Friday, July 06, 2007

today is Friday, 3 days after Tuesday

Today I got something accomplished. I went to the farmers house that I had the corn field incident with back in September. If you don't know what I am talking about, E-mail me and I will tell you. ( So, I went over there today....And he wasn't there. I talked to his wife who seemed calm and appriciative. Then she called him to tell him I was here. He said he was 10 minutes away, and would be there right away. So, this dude, older, but not too old, gets out of his truck with 2 of his pal's. One of them in a smart guy and tells Ken(field owner) not to sign any documents. Ya see, I had to get this piece of paper signed saying he recieved payment for the damage I caused in the corn field. It sucked that I had to go do that, the first thing he said was, "wasn't this from like a year ago?" I said yes, and had to explain the circumstance to him, and went on with it. It took him a while, and some things were delt with. Then, he signed the paper. So, I am all set for Court on the 10th........:-/

I then went back to Chris's house. We stayed there for a while, then the worst happened. Chris was bord of me beating him in Halo2, and so he said...."hey, lets go get some gas" just to get out of his house, ya know? So I reminded him of his wheel being shaky; this occasionally happens in Chris's car. But, when he tightens the lug nuts, it all goes away. So, he did that exactly...........Then, the lug nut broke off. He got depressed, and we lit off some fireworks. Then eventually my friend Andy picked me up. We went back to my house, and I made some hamburgers. I am full, tired, and ready for bed now. Good night.

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