Saturday, July 21, 2007

# 1 of 2 Alcohol classes today.

Just a recap of why I am currently in alcohol classes. Back in September of 2006 I wasn't dealing with emotions and my current state of health very well. Instead of thinking things through and dealing with what had been served on my current "plate of life," I chose to drink. One night in particular I was super toasty (drunk) and then made the ultimately bad decision of getting in my mom's car. I was using my mom's car that night because it had working wind shield wipers that worked, my truck at the time did not. As soon as I got in the car I blacked out. I don't remember any of the drive at all. All I remember is coming to and I was in a corn field about 20 miles away from where I started. I know for a fact that God had a guardian angel watching over me that night, and it is a constant reminder of how I should NEVER take life for granted.

SO, this morning from 8:00AM to like 4:00PM I sat, and listened, and wrote in a hand book that said stuff that I have known but not followed for quite some time. Now, I hate being stereotypical, but there was 11 people in my class. 8 males including me, and 3 females. 2 of the females were pregnant. One was ready to have a baby popp out at any time. Now I ask myself, is this just ironic? I don't have that answerer, all I am saying is that I wasn't going to look for my future wife there.

I have the same class tomorrow. Whooo Hooooo. :-)

OK, anything that is written below the red is stuff I added to this BLOG late. Some really cool stuff just happened and I wanted to share it, as well as document how awesome of a God I serve. OK, I am pretty restless right now. Can't sleep, So I was watching the T.V. show Nip Tuck on FX. I don't usually watch it, but it was different this time. This lady they decided to help said shew as suffering from "stigmata" and long story short it was all phony the whole time. They kind of made a mockery of religion and put me in a semi-bad mood. NOW, never would a television show ever change my spirituality, understand it just made me in a bad mood that people see religion that way and voice it so negatively. SO, show gets over and I walk down stairs to get some Melon before I go to bed. The melon was really good, and I was wearing boxers and a T-Shirt. After I have my fill of melon I put it away in the fridge and decide to go walk outside in the middle of my back yard just for the heck of it. MIND YOU, it is a little after 12:30AM and there is dew on the grass, and I am walking through pine needles and dirt to get to the grass. It doesn't faze me, and I get to the middle of my yard and look up at the stars and just stare with wonder at the universe and how utterly amazing it is. Seriously if you just stare and think about how massive these stars are that you are looking at is breath taking. THEN, OUT OF NO WHERE!!!! BAM!!! A meteor comes perfectly into my line of sight. Not a tiny hard to notice one that lasts a fraction of a second either. This was like a second and a half. Bright has heck, and a huge tail. I just dropped my jaw and started laughing out loud. I was that taken. Then I dropped to my knees and said my nightly prayers right there in the wet, dirty, dark and kind of spooky back yard. First thing I said was, "you didn't have to do that, but i'm really glad you did."

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