Friday, November 17, 2006

freeking eye!

ohh my goodness. My eye twitches 24-7. It's getting old fast. Today was normal, i raked leaves all day. It wasn't too bad though, good work out. I gurantee i am building some seriousl hulk hogan muscles.

Holy diver i am sleepy. It's amazing, i actually get tired now. I love this new medicine. It starts with an A, but that is all i know, it is way too hard to pronounce. I would write more, but today was pretty routine. A funny thing happened at lunch though. Not so much funny, just silly.......Okay, so everyone else went to Burger King, but i use to work at burger king, and i did some nasty things, so i don't eat fast food if i don't have to. So, i went to to the gas station. It has an Oley's Pizza in it. And, Joni who recognized me said "Let me guess, you want a 7" pizza combo, with peperoni on the top of the cheese?" I said you know it beautiful, and she smiled and made it for me. Awwww, she remembered. lol. that was the most exciting thing that happened today.

here is a link for a really fun and addictive game.

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