Wednesday, July 04, 2007

happy 4th of July.....

Yup, what a proud day. Lets celebrate this awesome country of ours. I'm so proud of it, I am so excited to be a part of America!! Just say it out loud, wow, sends shivers down my back. We drove out the Native Americans, and then built this land on the backs of enslaved African Americans. Thats awesome huh? Ohhh my gosh, what am I doing? I'm sorry everyone, I shouldn't speak my mind like that, I know all countries have dark parts of their past.....I guess I am just in a negative mood.
Camping was fun. We all had a good time, it was a good Guys Night Out.

I smelled like camp fire when I got home, and I ate plenty of hot dogs cooked over the fire. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

I also watched the fire works this evening with Chris. They were pretty good this year. I saw some huge explosions that literally filled up the sky. I was impressed this year with the show.

I really need a job. I have a high school education, I am really good with people, I am good with my hands, I have experience in construction, and land scaping. I am fairly computer savy, and I am an extremely hard worker. If anyone knows of a job that would fit me, let me know. I don't care if you are on the other side of the world. ohhh yea, I don't have a set of wheels as of now. I kind of need to save up for one of those....heh heh.....


Anonymous said...

wow, what a attitude...this is a great country and you damn well better be proud of it...maybe you should be back in china, read up on their history of human atrocities, several that are still going on...bad attitudes can cost you jobs and and learn huh?

Mikey said...

Dear anonymous,
You're right. You are absloutly right. I use my BLOG as a relief point for myself at the end of a day. I reflect on whats going on in my life currently, and usually my writing goes black or white. There usually isn't a middle ground. Now, could I rant and rave about all the good things about America....yes, I definately could.

sorry if I offended you, that was not what I intended.