Thursday, November 30, 2006

Blessings are everywhere

Today was great, the morning started off with a lot of rain, so i got an early phone call telling me not to come in. YESSS. So i lay around all day, watch some t.v., listen to some music, then lay around some more. Sometime around 10ish to 11:30ish my lawyer called, and told me what the game plan is going to be for tomorrow. It sounds like she wants to try to get my court date pushed way way back. She told me it would be great if I could get a Doctor to write a letter to the judge explaining my circumstance. So i called my family Doc. He knows whats goin on in my life and is one of the most amazing doctors ever. So he wrote a very perswading letter. I owe him a big one. I love Dr. Sauder.

But anyways back to the blessing, this guy right above this paragraph is Harry Mccoy. I went to school with him in Traverse City. I loved this guy, he is a very chill, down to earth enjoyable person. The kind of person who doesn't have enemy's. It would be very hard not to like this guy. Anyways, Harry got a hold of the link to my blog, and did some reading. He read the blog from last sunday when i talked a little bit about Unconditional faith. Well i guess something in my writing touched his heart. He called me this afternoon at 3:13p.m. WOW was i suprised, anyways we got to talking, and i told him how God is working in my life, and harry did the same. It was awesome just to hear his voice again, yet alone have him tell me he could relate to what i was writing. It was really touching, and like i say, God honers obedience. Maybe not right away, maybe in ways we can't understand just yet, but man does he ever. Harry is very charismatic, and he is the kind of guy who grabs your attention when you walk into a room. Not because he looks like an NFL lineman, just because he is authentic. You don’t have to pretend to be someone your not in order to impress him, you can just be yourself. Anyways, I felt really blessed from his phone call in more ways than 1.

Court Update

Tomorrow i got to court to face the judge. This time i gots me a lawyer. Her name is Lisa, and she said she is a short red head. lol. I always have been a sucker for red heads. HEY MAYBE I SHOULD HIT ON HER! i will have to sleep on that one. So anyways, i'm really not even worried. I trust her judgement, and i think it will go quite smooth. I should be in the court room around 9:30a.m.

M/S Update

Things are pretty much staying the same, my hearing is noticably worse, and i am always asking "WHAT?" i'm sure it gets old real fast with the guys at work, but not my fault. Long distances are difficult to see, and my arms and legs are still fairly shaky. But it really isnt even noticable from the outside looking in. But i sure notice it. Especially when i am stressed, so i know stress plays such a huge factor with M/S.

Friend Update
Today i wanted to get my hair and beard thing trimmed up for court in the morning. I want to look nice and snazzy. SOOOOO, my mom told me why don't you come with me when i get my hair cut(allow me to explain, a very good friend from high school cuts my moms hair now) so called the barber shop, and my friend kaley menshy. Kaley is the one in the middle, Lydia Chapman is the one to the left, she is also my friend. Aren't friends great? I don't know the girl to the right. But i bet she would be my friend once she found out how cool i am. right? So, not only is kaley beautiful, but she can cut hair really good too!!! she gots me lookin really snazzy. ok, thats all for today.

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Harry said...

Hey, good looking bro, keep your head up, you'll be in my prayers