Sunday, July 29, 2007

Tire's flat

Yesterday night I got a ride to church...then I woke up this morning and was about to jump in the shower and I had a text message saying my ride wasn't able to make it. I just went back to bed. Lets see, today my mom came home and sounded really flustered when she yelled up at me. I went down stairs and she explained how her tire was flat. It happened on the high way and I am just happy nothing happened to her. I changed the tire and it was all good. The rest of the day was pretty low key. I didn't really ~DO~ anything. But, I came to an agreement with myself. If I don't hear from Perfection Bakery by Friday, I am going to start looking for a job the "normal" way. By filling out an application and doing all that crap.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mikey,

I thought maybe you would be interested in a job with FWCS. There are several custodial positions, working with young people might be what you need. Here is the link:

Good luck,
You are in my prayers,


Mikey said...

Anita, I would LOVE to be a custodian in a school. That sounds weird, but it would be good for me. I checked out that link, but couldn't find the position listed. Would I just print off an employment application and take it to the South Clinton location?

Anonymous said...


I'm so sorry I should have sent you that link earlier. The time limit on those jobs has expired. Doesn't mean they won't repost or have more jobs soon. Call 467-2135 and they can explain the procedure of how to apply. East Allen Schools might have an opening soon also just call 446-0100 extension 1009. That is Peggy Rohrbacher director of human resources. If you need any more help just ask.