Tuesday, July 10, 2007

happy B-Day for real this time ANDY!

Yeppers, Today my friend Andy turned 21. This is a big deal, because of all my super close knit friends, Andy is the first to turn 21. This is what I got him. I know it is super immature and kind of stupid, but hey.........whatever. I got him a singing B-Day card with a Beer on the front. When he opened it, there was a $50 certificate to S&V liquors. I thought it fit the occasion. lol. So, my day started off like this. Chris took me to the court house, and I got everything taken care of right away. I had $579 in court fee's, and $200 for alcohol classes. In reality, I got off pretty easy. Once I get the alcohol classes taken care of, I won't be on probation or anything.

As for "the rest of the story." Lately I have been feeling pretty down. I am pretty sure why I have been feeling this way also. It is something I have delt with before. The drug I am currently on to slow the MS is Avonex. If you click that LINK and read under WARNING! you will see what I am talking about. Avonex hit's me with this depression that is hard to explain. It is out of no where, usually started by life conditions. Maybe, not having a specific job, or task to do every day could be the reason. Maybe, I am just thinking to much lately. Maybe, the uncertainty of not knowing what is around the corner is the reason. I don't know that part, I just know that I have had really negative thoughts lately.


jeff said...

It's easy for someone to say cheer up, but if you put it into perspective, it may not just be the meds. You were in such a high in China, now back in the good old USA, where it's a dog eat dog world. It seems to me that the dog has been bitting you. Don't let it bother you. Life is a roller coaster, ups and downs. It will get better. Just be prepared for anything, and stay resiliant. Think of the positives, and you shall receive positives, it's a fact. p.s. (all chicks are nuts)

Anonymous said...

Mikey.. talk with your Doc about this depression. It can eat you alive and also cause you additional issues with your current condition. Don't be too proud to take an antidepreesent. Keep in mind the drug you are taking alters the the brain chemistry that brings on the depression. Dude, do not let it eat you alive!
You let this eat you then you may be throwing away everything they did for you in China.

Get some help Mikey to rebalance the chemistry. It is the same as having any other chemical off in the body be it surgar level or so.


Mikey said...

Thanks Jeff & Ed,

I will take both of your points of view into consideration when deciding how I am going to deal with the emotional up wind I have been experiencing lately.

Seriously, thanks.

p.s. Ed, did you get a chance to look through the Tiantan treatment? I ask out of curiousity. Drop me an E-Mail some time.