Sunday, November 05, 2006

Strong mind, weak body

today was day 5 and the final day of the I.V. Steriods. Thank goodness. To be perfectly honest, i feel very out of sorts. I am keeping a very positive attitude, but my body is tired, and my vision and hearing aren't completely up to par. It's nothing i can't overcome, but i just wish i didn't have to. And no, i am not complaining. In a way i am thankful, i really like the hospital scene. I think i could work well in an environment like that one. Help people who need help the most. huh? now, if only i could find a job where there is absloutly no schooling needed.......I can dream.

I'm at home now, me and chris had fun in columbus, he got really drunk and was funny, it's good to see chris step a little out of his comfort zone, even if he is wobbling a bunch. Me on the other hand, i could never live in OSU. NO WAY!! i don't have anywhere near enough self control, but it was nice to visit with some friends, and get away for a little bit. I don't really feel like writing too much more, i think i am going to lay down and try to get a little sleep. Tomorrow i start my oral steroid treatment, this sucks because i'll get fat and emotional. lol. like a fat pregnant chick. DO'OH. It could be a lot worse though. I don't feel bad for myself anymore, i have moved into acceptance. I just want to be able to touch as many lives in a positive way as i possibly can.


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Kimi said...

Mikey i'm very proud that you have decided to become clean. i'm glad that you have an oppertunity to improve your health even though it will make you steril, the good news is that you have frozen yous semen so you can still have children. i hope things keep improving for you in the future and i'm glad you decided to keep me informed. we may have gone through some rough times but we are still friends.