Tuesday, June 05, 2007

well, not so good turned into pretty good.

I had a lot of really good pictures from this morning. Ya see, I went to the Airport this morning to drop off some of the Americans who went home today. Ben & brother Scott. Ben was in the wheel chair because of a spinal cord injury caused by a car accident. Two great guys, really loved them and everyone at the hospital are really going to miss them a lot. Funny, caring, and just really good guys. The sad thing about those pictures is that they were on my digital camera.

MY DIGITAL CAMERA GOT STOLEN OUT OF THE COMPUTER ROOM IN THE HOSPITAL!!!!!! I was so angry, but it was totally my fault. I spaced out and forgot I left it on the window ledge....could have happened anywhere. I just did it at the hospital. SO, I lost some pictures, but The rest of the day I got on my phone's camera. UGHHHHH I am so pissed that I lost it!!!!!
This is a picture of yours truly after I bravely walked down to a barber shop and trusted them with my facial hair. It was getting kind of out of control and the dude there bravely cut my hair perfectly. They don't get to cut too much facial hair. He did a really good job though. quite happy with the results.
Later that day we were invited over for dinner by an American couple that has been living in Shenyang for 7 years. It was really great, and they cooked us an amazingly good meal. Such a relief not to see any eyes staring back at you while you ate. Super nice couple with a really cute baby. Also, they found me a translator for the work I would like to do at the hospital. SO HAPPY WITH THE EVENING!!! all I have to say is Thank you Jennifer Boen, you are the ultimate Hook UP!
This is the beautiful Sandy who did the cooking for my mother and I. She also gave us all the must visit places in Shenyang, and She found me a translator for the work I want to do, and she was just fantastic. Also, she gave birth to this beautiful child of God, who is just the best behaved baby I have seen in quite some time.
This is little Bailey, my mom and I actually got to be at the church while this little one was being dedicated. It was so neat. She is so beautiful and quiet. WOW, so quiet. She has two great parents too. Ryan and Sandy. Great people doing great things, and made me and my mom feel super welcome and appreciated. The night was great, even though I did get my digital camera ripped off. Worse things could have happened.

This picture doesn't really do anything justice, but on the Taxi drive on the way home, I was noticing how lit up this city is at night. I mean seriously, some of it feels like you are driving through Vegas. There is so much florescent lights everywhere, and even on normal buildings like apartment buildings and warehouses. It is quite beautiful.

As far as treatment goes, I got acupuncture this morning, which was very relaxing today, I feel into a deep sleep actually. I love it when I can sleep through acupuncture.

I need to say something that has been on my mind a lot lately. Probably cuz I talked to her on the phone which might have been a mistake, because it makes me miss her even more than I already did....But Chelsy...I miss Chelsy like a fat kid misses sweets. Everything about her........awwwwww darn you China, you are so far away from everything I know. But I am here for a reason, and That is THAT!!

Good night!

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Anonymous said...

hey little brother. That stinks about your camera. Just goes to show you that no matter vwhere you nare there are thieves everywhere. Thats ok. That camera can be replaced. So, by your picture you look well. I look forward to seeing you back home. Well, I'm off of here. Talk soon. Troy