Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Knowledge is realizing that the street is one-way, wisdom is looking both directions anyway

Today I got me a work out. I know I will sleep good tonight. I wake up and tell my dad to have a good day. I did a bunch of work around the house and tried to even out my tan lines from Cedar Point.

Me & Chris went and saw.......

My friend Jared was right about it. Nothing super special, it was like a 2 hour long simpsons episode. It was funny though. I decided something with a little help from my sister-in-law Amy. I am going to make Monday's on my BLOG days devoted to informing people about my M/S condition. Speaking of which, I have a situation that I have to sleep on tonight. I talk with people on the phone, through E-Mails, and through a Yahoo chat group I am a member to about M/S and available treatments. I have had this happen several times. A young guy or girl get diagnosed with M/S, feel desperate and get on the internet looking for anything comforting. They run accross my web-site, find my E-Mail address or phone # and get in contact with me. We just talk about things. Those people skills come in real handy. Right now, a man down in Texas is considering treatment in China. He origionally contacted me a while ago, and it has come to this.....is it worth the risk? The risk being.....what if it doesn't work, and the progression of the disease doesn't work. I have to think about this and find out a way to share my experience and feelings about the situation. If you would like to pray for his decision making, his name is Preston.

Monday, July 30, 2007

i am a thief.

Yes that's right. A THIEF!!! Who did I steal for you might ask? MY OWN MOTHER!!! And she asked me to, lol. OK, it goes like this. I can't go into too much detail because it would ruin the suprise. But, my mom wanted these giant leaves for a project that she is working on for someone important in her life. They had these planted in bit pot's out front of a video store. Me and Chris drove to it late at night and snip snip.
On the drive home, the moon was soooo BRIGHT and HUGE.

Let's see, I am finished with the OWI crap. I have 1 year of unsupervised probation. Sucks to be me, but ohh well. If you can't do the time, don't do the crime.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Tire's flat

Yesterday night I got a ride to church...then I woke up this morning and was about to jump in the shower and I had a text message saying my ride wasn't able to make it. I just went back to bed. Lets see, today my mom came home and sounded really flustered when she yelled up at me. I went down stairs and she explained how her tire was flat. It happened on the high way and I am just happy nothing happened to her. I changed the tire and it was all good. The rest of the day was pretty low key. I didn't really ~DO~ anything. But, I came to an agreement with myself. If I don't hear from Perfection Bakery by Friday, I am going to start looking for a job the "normal" way. By filling out an application and doing all that crap.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

get to the Point.

Cedar Point was awesome! When I got to my friend Brad's house at like 6:15AM I found out that there was 3 more people joining us on the trip. They are Brad's friends and it worked out good. SO, this whole trip was planned originally so I could go see my friend Sara who works at Cedar Point and got me and Brad free tickets to begin with. It all just went from there. Right when we got there we went right to the Maveric; newest and greatest roller coaster at Cedar Point. It was the longest wait at the park, but worth every second. It was crazy and a thrill to the end. Starting from the left in the black is Krebs, then Biggins, my buddy Brad, then the lovely Sara, and all the way to the right is Squirrel. This picture was taken while waiting in line for the Maverick. This is a pretty cool picture of the Raptor (green roller coaster) I took when I was on the Sky Ride. Perfect timing with the coaster right at the peak of the first loop. This picture I took is pretty funny. If I can remember correctly I think I wanted to puke at this point. It is on a ride called the witches wheel. It spins you super fast till you are held back in your seat, then just goes crazy.

The people I enjoyed the day with weren't the usual group of guys I associate myself with, but I enjoyed myself tremendously and have some good memories. Thanks Sara!

Lessons learned:
1.) don't judge a book by it's cover.
2.) don't eat a big lemon slushy, then get on a ride that violently spins you.
3.) I am invincible on the water ride.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Tomorrow is cedar point

Well, today was pretty relaxed. Not to much happened today. Tomorrow my friend Brad and I got to Cedar Point. They are calling for rain, and I told Brad that. I love his optimistic view on things. He said, "well good, maybe it will keep the crouds away." LOL. we will see what happens. You can't control the weather, and so I will just hope for the best. I can't wait to ride that new roller coaster.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

I need a job, or at least a hobbie....

I was laying around today, waiting patiently for everything to fall perfectly into place for me. You know, job, ambition for a career, woman, everything. And, well I looked out the window in my back yard and saw this.

Yeah, it was pretty cool. I was thoroughly impressed to see this in my own back yard. The little one that is closest to me just kept getting closer and closer. The whole time "mom" was in the back ground making sure nothing went wrong. It was really cool.

After all this I went over to my most favorite Females house. Brittany Brown! Love this child and her family, she is the light at the end of the tunnel. She is my friend beyond all friends. I trust her and I love her. I would rip someones nuts off for this woman if I had to, it's as simple as that.

Britt is obviously the one to the right. Yea, I know she is a total 10. What can I say, I love to surround myself with beautiful women. Also, me and Britt made a promise to each other today....while i can't go into detail about the promise, I can say that I hope with all my powers of hoping that I make it to the age of 26 without being in a serious relationship. please o please, ohhh PLEASE!

And that was my day at a glance. ;-)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

lil bit of painting

Today I woke up, got some food, and started painting my mom's sewing room. She is totally revamping everything in and about it. She wanted the walls painted, so I did it for her. I did a pretty dang good job too. That is a pretty color of blue huh? Yea, I got skills I know. And let me tell you, if I would have zoomed in on the walls, there wouldn't be any streaks or smudges or anything that took away from how good it looks. SKILLZ, lol.

Then my dad got home from work early, and we went out to eat at a really good restaurant called Dicks Wild Hare. It was a pretty neat place, and I had some killer fish. Then I went over to my sister Brandy's house. That is my brother in-law to be John. They are good people, love um. Rest of the night I hung out with Chris, most of the time I nerded it up at his place around the XBOX 360.


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Great sun set today.

Today I mowed the lawn, watered all the plants, took out the trash, cleaned the bathroom, went to Lowes for my mom and got her paint and some wheels for one of her work tables. I got a lot accomplished today. Good stuff, I really, really, really hope I hear from the bakery soon though. I need to have a set schedule, something that I can count on doing every day. Like, i need a job to make me stay fit. I do not have the will power to go to the gym, and it is kind of ridiclous to have your parents drop you off all the time........to me anyways. Ohhh, and today my rents called me outside to see this amazing sun set.
Much better in person of course, but this pic. gives you a general idea. :-)

Monday, July 23, 2007

Hippety Hoppety

Today was a pretty plain day. I did get to talk to an old friend of mine for a while, that birghtened my day for sure. Then I got to trick her...he he he check it out.

ThMikeyXperience (12:05:23 AM): how was work?
smitkd** (12:06:17 AM): um.....
smitkd** (12:06:19 AM): okay
smitkd** (12:06:21 AM): haha
smitkd** (12:06:25 AM): i got a six dollar tip
ThMikeyXperience (12:07:27 AM): where do u work at?
smitkd** (12:09:07 AM): if i tell you i'll have to kill you
ThMikeyXperience (12:10:34 AM): really? hummmm then maybe I should guess. is it a restaurant?
smitkd** (12:10:24 AM): nope
ThMikeyXperience (12:12:12 AM): do you keep this job during the school year?
smitkd** (12:12:20 AM): yup
ThMikeyXperience (12:14:18 AM): are tip's common practice?
smitkd** (12:14:03 AM): nope
ThMikeyXperience (12:14:35 AM): ohh boy, this just got way more difficult.
smitkd** (12:14:20 AM): haha i know righ
ThMikeyXperience (12:14:53 AM): does it have over 100 employees?
smitkd** (12:14:56 AM): definately not.
ThMikeyXperience (12:16:25 AM): is it within 10 miles of your house?
smitkd** (12:16:28 AM): yes
ThMikeyXperience (12:17:43 AM): does it involve large machines?
smitkd** (12:17:45 AM): mmmm....no
ThMikeyXperience (12:18:41 AM): do you have a desk?
smitkd** (12:18:26 AM): no
ThMikeyXperience (12:19:03 AM): are you around people a lot?
smitkd** (12:18:52 AM): yes
At this pointe, I asked Kyleigh and my friend for help....
ThMikeyXperience (12:18:33 AM): i need your help
CRazYchiCk**** (12:18:36 AM): hey whats up
ThMikeyXperience (12:19:17 AM): ok, without telling kyleigh i said anything
ThMikeyXperience (12:19:22 AM): where does she work?
CRazYchiCk**** (12:19:09 AM): haha
CRazYchiCk**** (12:19:15 AM): hometown pizza
Back to Kyleigh....
ThMikeyXperience (12:19:33 AM): are people in a good mood for most of the time?
smitkd** (12:19:24 AM): it varies.
ThMikeyXperience (12:20:39 AM): do you provide something for people?
smitkd** (12:20:21 AM): yes
ThMikeyXperience (12:21:10 AM): does the business purchase supplies regularly?
smitkd** (12:20:56 AM): yes
ThMikeyXperience (12:21:47 AM): are you open at 8AM?
smitkd** (12:21:34 AM): no
ThMikeyXperience (12:22:30 AM): @ 10?
smitkd** (12:22:45 AM): no
ThMikeyXperience (12:23:14 AM): 11?
smitkd** (12:23:31 AM): yes
ThMikeyXperience (12:24:25 AM): do you get your hands dirty?
smitkd** (12:24:33 AM): yes
ThMikeyXperience (12:25:38 AM): ok, it is obviously some sort of food provider. it isn't fast food because they are open early and you don't get tip's.
ThMikeyXperience (12:25:47 AM): is it with in 10 miles of your house?
smitkd** (12:25:46 AM): yes
ThMikeyXperience (12:26:20 AM): u live in the same house i have always known you to live in?
smitkd** (12:26:35 AM): haha yes
ThMikeyXperience (12:27:39 AM): is it a franchise?
smitkd** (12:27:52 AM): what is a franchise..haha
ThMikeyXperience (12:29:07 AM): a franchise is a business that you can buy. Like McDonalds, burger king etc.
ThMikeyXperience (12:29:13 AM): ritters
smitkd** (12:28:56 AM): okay, then no
ThMikeyXperience (12:29:34 AM): hometown pizza?
smitkd** (12:29:41 AM): weird
ThMikeyXperience (12:30:05 AM): what?
smitkd** (12:29:49 AM): how did you guess that!!
ThMikeyXperience (12:30:15 AM): are you serious?
smitkd** (12:29:57 AM): haha yes
ThMikeyXperience (12:30:40 AM): that is awesome, i just narrowed the search down little by little. But you answered one question wrong.
ThMikeyXperience (12:30:47 AM): tipping is common with a pizza business
smitkd** (12:30:42 AM): well, if you deliver, but not if you make..
ThMikeyXperience (12:31:16 AM): ahh, tushea
ThMikeyXperience (12:31:21 AM): spelling wrong I know
smitkd** (12:31:03 AM): hah
smitkd** (12:31:22 AM): i didn't even think you would have heard of hometown
ThMikeyXperience (12:33:01 AM): I am friends with mitchell burns kyleigh
smitkd** (12:32:56 AM): ???
ThMikeyXperience (12:33:31 AM): we ordered pizza at his house be4
smitkd** (12:33:35 AM): where does he live
ThMikeyXperience (12:34:18 AM): oops
ThMikeyXperience (12:34:22 AM): blew my cover
ThMikeyXperience (12:34:45 AM): I asked kayla where you worked right from the beginning
smitkd** (12:34:39 AM): boo you whore
smitkd** (12:34:48 AM): haha
ThMikeyXperience (12:35:18 AM):
smitkd** (12:35:04 AM): that was pretty good though, but i knew you couldn't be that good, i mean come on its in hicksville

Hicksville is a tiny tiny town. After this convo, we talked bout God, and how he has done awesome things in our lives. It was a really uplifting conversation. Boring, but GOOD day today.

I made an appointment with the Indiana Center for M/S today. I go there in August, so I stay on the Avonex........for now

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sunday, feels like Tuesday.

Yea, so today I finished my alcohol classes. It was a long day in a small room. But, I ended up getting a lot out of it, and I am thankful for the classes. It's always good to have a reminder and a little accountability, whatever the form may be. Today felt like a Tuesday to me because yesterday felt like I was starting out the week, and Today felt like the day after the start of the week. LOL. Kind of threw me off, but it's all good.
After alcohol class me and Chris went fishing with some of my other friends. Check it out.
That is Chris there with the pole, I was fishing off a small dock most of the time. Behind Chris is my friend Fink, and one of his buddies. There were like 3 other guys, and we had a good time. Well, everyone but Chris ended up pissed off. Chris cought 3 fish, no one else cought any at all. AHHHH, lol. it was funny and still really fun. I am going to go watch some T.V. and pass out soon, hopefully at the beginning of the week I will hear from the bakery and get a good job, and get PaId. ;-)

Saturday, July 21, 2007

# 1 of 2 Alcohol classes today.

Just a recap of why I am currently in alcohol classes. Back in September of 2006 I wasn't dealing with emotions and my current state of health very well. Instead of thinking things through and dealing with what had been served on my current "plate of life," I chose to drink. One night in particular I was super toasty (drunk) and then made the ultimately bad decision of getting in my mom's car. I was using my mom's car that night because it had working wind shield wipers that worked, my truck at the time did not. As soon as I got in the car I blacked out. I don't remember any of the drive at all. All I remember is coming to and I was in a corn field about 20 miles away from where I started. I know for a fact that God had a guardian angel watching over me that night, and it is a constant reminder of how I should NEVER take life for granted.

SO, this morning from 8:00AM to like 4:00PM I sat, and listened, and wrote in a hand book that said stuff that I have known but not followed for quite some time. Now, I hate being stereotypical, but there was 11 people in my class. 8 males including me, and 3 females. 2 of the females were pregnant. One was ready to have a baby popp out at any time. Now I ask myself, is this just ironic? I don't have that answerer, all I am saying is that I wasn't going to look for my future wife there.

I have the same class tomorrow. Whooo Hooooo. :-)

OK, anything that is written below the red is stuff I added to this BLOG late. Some really cool stuff just happened and I wanted to share it, as well as document how awesome of a God I serve. OK, I am pretty restless right now. Can't sleep, So I was watching the T.V. show Nip Tuck on FX. I don't usually watch it, but it was different this time. This lady they decided to help said shew as suffering from "stigmata" and long story short it was all phony the whole time. They kind of made a mockery of religion and put me in a semi-bad mood. NOW, never would a television show ever change my spirituality, understand it just made me in a bad mood that people see religion that way and voice it so negatively. SO, show gets over and I walk down stairs to get some Melon before I go to bed. The melon was really good, and I was wearing boxers and a T-Shirt. After I have my fill of melon I put it away in the fridge and decide to go walk outside in the middle of my back yard just for the heck of it. MIND YOU, it is a little after 12:30AM and there is dew on the grass, and I am walking through pine needles and dirt to get to the grass. It doesn't faze me, and I get to the middle of my yard and look up at the stars and just stare with wonder at the universe and how utterly amazing it is. Seriously if you just stare and think about how massive these stars are that you are looking at are....it is breath taking. THEN, OUT OF NO WHERE!!!! BAM!!! A meteor comes perfectly into my line of sight. Not a tiny hard to notice one that lasts a fraction of a second either. This was like a second and a half. Bright has heck, and a huge tail. I just dropped my jaw and started laughing out loud. I was that taken. Then I dropped to my knees and said my nightly prayers right there in the wet, dirty, dark and kind of spooky back yard. First thing I said was, "you didn't have to do that, but i'm really glad you did."

Friday, July 20, 2007

Thursday has gone, and FRIDAY IS HERE!!

I had fun today. Got up and around fairly early, the Indiana Center for M/S called this morning at 9:30 calling back about me wanting to get off the Avonex. Well, just like I thought they would react they don't like the idea. This is not a suprise, they did not support the Umbillical Cord Stem Cell transplant because that is not their forte, they do not study that. I guarantee if there was more "data" to support some of the things I got to experience and see, there would be so much more interest in what is going on over there. BUT, sadly that is not the way it is, and life goes on. Got money for my alcohol class tomorrow. The first of 2. This weekend, Sat & Sun I have to be downtown from 8:00AM to 4:30PM. :-0 which sucks very much, but then it is over and done with, and that is good.

I hung out with my sister Merideth and her roomate & her B/F and ate some pizza and laughed. Then, me and chris went back to my friend Andy's house. The street was beginning to flood. Check it out. It's dark I know, but you can still see what is going on perfectly fine. Andy said this is the 3rd or 4th time a water main has busted in his yard. They called the city to have them come out and fix it once again, but they were taking their sweet time on this one. That is Chris there playing in it. This is a cool shot to show the river that was starting to wind around the corner here, then all the way down the street to the nearest storm drain. SO, of course I had to take advantage of what had happened. I got myself a little make shift boat and set it out on it's maiden voyage. S.S. Sierra is her name, and floating down the street is her game. It was moving pretty fast too. Just like when I was a little kid. Now, andy has many brothers. He was telling me that when they were all younger, they would damn up the storm drain and float down the street. I wanted to try it, but I couldn't talk anyone else into it. Shame, just a shame.
Today was better. I just need to keep myself active. First thing I have to do is get the motivation to get out, then it usually goes pretty smooth.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Today I hung out with Chris, and my friend Tony. I watched a movie and felt sorry for myself. Called Chelsy and appologized for some immature stuff I did a while back. I meant it too. I also told her the truth, which was bad. I told her how much I still hate her, which i do. I dunno, i am still pretty depressed, and I hope to hear back from the Indiana Center of MS tomorrow. Hopefully I can get off this Avonex and get back to feeling normal again. I did some other good stuff today that involves helping people and stuff. But, I don't care to talk about that.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Holy thunderstorm.

I gotta hurry, cuz I should really have my computer powered off. There is a huge Thunderstorm moving through, and IT ACTUALLY HIT FORT WAYNE!! It has been like a drought here for the past month. Check it out. I took these pictures at like 12:30AM, so it was pitch dark out.This was from my back yard, as you can see it is raining cat's and dog's. I love thunderstorms. CUZZZ, check this picture out. I got this one at just the right time. It took me like 13 try's, but I finally got it. Right when the lightening struck, the lense opened at just the right time. Pretty sweet if you ask me.

I talked with my friend Sara on the phone today, and it looks like next weekend me & my friend Brad are going to go to Cedar Pointe for some roller coaster time! FREE TICKETS BABY!!

I am hoping that I hear from the bakery soon, to know if I should start looking for a job, but in all reality, I think the bakery will work out, I just have to be patient. ALSO, I hope to hear from the Indiana Center for MS, I am going to see about getting off this Avonex.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

It's happening again

I can feel it coming on again. I hate it, I usually wouldn't want to recognize it as a problem, but I have been down that road before, and I know it's nothing to mess with. I can see and feel the symptoms of depression coming on again. Maybe the environment I have been in lately has pushed it out. I know what it stems from, because it has hit me hard before. One of the biggest side effects of AVONEX is depression. I know my body well, and I am sure of what I feel. I can see it coming on by the physical signs; weight gain, appetite, foul attitude towards certain people or activities. I can feel it coming on by the way I think, I lay around and feel sorry for myself which is not part of my normal personality. Like I said, I have been down this road before, and was prescribed several Anti-Depressants until we (my doc. & I) felt we found one that was working to help the problem areas. The only thing is this, that is foolish and doesn't help. I do believe that Anti-Depressants have their place, especially with people who are born with a chemical imbalance. But that is not my situation, for me a foreign chemical is causing that imbalance...the AVONEX. So my heart tells me to stop the AVONEX and see what the Stem Cells will do with out it's so called "help." Ughhh, here comes the hard part though. The Indiana Center for Multiple Sclerosis would not approve of this action. The only thing that is keeping me from discontinuing my AVONEX right now is the fact that I don't understand why the depression came back. I have been off the Prozac for a long time. I haven't even felt these feelings for quite some time, shit this sucks. I feel like when I have a job, and a goal, life is simplified. I don't have so much time on my hands to think and make things so complicated.

What to do......

What to do......

Tomorrow I think I am going to call the Indiana Center for M/S and tell them what I want to do, and ask them the best way for me to come off of the AVONEX. I know one thing though, going on Prozac or some other drug is not an option. If I can take care of this before it becomes a problem, maybe things will level off quick. BUT, the problem is.....I have to ask myself, "what if the Avonex is doing it's job?" after I ask myself that, I remember that I have had multiple exacerbations while on the drug.......

what to do.......

Monday, July 16, 2007

a case of the Monday's, naw.....

Today I woke up and had to get my barings on where exactly I was. It only took a second for me to realize I was back in my bed in my room. Later on, I mosied on down stairs. No one was home, so I made a pizza and started watching some T.V., well then my mom came home with my grandma and grandpa, reminded me that my Grandpa had a colonoscopy done at the VA hospital. She told me that because they put him under, he couldn't drive home. It's maybe an hour and 15 minute drive home. So, this is what happened. First thing we had to do was take the pop up camper back to where we store it at, then my mom wanted me to drive my grandma in her car to the high way that takes them all the way home. She didn't want my grandmother driving. My grandmother has parkinson's disease, and I see it getting worse in her. Stealing her youth from her. Her arms shake, and sometimes she just doesn't feel too hot. Diseases of the CNS (Central Nervous System) are rough, and not to be taken lightly. I do love the conversations my grandma and I get to have though. We are, and have always been pretty much on the same level. We see a lot of things eye to eye, even though I am much taller than her. I love my grandparents.

This was at the rest stop we went to. I drove in my grandparents car with my grandmother, and my mom was in the van with my grandpa.

For the rest of the day, Chris picked me up and we went to Tony and Josh's house. Hung out with them for a while, then went back to Chris's, my friends Nate & Evan came over. Then Nate took me home. :-)

Sunday, July 15, 2007


So, the trip to St. Louis was great. We actually stayed with Andy's Aunt in Belleville, IL. It is right next to St. Louis, so it is easier to say the bigger city, you know how that is. 5 1/2 hour drive to get there, but is was good fun with my buddy Andy. Once we got there we passed out. The next day we did some things with his Aunt and his Cousin and her son. It was all good fun, then Andy got a chance to show me around the towns he spent like 6 or 7 months at. Ya see, Andy got kicked out of the High School here in town (Fort Wayne) and his parents decided to send him to live with his Aunt and Uncle. He drove 40 min every day to a small christian high school where he eventually graduated from. Well, he made many friends and our mission on this trip was to go to a gragduation party for one of his lady friends (Mary). We did and it was fun. Then we hit up some local parties, where he got to mingle with old friends, and I got to be around PEOPLE! HORRAY!
This was Andy's Aunt's dog "Skeeter," skeeter was a good lil weiner dog. Most of the trip was boring and not very scenic. Out where the grad party was looked like this. It was madly beautiful, and was cool. This was a lame picture I took at the grad party. It doesn't show anything cool, andmakes it look really boring and stupid. There were tons of people there, and amazing amounts of really good food. I just took a stupid picture of parents in lawn chairs for some reason. This was on of the "after parties" we went to. There was music, lights, dancing, hay, bla bla bla...
The final day, TODAY, I got to go see the Mississippi river, and see the St. Louis Arch. Above is a jamming picture of the great river. I saw some pretty awesome casino boats on there. Then, of course my favorite part. The Arch. Did you know that the Arch is the tallest national monument in the United States at 630 feet. Ohh, you do now.

It was a good trip, like any trip where I get to leave this city and state I have spent my whole life kept up in is. I do love getting away. Hummm......

Thursday, July 12, 2007

I saw a rainbow today.

Today was pretty slow. I did a good job watering the grass, after I got the sprinklers set up, I would sit on the grass and watch them for a while.........then go inside and forget they were on. Watch some television, get bord, then get on the computer and write E-Mails. I am loving it, I just wish I could figuer out a way to get paid..........I will have to brain storm on that one. I did find out why I haven't been called in for an interview at the Bakery though. Turns out the guy who hires and fires people had a death in his family, his father. So, this whole time(week and a half) I thought I was getting the cold shoulder, and only thinking of myself, turns out he had something really difficult happen in his life. Do I feel selfish. Well, towards late afternoon, my buddy Andy picked me up. When we were en-route to pick up some pizza, we saw this.It was so huge I couldn't capture the whole thing on my screen from where we were sitting. But it was definately a half circle and it was really clear colors. Isn't it good luck to see a rainbow?

I dunno, after that I went back to Andy's for a bit. Where I played with Moose the cat. Moose is an outside cat, but it always comes home when it's hungry and isn't busy roughing up the local racoons and what not. Moose is a baller, love this cat. Yea, he is one cool dude.

Tomorrow I should be going to St. Louis with Andy. His lady friend is having her gradtuation party, and we are gonna go. It'll be real fun.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Did alright today.

Something happened this morning that kind of freaked me out. It was extremely odd, and I can't really explain it, I can only explain what happened. It was when I was taking a shower this morning at like 11:15AM, I had just got off the phone with my sister Merideth. I set my phone down on the sink counter and then shut the door to the bathroom. Then, I hopped in the shower. I would say about 5 minutes went by when I heard my phone ring, I remember this very clearly because I had shampoo in my hair, and I was actually thinking about jumping out to try to catch the call. THEN, my brain kicked in, and I decided to wait. Serioiusly, I heard this ringer plain as day. There was one thing though, now that I look back on it, every time my phone rings, and I miss a call, it makes a DING sound immediately after.........there was no ding. SO, I finished washing and dried off. I picked up my phone and looked to see who called.....................there was no missed call, nothing at all. In fact, when I looked to see who the last call was, it was my sister Merideth. Here is the thing I can't wrap my brain around. I have specialized ringers for certain people. When Merideth calls me the song Everybody hurts by R.E.M. plays. The song that is assigned to all other callers who do not have specialized ringers is the song I'm a king by 50 Cent and T.I. That is the song I heard when I was in the shower. I heard that ringer playing, I know I did. But, it's not possible..........it is very confusing.

After this strange event, I got on my computer and started answering E-Mails. I love doing that, people writing asking me questions about the stem cell treatment, about fund raising, about how I am doing. It is all very good, and I am so happy to be able to do it. I also talked to someone who got in contact with me before I went to China. His name is Carlos, he lives in Chicago. I have kind of agreed to help him get started with fund raising. He was involved in a car accident a 2 or 3 years back. Him, his wife, and his "at the time" 2 or 3 year old girl were traveling to I think...South Dakota, and he fell asleep at the wheel. Wife and daughter not hurt at all, he is paralyzed from the waist down with little movement in his hands and fingers. I want to help him, I have to try. I feel like I am suppose to.

So, through the rest of the day went a little something like this. My friend Nate Baldwin called me, and stopped over and chilled with me and Chris for a bit. We were outside the front of my house sitting on the hood of Nate's car, and the back of Chris's car, when my friend George Doublas drove by. He stopped by, and started talking with us too. Got us all up to date on everything that has been going on, it was good stuff.

Then, me and Chris went and saw Transformers! It was amazing, I advise anyone who likes a good movie to go see this. I was impressed. I took this picture with my phone. Yea, I took that picture in the theatre with my cell phone. Pretty rad, I know.
It is BLOG's like today's that will probably make me question my sanity when I look back on it some time in the future. I heard that phone ring, I will swear over a Bible.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

happy B-Day for real this time ANDY!

Yeppers, Today my friend Andy turned 21. This is a big deal, because of all my super close knit friends, Andy is the first to turn 21. This is what I got him. I know it is super immature and kind of stupid, but hey.........whatever. I got him a singing B-Day card with a Beer on the front. When he opened it, there was a $50 certificate to S&V liquors. I thought it fit the occasion. lol. So, my day started off like this. Chris took me to the court house, and I got everything taken care of right away. I had $579 in court fee's, and $200 for alcohol classes. In reality, I got off pretty easy. Once I get the alcohol classes taken care of, I won't be on probation or anything.

As for "the rest of the story." Lately I have been feeling pretty down. I am pretty sure why I have been feeling this way also. It is something I have delt with before. The drug I am currently on to slow the MS is Avonex. If you click that LINK and read under WARNING! you will see what I am talking about. Avonex hit's me with this depression that is hard to explain. It is out of no where, usually started by life conditions. Maybe, not having a specific job, or task to do every day could be the reason. Maybe, I am just thinking to much lately. Maybe, the uncertainty of not knowing what is around the corner is the reason. I don't know that part, I just know that I have had really negative thoughts lately.

Monday, July 09, 2007

yo yo yo, had a lazy day today.

I laid around the house most of the day today. Kind of sucked, I really wish I had a job, so I could be saving up some money. Tomorrow I have court, it is also Andy's B-Day. I was at Andy's house when it struck midnight.

Happy 21st B-Day my homie!

Tomorrow I have my last court date. It will all be said and done...FINALLY!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Trains, Church, HOTT!

Church was really good today, good message, saw some good people. People like Anne Willy, and Kara. Friend's from high school. I really like Pathways. After that, I get home, take off my shirt and start mowing. Now, our lawn mower is from the cave man days. It weighs I think about 2,000 pounds, and wow she is a beast. It is like 96 out, and I was sweating like a pig. Not only the front yard, but the back, which has grown dramatically in the past year. It's a really nice yard, it just needs a riding mower and some good lines. ;-)

After that, I hang out around the house. Then Chris comes over at about 7:00PM and we watch Ice Road Truckers, on the history or discovery channel. watched that forever, then I put out the great idea, "hey Chris, why don't we go shoot bottle rockets at cows?" He was a bit reluctant, but finally agreed to give it a try. We looked and looked out in Amish country, but couldn't find any good targets. So, then we just went out on a midnight drive in the country. Came upon a rail road track, and I made him stop and wait for it. Then I got these cool pictures.

Okay, this picture is one I took first. I am standing on the tracks, and the train is pretty far off in the distance. But, you can see the rail road tracks, and the bright light. Okay, now at this point, the ground is starting to shake, and the train is approaching fast. I have moved off the tracks directly, and my heart starts to beat faster. Pretty cool shot if I may say so myself. Now, this picture is by far my favorite out of the three. It would probably suck if I wasn't so good at explaining it. At this point, the train is passing, probably at about 55 or 60 MPH. If you look closely at the picture you can see the rail road sign that I am pretty much holding onto. The reason for the big red blurr in the middle of the picture, is from the rail road sign on the other side of the train. Right when I took the picture, the sign close to me was not lit, but the sign on the other side was lit. So, it in turn created a huge blurr on the screen. The ground was shaking violently, and I just love standing close to big trains. It is such an adreline rush!

My day was good, hopefully tomorrow I will hear from the backery. TA TA

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Hey every body, it's 7/7/07 lets get married!

Turns out there are a lot of people who want to get married today. Maybe it's because triple seven's seems lucky, maybe it's because it's so unique, maybe it is just an easy date for the groom to remember. I dunno. My cousin didn't get married today, but today is when we had the reception for him. It was a good time, and I am happy to welcome his wife, Tanya to the family. Here is a pic. of the happy couple.
Ed Koch, from the Las Vegas Sun wrote this....
Wedding chapels are reporting record bookings for 07-07-2007 - which reduces nicely to the lucky 7-7-7 for the superstitious among us.

Clark County, which recorded 122,000 marriages last year, could host 3,000 or more weddings that day at its 40 or so wedding chapels - maybe 10 times the average. On a normal Saturday during the summer , the Clark County License Bureau says , it issues 300 to 500 licenses at $55 a pop.

She usually has her eyes open, they are really pretty eyes, and that is my bad for not checking the picture until just know while I am looking at it on my BLOG. My bad! It was a good time too. They had tables set up and what not, my mom cooked some good food, and it was just a really good family time deal.

Yea, that was the jist of it. Also, to push the fun over the edge, there was KAROKE!! And, just to prove the fact that I have the cutest little cousins on the face of the earth, I recorded some of their singing time, and posted it on YOUtube so you can all enjoy it like I did.

My favorite part of the day was definately the drive to the reception, and the drive home from the reception with my dad. We had simple talk, but it was a really easy environment for me to talk to him. I love my dad to death, but sometimes we let the simple grind of life get in the way of talking like normal people, especially son and fathers do. So, I got to tell him how I feel about certain things. Like how I wasn't even going to consider college, until I had a car and what not taken care of. So, I told him that # 1 on my important list of things to do was save up and buy a good car. He didn't seem to react with too much not okayness. So, today was good. Ohh yea, the bakery that my dad is working at right now for his summer job(he is a teacher) is going to try to interview me. That would be great if I could start working there. I could save up some Buck$ there. :-)

Friday, July 06, 2007

today is Friday, 3 days after Tuesday

Today I got something accomplished. I went to the farmers house that I had the corn field incident with back in September. If you don't know what I am talking about, E-mail me and I will tell you. (mobileRILEY@gmail.com) So, I went over there today....And he wasn't there. I talked to his wife who seemed calm and appriciative. Then she called him to tell him I was here. He said he was 10 minutes away, and would be there right away. So, this dude, older, but not too old, gets out of his truck with 2 of his pal's. One of them in a smart guy and tells Ken(field owner) not to sign any documents. Ya see, I had to get this piece of paper signed saying he recieved payment for the damage I caused in the corn field. It sucked that I had to go do that, the first thing he said was, "wasn't this from like a year ago?" I said yes, and had to explain the circumstance to him, and went on with it. It took him a while, and some things were delt with. Then, he signed the paper. So, I am all set for Court on the 10th........:-/

I then went back to Chris's house. We stayed there for a while, then the worst happened. Chris was bord of me beating him in Halo2, and so he said...."hey, lets go get some gas" just to get out of his house, ya know? So I reminded him of his wheel being shaky; this occasionally happens in Chris's car. But, when he tightens the lug nuts, it all goes away. So, he did that exactly...........Then, the lug nut broke off. He got depressed, and we lit off some fireworks. Then eventually my friend Andy picked me up. We went back to my house, and I made some hamburgers. I am full, tired, and ready for bed now. Good night.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Today sucked

I was really bored today. It was compounded by my friend Chris not being able to make a single decision on his own. I don't have a job, so I have to try to find something to keep myself occupied all day. Then, when I hang out with Chris..........He can't even make his mind up on the most simple decisions. It pisses me off like you wouldn't believe, also, this kid would let the most GOLDEN oppertunity go by him, just because he didn't want to step outside of his comfort zone. AHHHHHHHHH! I need a job, and I need a car, and I would like a girl friend. Is that so much to ask for? Seriously, is it?

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

happy 4th of July.....

Yup, what a proud day. Lets celebrate this awesome country of ours. I'm so proud of it, I am so excited to be a part of America!! Just say it out loud, wow, sends shivers down my back. We drove out the Native Americans, and then built this land on the backs of enslaved African Americans. Thats awesome huh? Ohhh my gosh, what am I doing? I'm sorry everyone, I shouldn't speak my mind like that, I know all countries have dark parts of their past.....I guess I am just in a negative mood.
Camping was fun. We all had a good time, it was a good Guys Night Out.

I smelled like camp fire when I got home, and I ate plenty of hot dogs cooked over the fire. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

I also watched the fire works this evening with Chris. They were pretty good this year. I saw some huge explosions that literally filled up the sky. I was impressed this year with the show.

I really need a job. I have a high school education, I am really good with people, I am good with my hands, I have experience in construction, and land scaping. I am fairly computer savy, and I am an extremely hard worker. If anyone knows of a job that would fit me, let me know. I don't care if you are on the other side of the world. ohhh yea, I don't have a set of wheels as of now. I kind of need to save up for one of those....heh heh.....

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

leavin on the 3rd to enjoy the 4th

I no longer work at Vision Scapes. Even though last Friday I got called in, I guess that didn't mean anything. Yesterday I got up at like 6:00AM and was ready to go, but knowing my forgetful boss, I decided to call in to make sure everything was good to go. I call in, and ask Mark if he has work for me.......immediately he starts beating around the bush..........I said, "Mark, either you have work or you don't." He said well, you can come in, then right away said, well actually, right now is a weird time, if you have other options, now might be a good time to check them out............. UGHHH! I have worked at Vision Scapes for over a year, I am a very dedicated worker. SLAM BAM THANK YOU MA'AM The little bird on my shoulder is tweeting "go back to college." And then, the part of me that despises school and especially our furthered education program slaps the little birdy off and stomps on her. DANGIT!! There is just too much going on, I want to get out of my parents house and get on with my life, but I have my health to constantly worry about.........So, I decide to make the best of the current situation, and live at home and work my but off to save up and buy a car, at least then I can start to be self sufficient, but I get slammed with court fee's and I lose my job............Well, at least I have my girl friend to confide in.....................ohhhh wait, she cheated on me when I was in CHINA!!!! Thanks Chelsy. Back to the basics I reckon, Me & God............even though I constantly screw up and this and that and what not.................yup. ok.

Going camping with Chris, Tony, Josh, and Trouble(pit bull). Small camp ground not to far outside of the city. it'll be fun. swim, fish, fire you know the drill.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Good to go back to my own church.

Today started off like this. My friend Tyler Morningstar picked me up and I got to go back to my church. I was so happy because I haven't gone to it in such a long time, and it is in a new building that I have never been in before. It was so cool. Ohhhh, and before I forget, I had to make a correction to an earlier BLOG. Last Tuesday on "it was a hot one today" I put some false information. I said that last saturday I got an OWI when I meant to put, last September I got an OWI, I definately confused some people, and that is my bad. I have learned my lesson.

Today I got to go to my friend Jason Burdick's new house. He bought a mobile home for 6,000 from an old lady who had to move to a retirement home. I know what you are thinking, you are thinking ohhh it is probably a piece of crap, and looks nasty bla bla bla, well you are WRONG! It is nice inside, and well maintained. The only bad thing is, it is like 70 feet away from the rail road tracks. So it can get kind of noisy at times. he he, but ohh well.

Then I went to my friend Tony's, and had another bon fire, we roasted hot dogs, and talked. Tony is trying to sell his awesome car.

1992 3000GT VR4, it's got like 127,000 miles on it. All wheel drive, 4 brand new tires on it, comes with the 4 chrome stock rims, with 4 replacement tires. Interior is getting kind of old, but still looks good. Runs like a champ, well maintained. Tony has gotten this car up to 160MPH stock. Just think what you could do if you put some time and money into the engine. Tony is asking $7,000.oo for it. If you are interested, call Tony. (260)460-7229. Very nice car, I wouldn't put it on my BLOG if it wasn't a nice car.

Alright, I know I said in an earlier BLOG that Church is where I first felt the tremors, and it would be awesome if that is where I noticed that they went away. Well, in church today I did feel them come on after a while, but...In all seriousness, they didn't feel near as strong. So, I think that is a good sign, and hopefully just the start of what I notice changing in my body.