails accomplished today. A LOT. I amaze myself how many of those things I write. God is so good, God is so good, God is so good...he's so good to me.
Someone sent me this video to watch, now you must do the same.

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