Monday, November 13, 2006

Monday. leaves, and a movie with friends.

Finally a good movie. I deserved to see a good one. My best friend sense Kindegarden~intentionally spelt wrong wanted to get our click of friends around to go see The Science of Sleep. It is the same people that brought us Eternal Sunshine of a Spottless Mind. With Jim Carey. If you enjoyed that movie, then this one is for you. It was a great movie, very enjoyable, and fiercly funny. I loved it, honestly loved it. I guess i like a movie with deepness, and meaning. Plus i got to enjoy it with people i love. It's great to see a group of people get together to make each other happy. Thats great isn't it? LOL.

OK, get what happened today. I feel like such an A**. alright, here we go. This afternoon i ate lunch at Pizza Hut's buffett. We had a very attractive red head waitress.(I am a sucker for red heads) So anyways, I was flirtacious. Did i spell that right? ohh well, doesn't matter. right, so i was flirting, and I stared into her eyes, i do this to see if they will stare back. I find that the females who stare back are usually the ones who have more brains than boobs, maybe it is a bad philosophy but it's mine. Plus, she had a butt on her. WOW. Is it okay for me to say that?....... Long story short, I gave her a little bit of a hard time, she welcomed the half-hearted humor and told me, pretty much, "dish it out, i will just take it out on the Roller floor." She just wanted me to know that she played Roller Derby. And informed me of her practice schedule, well actually i asked, but she willingly gave it out. Ok, but here is where the problem comes in. She told me she practices tuesdays and thursdays. So, what did i do? After me & Chris at Wings with Jared and his brother, we drove to the wrong side of town, on the day when they don't have practice...................great move mikey. huh? gosh, it's silly really. But i can always try again tomorrow.

Ok, M/S update. My eye started twitching a lot, and at work i got really shaky and feeling just out of sorts, i hope it isn't anything more than just an eye twitch, i really don't want anything big to happen. But, you never know. I know God will take care of whatever is going on, the part i struggle with is not having any idea what "could" happen. Is my vision going to go out in my other eye, leaving me legally blind? I just don't know, and only time will tell. But i can definately seek comfort in the fact that God is much bigger than M/S. And thats enough for me. It really is.

If you have a minute, listen to this NPR radio thingy. It is really powerful, it just goes to show how much of an impact you can have on peoples lives. I really reccomend listening to it. It's powerful, and it really motivates you to treat people right. Not only that, but to live life so you can leave a legacy.Just click the link, then click the LISTEN button above the picture.

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