Thursday, August 13, 2015


 Okay, today is the day. Today is my D-Day. No, in my case the D stands for DRIVE. I will be doing a lot of driving over the next 84 hours. A TON OF DRIVING. Jared (my best friend who has been living with us for the past 3.5 months) is currently at the grocery store getting all the food. Then around 3pm I will be picking up the rental car and getting it packed up & and ready to go for Hil's arrival home. WOW WOW WOW!!! I am really crazy excited about doing this. I am also a little nervous as well.

To be perfectly honest, I almost pulled the plug yesterday. This is what happened. . . .

I wake up to Hilary being right next to the bed saying, "hey I need to tell you something, but I don't know if you are ready to hear it." That's never good. Also, know something about me. I am kind of a tight-wad. I don't really like spending money when I don't have to. I mean I give generously, but spending things on little stuff isn't really important to me. Also, we recently had to fix the tire & other stupid expenses. Life stuff. Also, I just paid a bunch of money, so all our funds are currently accounted for. Also, last month we paid off a big cruise that we've been wanting to go on for years. . . . Are you up to pace? Back to me waking up. . . .

So I say to Hilary, "what is it?" She says, "Well, I forgot about the check for $550 we wrote to Young Life to send that kid to camp. . . . I thought it had already been taken out, but it just came out today. We have like $150 in checking." Now, at this point, I am thinking about how the monies we have are already accounted for, and I am kind of freaking out. To make a long story short, I did let it slip that I have been planning something for Her, for our anniversary, and I was planning on using that money. So, she knows something is up, but no idea that we are going to the Grand Canyon, and especially not the SPECIAL THING I have planned. I am a responsible adult, and I figure You Only Live Once. Especially living once without children. So the plans are still a go!!! We rock out today as soon as Hilary get's home. I am super excited to spend the next 3.5 days with my beautiful wife. And I love her so much, it is going to be epic. And they money part is not a big deal. I just hate not being super prepared financially. But we both get paid 4 more times this month, including 2 that are coming in tomorrow. We will be just fine. I just inherited that from my dad. Not a bad trait, but just a trait I have.

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Interesting day yesterday

Right now I'm sitting in the Mazda 6, at Shillito Park in Lexington, very close to the mall. I just got the tire repaired and the rest of them re-balanced. You might have several questions, first, let's start with the car.

Yesterday after work, Hilary and I were to drive to Cincinnati. And it is the owner of Netherland rubbers wife's 70th birthday party celebration. However, leaving Lexington was wrought with struggle. Hilary had trouble getting back in town from Louisville, work stuff, and more. THEN, we needed to get air in the tires. We only had credit cards to pay with, no cash, no quarters. So we had to use those little automatic fill-up stations that take your card. . . . . We tried 3 different locations, and 3 different cards at each one. NOTHING!!! None would accept our cards!!! Finally we get to a marathon in Georgetown, and Hil just said, "Screw it, go to the ATM and get a 20 so we can get quarters." I did, and when I was finally ready to fill up the tire, the valve stem broke off. The tire was completely flat in like 8 seconds. It was crazy. Then, to make matters worse, I was missing a component for my jack. I was having to use brute strength to get the tire up so I could change it. It was not working to say the least. I asked three different gentleman at the gas station if they could help, and all three said they were too busy and left. But a good Samaritan came to our rescue a man in a very big truck who works for Catapillar not only changed our tire, but would not except cash for helping. It was amazing. I guess God had a much bigger plan than us just being frustrated. Perhaps he protected us from getting a flat on the highway going 80, perhaps he wanted us to see his people still love genuinely, who knows?

I felt blessed even though we missed a great party, I'm sure.

However, when we were finally ready to go to bed Hillery told me she was really sad because she really wanted to spend some one on one time with me. She said, "ya know, it's been so long since it's just been you and me. I really want just us to hang out." Of course, I played it off like it's just hard for that to happen right now.  .  .  .  .  Bla bla. Little does she know, we will be spending a lot of one on one time together in the very near future.


Oh, and by the way I'm in the park because I'm waiting to meet at the Apple store to see about getting my email fixed. It's only been not working properly for a year and a half. Isn't that exciting?

Monday, August 03, 2015

That was a close one

Hilary and I had a great weekend. It was great because my parents came down from Fort Wayne to our house in Lexington. They got here on Friday, and left this morning (Monday, August, 3). It was a fun weekend because we had tickets to the Red's VS. Pittsburgh game on Saturday. Beautiful weather, great crowd, and a very very fun time. However, it was a very long drive up there because we ran into some crazy traffic on our way up I-75N . . . . . 


So, as we are sitting in traffic, my parents start talking about this & that. One thing leads to another, and my mom says, "Remember when you had that BLOG?" My response, "Yea, of course I remember." My mom then says, "Well I used to really enjoy that BLOG, you wrote in it almost every day, it was great." At this point I am frantically searching my brain for a way to lead the conversation away from talking about my BLOG. The last thing I want Hilary thinking about is my BLOG. . . because what if she decides to go and take a peek at it, ya know, to read through some of my old posts?!?!?!? If she checks the BLOG, the element of surprise for this trip is RUINED!!! It's silent for a moment, and then Hilary says to me, "Ya know, you should start blogging again." I quickly, and passively acknowledged her comment, and moved the conversation in a different direction. . . .

*** UPDATE *** Hilary has scheduled herself to work on Friday, August 14th all morning & early afternoon. I got in touch with her supervisor, and I am fairly certain that Amy G is going to get it all taken care of. I should know more towards the end of the week. I have gotten a great price for a rental car, and everything is set for a August 13 departure date. HERE WE GO!!!!