Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Kind of normal day.......

Well, the day started out at the sperm bank. They informed me that i have very healthy lil soliders. HAA, all those years of being a pot head, and i still got some healthy seamen. anyways, i worked my butt off today at work. I tend to do that when i have a lot on my mind, also in the past, if i wanted to deal with problems i would just smoke a J. that time has gone, it's time for me to grow up. I can see very clearly that God is working in my life. I'm tired of being scared all the time, when i try to follow Gods will i seem to be a lot happier.

ok, TIME OUT we have a NEWS FLASH!!!!!!!!
just a lil bit ago i heard a ring at the door. This is odd i thought because it was like 9:37 @ night. When i approached the front door, i saw a badge through the side window. my heart dropped. As soon as I clerified that i was in deed michael Riley, the officer proceed to tell his partner to come around front, because i wasn't trying to run. They informed me that there was a warrent for my arrest because i missed my trial date on the 24th. The 24th was also the date i needed to be in Chicago for my initial testing for the stem cell transplant. holy sheezere that scared the crap out of me. darn those piggy's. I think the thing that really helped me was the fact that i had a big I.V. in my arm with a thick dressing on it. The 2nd officer asked me what it was, and i told him i am on a 5 day I.V. Steroid treatment. they are doing this, because anytime your speech, hearing, or sight is effected, they must react immideatly and harshly. The steroid treatment boosts my immune system to help fight the active leisons in my brain and in my spinal cord. that is so funny that i named this blog "Kind of normal day...." i wrote that thinking this blog would suck, but then the cops show up and make it interesting. LOL. come on, laugh with me. ha ha hah a haah ah ah aha hahah ah aah ah ah ah a ha ha. ok, i am friggin done with this blizzog.


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