Tuesday, July 03, 2007

leavin on the 3rd to enjoy the 4th

I no longer work at Vision Scapes. Even though last Friday I got called in, I guess that didn't mean anything. Yesterday I got up at like 6:00AM and was ready to go, but knowing my forgetful boss, I decided to call in to make sure everything was good to go. I call in, and ask Mark if he has work for me.......immediately he starts beating around the bush..........I said, "Mark, either you have work or you don't." He said well, you can come in, then right away said, well actually, right now is a weird time, if you have other options, now might be a good time to check them out............. UGHHH! I have worked at Vision Scapes for over a year, I am a very dedicated worker. SLAM BAM THANK YOU MA'AM The little bird on my shoulder is tweeting "go back to college." And then, the part of me that despises school and especially our furthered education program slaps the little birdy off and stomps on her. DANGIT!! There is just too much going on, I want to get out of my parents house and get on with my life, but I have my health to constantly worry about.........So, I decide to make the best of the current situation, and live at home and work my but off to save up and buy a car, at least then I can start to be self sufficient, but I get slammed with court fee's and I lose my job............Well, at least I have my girl friend to confide in.....................ohhhh wait, she cheated on me when I was in CHINA!!!! Thanks Chelsy. Back to the basics I reckon, Me & God............even though I constantly screw up and this and that and what not.................yup. ok.

Going camping with Chris, Tony, Josh, and Trouble(pit bull). Small camp ground not to far outside of the city. it'll be fun. swim, fish, fire you know the drill.

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