Saturday, July 28, 2007

get to the Point.

Cedar Point was awesome! When I got to my friend Brad's house at like 6:15AM I found out that there was 3 more people joining us on the trip. They are Brad's friends and it worked out good. SO, this whole trip was planned originally so I could go see my friend Sara who works at Cedar Point and got me and Brad free tickets to begin with. It all just went from there. Right when we got there we went right to the Maveric; newest and greatest roller coaster at Cedar Point. It was the longest wait at the park, but worth every second. It was crazy and a thrill to the end. Starting from the left in the black is Krebs, then Biggins, my buddy Brad, then the lovely Sara, and all the way to the right is Squirrel. This picture was taken while waiting in line for the Maverick. This is a pretty cool picture of the Raptor (green roller coaster) I took when I was on the Sky Ride. Perfect timing with the coaster right at the peak of the first loop. This picture I took is pretty funny. If I can remember correctly I think I wanted to puke at this point. It is on a ride called the witches wheel. It spins you super fast till you are held back in your seat, then just goes crazy.

The people I enjoyed the day with weren't the usual group of guys I associate myself with, but I enjoyed myself tremendously and have some good memories. Thanks Sara!

Lessons learned:
1.) don't judge a book by it's cover.
2.) don't eat a big lemon slushy, then get on a ride that violently spins you.
3.) I am invincible on the water ride.

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