Thursday, November 30, 2006

Blessings are everywhere

Today was great, the morning started off with a lot of rain, so i got an early phone call telling me not to come in. YESSS. So i lay around all day, watch some t.v., listen to some music, then lay around some more. Sometime around 10ish to 11:30ish my lawyer called, and told me what the game plan is going to be for tomorrow. It sounds like she wants to try to get my court date pushed way way back. She told me it would be great if I could get a Doctor to write a letter to the judge explaining my circumstance. So i called my family Doc. He knows whats goin on in my life and is one of the most amazing doctors ever. So he wrote a very perswading letter. I owe him a big one. I love Dr. Sauder.

But anyways back to the blessing, this guy right above this paragraph is Harry Mccoy. I went to school with him in Traverse City. I loved this guy, he is a very chill, down to earth enjoyable person. The kind of person who doesn't have enemy's. It would be very hard not to like this guy. Anyways, Harry got a hold of the link to my blog, and did some reading. He read the blog from last sunday when i talked a little bit about Unconditional faith. Well i guess something in my writing touched his heart. He called me this afternoon at 3:13p.m. WOW was i suprised, anyways we got to talking, and i told him how God is working in my life, and harry did the same. It was awesome just to hear his voice again, yet alone have him tell me he could relate to what i was writing. It was really touching, and like i say, God honers obedience. Maybe not right away, maybe in ways we can't understand just yet, but man does he ever. Harry is very charismatic, and he is the kind of guy who grabs your attention when you walk into a room. Not because he looks like an NFL lineman, just because he is authentic. You don’t have to pretend to be someone your not in order to impress him, you can just be yourself. Anyways, I felt really blessed from his phone call in more ways than 1.

Court Update

Tomorrow i got to court to face the judge. This time i gots me a lawyer. Her name is Lisa, and she said she is a short red head. lol. I always have been a sucker for red heads. HEY MAYBE I SHOULD HIT ON HER! i will have to sleep on that one. So anyways, i'm really not even worried. I trust her judgement, and i think it will go quite smooth. I should be in the court room around 9:30a.m.

M/S Update

Things are pretty much staying the same, my hearing is noticably worse, and i am always asking "WHAT?" i'm sure it gets old real fast with the guys at work, but not my fault. Long distances are difficult to see, and my arms and legs are still fairly shaky. But it really isnt even noticable from the outside looking in. But i sure notice it. Especially when i am stressed, so i know stress plays such a huge factor with M/S.

Friend Update
Today i wanted to get my hair and beard thing trimmed up for court in the morning. I want to look nice and snazzy. SOOOOO, my mom told me why don't you come with me when i get my hair cut(allow me to explain, a very good friend from high school cuts my moms hair now) so called the barber shop, and my friend kaley menshy. Kaley is the one in the middle, Lydia Chapman is the one to the left, she is also my friend. Aren't friends great? I don't know the girl to the right. But i bet she would be my friend once she found out how cool i am. right? So, not only is kaley beautiful, but she can cut hair really good too!!! she gots me lookin really snazzy. ok, thats all for today.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

a hip hop a hippy to the hop

The title of this “blog” has no relevance to my day whatsoever. My day was ok, I hope I get laid off work soon. I want to start collecting unemployment. I have never been paid for not doing anything. might be a neat experience. I did call kate today, she didn't pick up, but i left her a message asking if there was anything i could do. I told her if there wasn't anything to do at this point, that she didn't have to call me back. She didn't call me back, so back to waiting. Which isn't all that bad because i am learning patience. Patience is good, patience is something i need more of. I blew up at one of my foremen today. It got so bad, he called my boss swearing and really upset, i told him he better give me the phone so i can tell my side of the story. I started off saying "look mark(boss), you know i am a hard worker, and you know i get along with everyone." He understood, I did lose my head though, i was wrong to call him some of the things i called him. I need to work on that........shutting my mouth.

M/S Update
Still shaky, My lawyer did call me today. I was very glad, she is going to try to push the court date back for a while, because of the possible stem cell transplant program. She understands it is going to take a long time, and that i don't have a definite schedule. I think she is going to do just fine. My eye is still twitching, and man do i heat up fast. But ya know, i shouldn't have told my boss i have a sweating problem, cuz he would probably think i was working my butt off all the time. I do go to court tomorrow for my OWI. fun, fun, fun.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

TUESDAY: the day after monday.

Today was pretty chill. I sat on a mower and sucked up leaves all day. It was great, i didn't sweat much and enjoyed it a lot. Sounds boring, but it wasn't. I think you have really reached a level of happiness when you when you look forward to your everyday boringness. I enjoy the people i work with, and i dunno. I am very content. But anyone who knows anything would tell you it's not going anywhere, and you can't be successful unless you get a degree and do something with your life. Well, maybe i can just prove that wrong eh? LOL. I dunno, i guess i will just live life one day at a time. I got to talk to 2 ashleys today. One that i went to high school with, and one who i have only known by computer chatting. I love both of them, and it had been well over a year sense i had talked to either. Talking is so relaxing, especially when the other person wants to listen. I am always that person too. I always want to find the people who need someone to listen. I got to spend some time with the people who mean a lot to me. They are all pot heads, but i love them to death, and wouldn't trade those relationships for the world. They know where i am at, and cheer me on. Thats why i love them, and thats why they mean so much to me. It doesn't matter if they are pot heads either. God has made it very clear to me that i need to be above the influence. You can say so much to someone by your actions. Loving all people is what life should be about. No matter who they are or how they act. I still struggle with that one. I still want to choose who i show good nature too. I want to break myself from that though. I want to love all people. I want people to know me for being compassionate, and goofy. And for having a big heart. I don't want to be judgemental. because who am i to judge? I think thats why i get along with merideth(my sister who is a lesbian). Not only merideth, but everyone she associates with. Not only do i get along with them, i enjoy being with them. I am pretty sure they enjoy me too. that makes me feel good.

M/S Update
Today was just like yesterday, my right eye was twitching all day, and my legs were shaky. I notice my loss in hearing more and more. I always say "WHAT?" people think i am being difficult, but i really can't hear them. AHHHHHHHH frustrating, but not that frustrating.
We went to rally's today. Me, Robbie(foreman), and Nick. LOL. they screwed up all of our orders, it was getting quite crazy, but that doesn't have anything to do with m/s. so, good night.

Monday, November 27, 2006

break was nice/back to work.

Back to work. My brother in law to be picked me up around 7:30is. Got to work, chilled with the guys for a little bit. Hooked up a couple trucks & trailors, then waited for another worker to get to work. Once meirza got to work we headed out. Did some final mows, and cleaned up some leaves. It was a pretty slow paced day, but work is getting slow. I am ready for some snow! I really want to do some snow removal!!!!! woooo hoooo. LOL. I was super tired today, i didn't even go inside pizza hut for the lunch buffett, i just took a nap in the truck. today was slow, and i didn't even learn any lessons or anything

I am leaving for Vegas in 33 days, holy diver i am starting to get excited. I have 2 main goals, 2 very important goals. First goal=see the Blue Man Group. Second goal=go sking in Flag Staff Arizona, at the Snow Bowl. check it out. looks amazingly fun. Plus if everything works out, i will get to go with my good buddy Mike Gann. I met him when i was in Traverse City. He is awesome, and he is an Indian. He isn't awesome because he is an Indian, but that does add to his awesomeness. And i don't even care if awesomeness isn't a word, i am using it. Ya see, when we were in college up in T.C. we would go sking together, it was very much fun. So to be able to go sking with him on the vegas trip, would just be too friggin cool.

M/S Update
Today i noticed that my legs were shaking a lot. But only when i did certain times. Allow me to explain, like if i was standing still, and put more weight to one leg than the other, it would shake like crazy. hands were a little shaky also, they are actually shaky right now. Yep, definately shaky. And i was sweating so so so much today. It was nice out, like 60ish, and i was burning up at the first property, sweating bullits. I hate sweating so much. I didn't call Kate today, but i did call my lawyer, she didn't call back. I go to court for my OWI(Operating While Intoxicated) on Friday. I am not worried, i just hate our judicial system. I still have a bit of an authority problem. But there is a reason behind that. There is just so much corruption in law system. I hate it when i see cops abuse their power, and i see it all the time. UGHHH!!!!! never mind though, i have a cousin who is a cop, and he is a good guy. so i am going to leave it at that.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

God is Awesome

Today was visit number two to Pathways Community Church. I am loving this church more and more each time I visit it. Right away this chick named Sara Kelly was playing on piano. Beautiful voice. She sings like old school country/blues/jazz. It was really quite nice. We walked into the Gym (Pathways is in a high school gym until the church is built) and heard her playing and singing some really pretty worship songs. That was good, then we sang, then the pastor gave a little sermon. He talked about how “awesome” God is. It didn’t really mean much, I felt like I had heard it all before. Then he told the congregation that he had a special speaker to share her story with us. There was about a 4-minute break where two men helped this woman out of her wheelchair, up the stage, and back in her wheelchair. It was odd, but it kept my attention.
The pastor introduced this woman, her name is Sheryl Mason. I really felt like the spirit was talking directly to me through this woman. Let me give you a little background on Sheryl. There is a very detailed reason why she is in a wheelchair, and talks a little slower than the average person. She shared some of her story with us, and wow. IMPACT! Turns out, not too long ago, Sheryl had 3-brain aneurisms. She told about how she had endured nine brain surgeries, and how the doctors told her and her family that she had a very limited amount time left. Hours, possibly days. Through all of this tragedy, Sheryl kept her faith. Sheryl has something I like to call, unconditional faith. She gave a bible verse that is an excellent example of her faith.

Daniel 3:16-18:
16 Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego replied to the king, "O Nebuchadnezzar, we do not need to defend ourselves before you in this matter. 17 If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God we serve is able to save us from it, and he will rescue us from your hand, O king. 18 But even if he does not, we want you to know, O king, that we will not serve your gods or worship the image of gold you have set up."

Shadrach, Mesach, & Abednego trusted that God would do what is best. They had unconditional faith. Someone who practices unconditional faith loves Christ no matter what is going on in his or her life. God is so much bigger than our temporary problems. God is bigger than sexual abuse, bigger than low self-esteem, bigger than multiple sclerosis, bigger than alcoholic parents, bigger than homosexuality, even bigger than death. As humans, we tend to want to “think” we are in control of our lives and problems. When in reality we aren’t and don’t have to be. It’s that darn pride, it’s always getting in the way. Sheryl has unconditional faith. She said something very powerful when the pastor came to visit her in the hospital. She said, “Through all my trials and tribulations, I want people to know I never forgot or turned from Christ, even if I lose my life.” WOW! What did I get from all this? First, I am not afraid of a stem-cell transplant, second, No matter what the outcome, God is in Control, So don’t be afraid to give him all your burdens, big or small.
M/S Update
Tody in church my legs were pretty shaky. I have noticed that if i put a large portion of my weight on a single leg, it shakes like crazy. It is definately odd, but it's pretty easy to deal with. My eye is still twitching a lot. I notice that environmental factors effect the twitching a lot. Like if i am stressed, it twitches like crazy. But like the shaking leg, it is very easy to deal with. So far there is no word from insurance, i am going to call Kate, and NorthWestern tomorrow and see if there is anything i can do to speed up the process. But i am pretty sure it's just a matter of time.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Amazing day, no joke seriously amazing.

I just got home from a Tenacious D concert. It was at an old Embassy like building in downtown Detroit. Wow it was so much fun, but wait a sec. my day started off a little slower, lemme tell you how it went. Okay, so i wake up this morning on my own time. yea thats right, whenever i wanted, i had no responsibilities and it felt great. So once i moseyed on downstairs i made it to some food, then got cleaned up and called chris. I asked chris if he wanted to go down to my moms kitchen to make some cookies. He said yes, he always says yes. Then he picked me up and we went to the Kitchen(my mom owns a catering business in downtown fort wayne) I got to make a mess and some cookies with my little cousins. I love those lil kids, they say and do the darndest things. Absloutly priceless. here are some pictures of how cute they are.

Yea, so i got to play and eat lots of sugar this morning. But this is just the tip of the iceburg. My day gets better, much much better. Alright, after chris drops me off and goes to work, my friends mitchell burns, his brother tyler, and other friends Nick bregin, and Travis Slagel pick me up and we start our trip to D-Town. Otherwise known as Detroit. It was a very fun and entertaining car ride to say the least. We did typical guy stuff, and it was good. Then after what seemed like an eternity of waiting, we get into the place where Tenacious D is playing. It was an old old ummmm like opra house thingy, ya know with a balcony and all that jazz. So we get our seats, and they weren't too hott, so we got better seats that rocked hardcore! JACK BLACK IS AMAZING!! a must see for any jack black inthusiast......spelling is wrong i know. But i had a totally rocking time, and had a blast on the ride home. Those guys are all very cool. Not typical to the people i usually hang out with, but that is a good thing. If i am going to make a smooth transition from being a pot-head to someone who can minister gods word freely, then i better be able to walk both sides of the line, and not stay so "in the dark." it's hard to explain, but if you really want me to explain, then give me a call. I would be glad to. (260)433-1543. That is my cell phone. I enjoyed my whole day. I can honestly say there isn't one part i didn't like. Ohhh, and when i was at that concert there was hella Pot, and other mind altering drugs. I didn't even have a strong pull to partake. God kept the pot-head in me suppressed. Very cool. enjoy the blury picture of jack black and kyle gass rocking out hardcore.

Friday, November 24, 2006

wow, i'm a retard.

ughhh. I really get myself into some sticky situations. alright, so the night starts off with me and my mom going down to Boxed Delites and me helping her unload the car of all the stuff she used at thanks giving. ex. cookers, coffee holders, etc. So, once the car is empty she dropped me off at my friend Chris's house. me and chris had to go to the air field to help this dude get a plane into the hanger, then we went back to chris's house. Chris rented Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Before we could even start the movie, chris started acting funny. He was hott, then cold, then hott again, then back to cold sweats. Finally about half way through the movie he ran to the bathroom and puked. He puked a lot. This was a little odd too, cuz chris never gets sick. Okay, so i text my friend ronee, and ask if she can come pick me up from his house cuz he was sick. she said she couldn't cuz she already put her kid to sleep. I understood and made sick chris drop me off at her house. we chatted, then i gave her the royal treatment. Full hand and foot massage. I can work wonders on a pair of tired dry feet. The story gets better, well better for the reader, not me. When it was time to leave, i told ronee i was gonna walk home. She said, "no way, it's too cold, and thats stupid, i'll put elishia in a car seat and take you." i was like no cuz i wanna walk home, i like to pray when i walk home. And it's true i do. So i leave ronee's house and start walking. I make it accross State Road 1, and get to the first fence i have to jump in order to cut through some back yards. What do i do???? I drop my brand new phone, and it's pitch black! ahhhh, i am extremely upset, and searching on the wet nasty cold grass. It totally sucked, and i didn't find my phone, so i ran home. I get to the house, and walking in out of breath tell my parents what happened. So my dad drives me to the fence i jumped. I got out of the fan with my flash light and find my phone. So, whats the lesson? Listen to mom's even if they aren't yours.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy ThanksGiving

Lets see what am i thankful for. My parents, they have always been so loving and extremely supportive my whole life, even when i made really stupid decisions. Which happen to be a large part of my life.......I am very thankful for my sister merideth, and all of her friends.(my sister is a lesbian, but i don't let that get in the way of loving her) I am thankful for my biological sister Brandy, and her husband to be John. I am thankful for my 2 half brothers Travis & Troy. I am thankful for all the biological family that has become an almost daily part of my life. I am thankful for my friends, especially My best friend Jared. I say especially jared, because he is more than a friend. More like a brother that you have always gotten along with really well. We understand each other, it's always been like that, and probably always will. Thats a good feeling, and something to be very thankful for. I am also thankful for my home, and bed, and Things that i don't fully appriciate. I am thankful for food in my tummy, and clothes on my back. I am also very thankful for the possibility of a stem-cell transplant. Which could stop the progression of a very sneaky and evil disease. But most of all, on this celebrated day of thanks. I am so very thankful for my relationship to christ, and the gift of Grace. What an amazing gift it is, doesn't even cost anything. And it is always there waiting for you. Possessions, and temporary happiness is worldly, and will not last. A relationship with christ is permanent, and the Lord's Grace never ends.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Aight, so today was good. Listen and i will tell you why. I woke up this morning with a smile on my face. I HAVE BEEN DREAMING! This is so different, ever sense i have started taking this new medicine i have been dreaming. I guess there is four stages of sleep. The stage you dream in is referred to as REM(Rapid Eye Movement) stage. This is the deepest stage of sleep. I love it, because when i wake up i am usually confused and have to ask myself if that really happened. Sometimes i am scared, because i do some crazy stuff in dreams. Other times i am really dissapointed. Those dreams usually have super hott chicks in them. Sense i am on the topic of dreams, the movie Science of Sleep is a must see. Especially if you liked the movie Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind with Jim Carey. The guys that made that one made Science of Sleep. Great movie, keeps you on the edge of your seat. And wondering. Anyways, ummmm what was i saying? Ohh yea, so i started the day off asking myself if that really happened, then i realized it didn't, then i went and ate breakfeast, and went to work. Pretty normal, then i got to work and i got my new phone. I love the heck out of it. it is a Motorola E815, and it blows your phone out of the water. I love all the newest phone stuff, music, bluetooth, ringback, video camera, everything. It's great and it keeps me highly entertained. So that was good.

M/S Update
The eye still twitches, and my legs are still shaky. So is my body in general. It's not usually noticable, but i sure feel it all the time. The hearing is still noticably bad, and yea....Ohhh yea, i am starting to lose my appitite. This is good, cuz i can notice my "gut" starting to come back out. I HATE LOVE HANDLES. lol. The appitite is going away again, cuz i am just about done with the steroid treatment. And those freak my hunger out. But, you can bet your last dollar i will be eating hella turkey tomorrow. The house is already set up to feed many mouths. I am pretty sure there is going to be close to 50 people at our house tomorrow. It will be great, lots of little kids and people eating massive amounts of food. Doesn't get any better than that. AND all my aunts bring really good stuff, and my mom, well need i say more? My mom is gonna have the turkey on lock down, and i will eat it till i puke.....Not literally......Well maybe.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Ignorance is Bliss

It must be nice to be stupid. I mean really stupid, not like the ditzy blonde stupid that we are all so familiar with. I am talking about the blind to reality stupid. Sometimes I wish i could be that stupid. I would probably be a lot happier. Here is my theory, people who are truly ignorant don't think enough to let things bother them. That is my problem, ya see ever sense i was a little kid i would think too much. Yes i do think to everyone who doesn't believe it. Okay, i will give you an example to show you my thinker in action as a young one. Not only does this story show my brain activity, but it shows my cunningness. My mom always tells me this story. My mother, mother's friend and kid, and me were at a burger king play place. You know, with the balls and the slide's and fun. And my mom decided it was time to go. She approached me and as she did she told me, "Okay mikey, it's time to go home, i have work to do." I replied at the top of my lungs, "WORK! WORK !WORK!, ALL YOU EVER DO IS MAKE ME WORK!" As you can imagine, all the mothers looked at her like she was a slave driver. LOL. i love little mikey stories. Alright, that proves i have a brain. Now back to the whole ignorance thing. This anger at ignorance stems from people looking down at other people for acting in a certain way. I hate that so much. I'll give you an example. I am a goofy person, and if you didn't know me well enough you might think some of the things i do and ways i act are very odd, and you might think negativly of me for that reason, kind of like ohh that one is a weird one. And i see this happen all too often. I hate it so much, and it is always the Ignorant people who are tearing others down. I act goofy sometimes, but that is a part of who i am. I love being the odd one out. I was the class clown in high school and it's great. But see, i have enough self confidence to be able to do that. So many people don't have that confidence. And when they act a certain way, and an ignorant person tears them down, they are forced to act "NOT THEMSELVES" That is no good. Ya see, you have to be yourself. Act how you want to act, don't act like someone else wants you to act. Society has enough of a dramatic pull on our personality, why let ignorant people do it too. I dunno, maybe i am just babbling. This "BLOG" might not make any sense, but damnit it's the thought that counts.

M/S update.
I can feel my body shake. Not noticably, just enough for me to feel. Especially when i stand still, my legs just knock. I have been getting the "bad headaches" too.(bad headaches are really intense tension headaches) But, good news is i have been sleeping like a baby ever sense i started taking Amitriptline at night. The bad news is it makes me hungry. so now i will have to watch what i eat. It could be worse, i could be this chick.
Women again

Monday, November 20, 2006

case of the Mondays

Today started off slow. I am pretty slow in the mornings now, i mean slower than normal. This new medication that i am on that is suppose to make me not sweat so much really takes the energy out of me. Which isn't all that bad, because i sleep wonderfully. anyways, today started off slow. Then the middle of the day went really slow. Then the end of the day seemed the slowest. Then i clocked out, and went home. Now i am going to go to bed.....NIGHT

Sunday, November 19, 2006

A lesson on pride.

Wow, what a great sunday. For a couple of reasons. This morning an old high school friend picked me up and took me to a different church than I usually attend. I could tell at the end of the sermon why God lead me to this friend and church. At the end of the service a lady talked about how much small group fellowship has really impacted her and her husbands life. That is exactly what i wanted, literally that is why i was seeking out this church. Irony? I THINK NOT! Everything happens for a reason. Also, I really felt driven to talk to "this friend." I know when God leads me to seek someone out, because they keep coming up in daily life. So, i definately set out this morning with a compassionate heart. God rewards obedience also, maybe not in ways we can understand or see right away, but he definately doesn't forget. I got a chance to open myself up to "this friend" and made myself very Vulnerable. Sometimes you have to do that to let someone know you care, and that you can be trusted. As we talked we both came to the understanding that PRIDE is such a downfall for so many people. WHY? Let me tell you. Pride is what gets in our way. When you want to give your all to christ, you must release everything. especially things like emotional baggage. Things that are hard to talk about. Things that you don't want to talk about. Things that hurt, and have hurt for a long time. I have been able to see many people struggle, including myself with so many different subjects. I believe full-heartedly that God allowed me to experience these things in order for me to be able to relate to others. How selfish would it be for me to keep all the stories and "emotional drama" i have gone through to my-self? I think the title for this "BLOG" is very fitting. I didn't learn anything break through today, it was just a lesson. You must die unto the lord on a daily basis. You have to suck up your pride in order to help yourself. I'll give an example. For me, my big pride issue was giving up drugs. I used them as an excape. To leave reality so i didn't have to deal with it. I had to realize that the drugs couldn't be a part of my life is i was going to have a true and right relationship with Christ. By doing that, it is amazing the doors God has opened for me. And how he has allowed me to effect others.

M/S update.

My eye is still twitching like crazy. Yea, 24/7. wow is it annoying. Also i noticed today in church that my legs were shaking like crazy. It is kind of un-nerving. But i know God is way bigger than a pair of shaky legs. Hearing is still noticably bad, and I just feel funny a lot. Other than that all is well.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Saturday Football Fever!

Today me, my dad, and family friend Craig Yoder departed our home at 9:00a.m. Desination Layfette Indiana
Tomorrow, at like 10ish. My friend joy and her boy friend are picking me up and taking me to the church they go to. It is called Pathways. I am excited because i hear good things about this church. It also has some bible study's/gatherings for people who are college age. LIKE ME. So that should be good.

Friday, November 17, 2006

freeking eye!

ohh my goodness. My eye twitches 24-7. It's getting old fast. Today was normal, i raked leaves all day. It wasn't too bad though, good work out. I gurantee i am building some seriousl hulk hogan muscles.

Holy diver i am sleepy. It's amazing, i actually get tired now. I love this new medicine. It starts with an A, but that is all i know, it is way too hard to pronounce. I would write more, but today was pretty routine. A funny thing happened at lunch though. Not so much funny, just silly.......Okay, so everyone else went to Burger King, but i use to work at burger king, and i did some nasty things, so i don't eat fast food if i don't have to. So, i went to to the gas station. It has an Oley's Pizza in it. And, Joni who recognized me said "Let me guess, you want a 7" pizza combo, with peperoni on the top of the cheese?" I said you know it beautiful, and she smiled and made it for me. Awwww, she remembered. lol. that was the most exciting thing that happened today.

here is a link for a really fun and addictive game.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

heart ultrasound

Didn't work today because of rain. I went to fort wayne cardiology at 9:45 for a doc. appointment. It was really awesome, i got to see my heart pumping and pushing blood, it was amazing. I think i have a good heart. Nice and healthy. Man, i can't concentrate. I am so tired, i actually fell asleep just a lil bit watching the movie Posidon. It was awesome, it has been so long sense i have been able to do that. HORRAY! ohhh, also, the heart ultrasound was called an Echocardiogram. It was pretty amazing to see the valves in my heart opening and cl0sing at a rapid rate. Very cool.

That is what it looked like, you could see all 4 chambers, and everything. I just saw God written all over it. It was moving so perfectly, such a balance. How can you look at something like the human heart and not see christ???? I have to go to bed, it is only 8:30p.m. but i am going to fall asleep at the computer.

ohhh yea, and if you want to be entertained for hours, play this game. it iz amazing. ;)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Trip to Indy.

Today i my mom and I went to Indy, it was awesome. Finally a long car ride with my mom that i can absloutly love the heck out of. See, it's cool being clean from drugs, because you can have deep talks with the people you love the most and you don't have to worry about being yelled at for doing stupid stuff. It was really nice for a chanage. I had to go to indy for my doc. appt. at the Indiana Center For M/S. My doctor there is amazing, her name is doctor clare braun-hashimi. She is the best doctor in the world. On the ride down my mom shared a verse with me from her bible. These verses are right out of The Holman Christian Standard Bible.It was pretty amazing because it really struck close to home. I love it when God does this stuff. These passages talk about fulfilling ministry. Here we go.

2 Timothy 4:1-8. Before God and Christ Jesus, who is going to judge the living and the dead, and by his appearing and his kingdom, I solemnly charge you: proclaim the message; persist in it whether convenient or not; rebuke, correct, and encourage with great patience and teaching. For the time will come when they will not tolerate sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, will accumulate teachers for themselves because they have an itch to hear something new. They will turn away from hearing the truth and will turn aside to myths. But as for you, keep a clear head about everything, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry. For I am already being poured out as a drink offering, and the time for my departure is close. I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. In the future, there is reserved for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will give me on that day, and not only to me, but to all those who have loved his appearing.

wow. Those words are so powerful to me. It pretty much tells me i am doing exactly what i am suppose to be doing. HORRAY!

As for the doctor apointment, I showed her the muscle under my right eye that is twitching non-stop. She told me that it is because of M/S. And that is will eventually stop.

Untill then, i guess i will just put up with having a shaky eye. It's not really that big of a deal anyways. I got some pills that may help me not sweat so much. Also, Got put on a powerful immune booster called Imuran. This isn't bad news, it just means i will have to get blood tests every 2 weeks for a while to make sure my liver can handle everything. But i gots a good liver, she can take it.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tatoos, Roller derby, and New friends.

Okay, today was really fun. I worked with my brother in law to be, and Mierza. He is Boznian. and a really good guy. we have always gotten along good, and worked together well. But never really hung out after work too much. Well today after work, he took me home, i got cleaned up, then we went back to his house. He showered up and then we went to the Roller Dome North, tried to find that red head, but she wasn't there. I feel kind of stupid, but seriously she told me to stop by practice some time. What a little floosey, Moral here, never trust a red head????

but anyways, about my friend from work, we hung out here and there, and all that good stuff, Then i got him an art pad, and some sketching pencils. The reason i bought this for him is because he is an amazing artist. He agreed to draw my tattoo for me. It's awsome, i have known what i have wanted for years, but i am not artistic at all, so i could never get it right, Mierza is the perfect artist for me. He can take my words and put them into picture. I have total faith the tattoo will come out perfectly.

He made this picture, isn't that amazing? Seriously this guy has skill. I am actually kind of excited to see what he comes up with. I would tell you what i want my first tattoo to be, but i am not going to. It's to awesome. I am just going to wait.

I go to the Indiana Center For M/S tomorrow. It's a good thing too cuz my body has been acting weird. My friggin right eye twitches all the time, and my arms and legs are getting really shaky. It is frustrating. But all is well. :)

Monday, November 13, 2006

Monday. leaves, and a movie with friends.

Finally a good movie. I deserved to see a good one. My best friend sense Kindegarden~intentionally spelt wrong wanted to get our click of friends around to go see The Science of Sleep. It is the same people that brought us Eternal Sunshine of a Spottless Mind. With Jim Carey. If you enjoyed that movie, then this one is for you. It was a great movie, very enjoyable, and fiercly funny. I loved it, honestly loved it. I guess i like a movie with deepness, and meaning. Plus i got to enjoy it with people i love. It's great to see a group of people get together to make each other happy. Thats great isn't it? LOL.

OK, get what happened today. I feel like such an A**. alright, here we go. This afternoon i ate lunch at Pizza Hut's buffett. We had a very attractive red head waitress.(I am a sucker for red heads) So anyways, I was flirtacious. Did i spell that right? ohh well, doesn't matter. right, so i was flirting, and I stared into her eyes, i do this to see if they will stare back. I find that the females who stare back are usually the ones who have more brains than boobs, maybe it is a bad philosophy but it's mine. Plus, she had a butt on her. WOW. Is it okay for me to say that?....... Long story short, I gave her a little bit of a hard time, she welcomed the half-hearted humor and told me, pretty much, "dish it out, i will just take it out on the Roller floor." She just wanted me to know that she played Roller Derby. And informed me of her practice schedule, well actually i asked, but she willingly gave it out. Ok, but here is where the problem comes in. She told me she practices tuesdays and thursdays. So, what did i do? After me & Chris at Wings with Jared and his brother, we drove to the wrong side of town, on the day when they don't have practice...................great move mikey. huh? gosh, it's silly really. But i can always try again tomorrow.

Ok, M/S update. My eye started twitching a lot, and at work i got really shaky and feeling just out of sorts, i hope it isn't anything more than just an eye twitch, i really don't want anything big to happen. But, you never know. I know God will take care of whatever is going on, the part i struggle with is not having any idea what "could" happen. Is my vision going to go out in my other eye, leaving me legally blind? I just don't know, and only time will tell. But i can definately seek comfort in the fact that God is much bigger than M/S. And thats enough for me. It really is.

If you have a minute, listen to this NPR radio thingy. It is really powerful, it just goes to show how much of an impact you can have on peoples lives. I really reccomend listening to it. It's powerful, and it really motivates you to treat people right. Not only that, but to live life so you can leave a legacy.Just click the link, then click the LISTEN button above the picture.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Bad movie, Good day.

Okay, allow me to explain this picture right away so i can move on. I took this pic. while in the Movie "Borat." Which by the way is a waste of money. and extremely innapropriate. There is way too much full male nudity for my liking. That, and the fact that it is extremely degrating and stereotypical. Moving on..... I experienced a lot today. I learned a very valuable lesson also. I learned that in order to be the metaphorical "bigger man." Sometimes it is required to tuck your tail inbetween your legs and suck up your pride. I did that very thing today, and let me tell you, i feel great. I righted a wrong that needed to be righted for a long time. When God puts a lot of strain on your heart to do something, it is very unwise not to listen. I am so glad i listened. I feel like a great weight has been lifted. It's awesome! I am not going to go into detail, but the moral i learned is simple. I will try to sum it up for ya'll. LOVE GOD, LOVE PEOPLE, DON'T MESS WITH THE REST.

Also, i got to see my good friend Ronee's lil be be. Wow, what a little bundle of cuteness. Seriously, this baby is beautiful. I also got a chance to visit with Carrie.(Ronee's Mom) That conversation alone was fairly enlightening. God is just filling my life with all kinds of support features.

As for an M/S update. My right eye is acting a little funny. Like the focus goes in and out for some reason. Right now, as i look at my lap top. If i just look through my right eye, it's like the "zoom" is turning on and off. odd feeling.
I think i am pretty tired though, so hopefully i will get good sleep tonight. I know i have one hella clean room to go sleep in. I cleaned the crap out of it today. Not literally, just all the dust, and moved my stuff around. It's very clean and smells super good. I'm tired though. I am going to try to go to bed. Wish me luck, i know the sleeping fairy wasn't with me last night. ;(


Quick Update

Now anyone can post comments, so feel free to do so. ;)

Saturday, November 11, 2006

What a great saturday.




Okay, allow me to explain the three pictures you see above. A. is a picture of my garage filled with corn. The corn came from the corn field i woke up in when i got my OWI(operating while intoxicated) It turns out the farmer got a hold of my father, and my dad agreed to pay him $75 for "corn damages." w/e! So, my fathers logic went as follows. If i am gonna pay for it, i am taking what got knocked down. So he did, and now it is in our garage. Picture B. is the squirrel feeder my dad and I made at his school's wood shop. OMG it was so much fun, we went to the lumber yard, then got some pictures off the internet and just went and worked on it together. It was so much fun. Picture B. works like this>>squirrel climbs into little house area, through small hole on side. You fill up the jar with food, then squirrel enters jar and you can watch him enjoy his dinner. just kind of smart and entertaining. Picture C. is the spinning squirrel thingy of death!!!!!!! You put an ear of corn on one end, then when the squirrel goes for it, the counter balance weight spins the squirrel around like a ferris wheel. It should be quite entertaining also. My dad and i had a blast while we did it, and i dunno, it makes me wish we would have done more stuff like this through my childhood. I am really mad at myself for being such a pot head for such a long time, and wasting all the opportunities i had to really bond with family members. But, ohh well i can always make up for it.

I am going to buy my tickets to Las Vegas tonight. I got on and found some round trip tickets from Indianapolis to Vegas for $242.00 TOTAL!!! I will leave December 30th, and return January 4th. It is going to be so baller, i can't hardly wait..............but i will. ohhh boy! ME SO HAPPY

Friday, November 10, 2006

Leaves are Everywhere!

Picture taken via. Cell Phone.
Ok, i understand that it is the time of year that the trees empty themselves, but we did a removal on a residential property that was just out of this world. It took me robbie, and mark 4 hours to get this house completely cleared. 3 truck loads, and a lot of blowing. It looked good, but cost like $250.00. OUCH! It's funny though, i had fun doing it, it was just a lil crazy.

Last night i got a mad bloody nose. It was out of no where, and was a real bleeder. I want to think it is because i have really thin blood because of all the steroids, but In reality i have no idea. All i know is on the table next to the couch there was a gatorade bottle with a lot of blood in it that i must have been spitting up while in a have dazed sleep. Kinda nasty huh? yea. but i survived.

My parents are totally doubting me on the whole las vegas trip. They think i will totally crack under pressure, and take up the "what happens in vegas, stays in vegas mentality." I on the other hand have full faith in myself. I will go, visit with friends, enjoy the strip, enjoy new years, and just have a blast. I will do all this without alcohol, or any illicit drug use. Some day they will be able to trust my decisions, i just have to prove to them and myself that i can be above the influence. How many times do you get a chance to go to vegas and stay in a condo for next to nothing?????? exactly, i will continue to plan for the trip. And yes, i am very excited.


Thursday, November 09, 2006

How i got Diagnosed with M/S.

Well, last year in July, i was diagnosed with M/S. "officially diagnosed" anyways. It happened at CDYC(central distract youth conference) I started going numb on my left side, but didn't really think too much of it. It's weird now that i look back on it. I never really thought anything of it, it seemed so odd. And to be honest, i am not one to complain about any kind of physical ailment. But, i did tell my parents, and as soon as i got home(on a sunday) my family physican ordered an MRI. It showed massive brain and spinal cord lesions(open sores in the spinal fluid,and in nerve tissue) I was immideatly admitted to the hospital, and after some very uncomfortable nights in the hospital and a spinal tap. It was OFFICIAL. Multiple Schelerosis. Just like that. sense then the M/S has taken a very aggressive course. Effecting my cognitive skills(mental processes of perception, memory, judgment, and reasoning.) Also physical abilities, like currently my hearing and vision is being effected. Thats why i am on so many friggin Steroids(I HATE STEROIDS) but i know it's for my best. Okay, so thats how it happened. Now M/S is pretty much a daily part of my life, i wake up and go right to my medicines. ;) lots of medicines.

Learn something new all the time.

Life can throw twists and turns at you any time, and in many different forms. I learned a little lesson about basic human behavior today. And at a price might i add. Okay, allow me to expand so you can learn also. It went like this, we(Robbie, Mark R., & me) were doing leaf removals today. I was pushing robbies buttons, meaning pushing him closer and closer to being really pissed off. I do this because i am stupid and i love getting a rise out of him. Ohh yea, i just wanted to add that robbie is awesome, but if you piss him off he can be very intimidating and scary. Here is the scenerio. We pull up to a property that i have been mowing and taking care of all summer. Hence i "should" at least know the name of the street. When robbie asked me what street it was on, i answered him like a smart ass. "i don't friggin know", then i continued to mouth off to him. I was also eating a choc. pop tart. Robbie took the opportunity to take that pop tart and smash it into my face to shut me up. :0 The pop tart fell to my side, and instead of being smart i took the tart and bitch slapped it right into his face/eye........"stupid mikey" Wow, this really set him off. He immideatly smashed me in the head and side of the face, then continued to jump out of the truck to kick my butt. WOW!!! that was scary, i had never seen robbie that heated before. I quickly played confrentation mediator. I calmed him down enough so he would not knock me out, and i grabbed a blower. Now, understand my circumstance. I am pumped full of all sorts of steroids, and extremely emotional. Robbie scared the crap out of me, i didn't know if i should call my boss, or sit down and cry. Well, i started tearing up and grabbed a blower and started working. After about 15 min. of me crying he came up to me and appologized, we talked for a sec. and he gave me a hug. all was better, and i only love him more because of it. Robbie is a great person, everyone should have a robbie in their life. But, i said i learned something about basic human behavior. This is what i learned. In a time of extreme crisis, people convert back to their basic human instinct. Fight or flight. Robbie only knew how to fight in that specific circumstance. I knew to use my words. Human behavior is funny like that. isn't it?

Ohh, and for an M/S update. My mom talked with the insurance yesterday. I have a new case manager, meaning someone who will handle the butt loads of money they will shell out for a Stem Cell transplant. Yea, that is still sinking in for me. I am going to receive a STEM CELL TRANSPLANT to treat multiple schlerosis. huh????? LOL. seriously, God is so evident in everything i do. If you look for him, you can see him in everything. It is amazing, and so powerful.


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Viva Las Vegas.

Okay, so today was pretty interesting. Seriously, i love writing this journal. I am like excited to just say whats going on right now. Okay, lets start off with the very near future. November 25th i will be going to Detroit to see one of my favorite actors/songwriters. Jack Black! In Tenacious D. It will be amazing, and i am totally pumped to go. Plus, i am going with my good friend Mitchell Burns. All will be good.

Jack black is amazing. Seriously what a funny feel good awesome time having guy. He has so much energy, talent. and stunning good looks. Rock out!!!!!!!!!

Now, to explain the whole vegas theme. I have decided to go to las vegas at the end of December with my good friend Gary Arnold. I met him in Traverse City when i went to college up there for a year. Talk about carma. lol. anyways, it works like this. We will fly out of Detroit prolly around Dec. 23rd. I know that is suppose to be family time and all, but big deal. I am going to have a blast. Gary told me that we will have a Condo in vegas, so our occomodations will be taken care of. And as long as my court stuff on the 1st goes well, i don't really see money being a problem at all. I mean, i never see money as a problem, but it seems to just be there when i need it. Lucky i guess. This could be a chance of a lifetime, thats how i am going to treat it anyways. Plus, if this whole stem cell transplant all works out as planned, i am going to be out of the game(life) for a while. There will be so much hospital, and yucky stuff, i want to be able to have an awesome time and make some life memories before departing to Chicago. I think that sounds more than fair. And as of now that is what i am sticking with. It will be great. I finally figuered out how to put the friggin pictures on my blog too. Don't you like um??? ;)

Monday, November 06, 2006

Nervous Nerves

I was shaky today. I thinks it's because of the massive amounts of steroids that are coursing through my veins. It's such an odd feeling to feel so strange inside, but not be able to show anyone else. It's just one of those strange m/s things.

I loved today. I spent time with my sister brandy(biological sis) John(soon to be brother in law) chris(good friend) and my grandma(biological). after work john invited me over to chill and visit with grandma, it was awesome. I love everything about that lady. talk about a compassionate woman. She has so much love in her heart. I think it must be where i get some of my caring from. I look up to people like her so much. she has worked with the red cross, and like doners for a long time. very cool lady. Ohh, and she has DeLorean. Ya know, the back to the future car. Freeking awesome.

hummmmm, i am having trouble concentrating. I mainly want to lay down and try to sleep. the frustrating thing about sleeping is that i can be extremely tired, lay down to sleep, and just lay there. or, sometimes i fall asleep quickly, but wake up all the time. i have some nasty sleeping habbits.

Ya know what i was thinking about today? I was thinking how much i love my life. Even with all the drama and hardships, i wouldn't trade it for the world. I love how my life is kind of like a dramatic book with all kinds of twists and turns. The neat thing about my story is i never have to lie, just tell it like it is. I hate phoney people, people who think they have to stretch the truth to keep your attention, or to make you think they are more interesting than they actually are. Whats with that? be yourself, thats so important. no matter what, be yourself. If people don't like that part of you, then find new people. You will be so much happier in the long run. Thats what i have figuered out anyways. Anyways,

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Strong mind, weak body

today was day 5 and the final day of the I.V. Steriods. Thank goodness. To be perfectly honest, i feel very out of sorts. I am keeping a very positive attitude, but my body is tired, and my vision and hearing aren't completely up to par. It's nothing i can't overcome, but i just wish i didn't have to. And no, i am not complaining. In a way i am thankful, i really like the hospital scene. I think i could work well in an environment like that one. Help people who need help the most. huh? now, if only i could find a job where there is absloutly no schooling needed.......I can dream.

I'm at home now, me and chris had fun in columbus, he got really drunk and was funny, it's good to see chris step a little out of his comfort zone, even if he is wobbling a bunch. Me on the other hand, i could never live in OSU. NO WAY!! i don't have anywhere near enough self control, but it was nice to visit with some friends, and get away for a little bit. I don't really feel like writing too much more, i think i am going to lay down and try to get a little sleep. Tomorrow i start my oral steroid treatment, this sucks because i'll get fat and emotional. lol. like a fat pregnant chick. DO'OH. It could be a lot worse though. I don't feel bad for myself anymore, i have moved into acceptance. I just want to be able to touch as many lives in a positive way as i possibly can.


Saturday, November 04, 2006

Fun in the Buckeye state

Alright so my my good friend sara haines invited me to come and stay with her and her friends in Columbus Ohio for the weekend, i agreed and me and chris H. decided to take a little road trip. 3 hours to be exact. It's great, i am chillen in a college town with a bunch of beautiful women and one of my best friends, so far so good. We just got back from Don Pablos, or something like that, the girls said i was too loud, but w/e. I am assuming tonight will be filled with party hoping and drinking. Your probably asking yourself, "mikey, aren't you setting yourself up for disaster????" well the answere is no, i gave sara my mothers cell phone, i told her to call my mother if she see's me drinking any alcohol or indulging in any type of illegal drug use. This will be a clean weekend, and i am proud to say i think i am going to have a really good time regardless.

Okay, down to the nitty gritty, today was my 4th day of I.V. steroid's. one more day to go. I noticed that on the drive here i was having a lot of trouble making out the on and off ramps. Then i looked a little closer, i am pretty sure my vision is cutting out a bit in my right eye, it sucks because no one can notice how bad it actually is, and i really hate telling people all the physical disabling things wrong with me. So where does that leave me? it leaves me in a house with a bunch of women, and a blow up doll named bernice. she has 3 penetration holes. well, tonight could get interesting, but sense alcohol will not be with me, i can almost promise i will stay fully clothed. ;) hope i got all the necessary updates in. bye now.

Friday, November 03, 2006

news, news, and good news

Okay, so today i did not go to work because i had to take care of some very important things. This is how my morning went. First, my dad took me to my 6:30a.m. appt. at the sperm bank. It was great, like it always is, and to be perfectly honest, i am going to miss it. It's my last appt. The lady in charge told me that my semen is very healthy and the counts are really good(healthy lil soliders;) Soo, thats some news for you, and my boys are well on there way to be cryogenically frozen untill i decide i want to create some offspring. O.K. so after the sperm bank i went to school with my father. It was great, i love going to my dads school, all the cool teachers love me, and i get to see and visit with my old band teacher. It's crazy how life works, like we had an o.k. relationship back in middle school, and he was a really good band teacher, but i was an ass, and a disruptive student, and an attention getter, pretty much a rude dude. But it's great now, i feel mature, and Mr. Drew treats me like i'm mature, lets just say it was very satisfying to sit and visit with him. Ok, now to the really good news, so the most important thing i took care of today was once my mother picked me up from Lane(fathers school) and took me to the place where my attourney is. I met with my attourney's secretary. I paid in full(cash) and so now she knows i'm not screwing around. SO, i patiently waited to at least get a 5min. never happened, and i started to worry. I was downtown all day hoping i could meet with her. So, this is what i did. I left one last message with the secretary. I told her about the warrent officers that came to my house on wednesday. And informed her that they told me i would have to turn myself into lockup after my steroid treatment is done.(this would be monday) I really was trying to avoid this. So, once i got out of the hospital, there was a voicemail waiting for me to listen to. HORRAY!!!!!!!!!!! it was my lawyer, she told me that she had accepted my case, and that she pulled my records and had the warrent for my arrest lifted this is awesome, now i get to go to columbus with my buddy chris, and visit my good female friend sara haines with a clear conscience. this is all very neat and good news. you might be asking yourself, why is mikey so lucky.......................all i can tell you is

so right now i am at my fiend andy's house, he is a freeking awesome person, like most peeps in my life. chris is sitting close, and things are just good right now. The hard part is trying to keep a happy outlook when things are not so good, this is the hard part. But, i am going back to see my old counselor to have him help figuer out a way to stay clean and happy, even when life makes me sad. Ohhhh, and people leave me comments, i want to know if i am actually updating you on any helpful information, or if it just sounds like a bunch of mindless blabber. ESPECIALLY YOU RACHEL & MISS CREWZ. :)


Thursday, November 02, 2006

Today was good. Yep. really good.

Ok, so the morning started off normal enough, i really love it when the morning is just like all the rest. It makes me feel, well normal i guess. With everything that is going on in my life, it's pretty easy to ignor my awesome God, and feel bad for myself. But i really make a point to go on as normal as much as i can. So let me indulge you in my typical morning. I wake up at 6:30, sometimes hop in the shower if i am feeling frisky, then go downstairs and attempt to make a semi-healthy breakfeast. After food i get out my pill box, i set out all my pills i take, and swallow them all down in a big gulp of orange juice. Some mornings i watch the weather and pray it's not to crappy out. Then my brother in law(to be) picks me up in my truck. The reason i say "my" truck is because it is my truck. I bought it earlier this summer from a good friend at work. it kicks, excuse my mouth ASS!!! listen to this. It's a 1987 F-150. It has a 1990 something tranny in it, and a 302 V-8.
So i hook up the truck and trailer and get ready to move out. Today i worked with Robbie and Jessie a.k.a. Corn Bread, lol. I love robbie, but you have to know how to handle robbie, and i would have to say, at first impression most people would not enjoy him at all. Me on the other hand have come to love and really respect him, although i would never tell him. him and his girl made an absloutly beautiful child, and as soon as i can find out how to upload some dang pictures i will show you.

I had to be at the hospital at 2:00p.m. to get my second day of I.V. steroid treatment. I have to have 5. i hate them, they make me fat, i am hungry all the time, this is very depressing because sense i have gotten home from michigan, i have lost 35lbs. and kept it off. AHHHHHHHHH FREEKING STEROIDS!!! my mom keeps telling me it's only temporary, but i still hate them, and if i get in the sun at all, i am beat red for days, it's total crappiness, but i really do trust God, and so it's not that big of a deal.

I have a final thought to end this blog with. it's carma. i didn't use to think carma existed, but the more i live and experience everything life has to throw at me, the more i realize carma(what goes around, comes around) exists. So i really make an attempt to treat people good, even if i am only going to see them one time in my life. treat them good, leave a good impression. eventually it will come back to you. it just will. i'm happy.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Kind of normal day.......

Well, the day started out at the sperm bank. They informed me that i have very healthy lil soliders. HAA, all those years of being a pot head, and i still got some healthy seamen. anyways, i worked my butt off today at work. I tend to do that when i have a lot on my mind, also in the past, if i wanted to deal with problems i would just smoke a J. that time has gone, it's time for me to grow up. I can see very clearly that God is working in my life. I'm tired of being scared all the time, when i try to follow Gods will i seem to be a lot happier.

ok, TIME OUT we have a NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!!
just a lil bit ago i heard a ring at the door. This is odd i thought because it was like 9:37 @ night. When i approached the front door, i saw a badge through the side window. my heart dropped. As soon as I clerified that i was in deed michael Riley, the officer proceed to tell his partner to come around front, because i wasn't trying to run. They informed me that there was a warrent for my arrest because i missed my trial date on the 24th. The 24th was also the date i needed to be in Chicago for my initial testing for the stem cell transplant. holy sheezere that scared the crap out of me. darn those piggy's. I think the thing that really helped me was the fact that i had a big I.V. in my arm with a thick dressing on it. The 2nd officer asked me what it was, and i told him i am on a 5 day I.V. Steroid treatment. they are doing this, because anytime your speech, hearing, or sight is effected, they must react immideatly and harshly. The steroid treatment boosts my immune system to help fight the active leisons in my brain and in my spinal cord. that is so funny that i named this blog "Kind of normal day...." i wrote that thinking this blog would suck, but then the cops show up and make it interesting. LOL. come on, laugh with me. ha ha hah a haah ah ah aha hahah ah aah ah ah ah a ha ha. ok, i am friggin done with this blizzog.