Wednesday, July 25, 2007

lil bit of painting

Today I woke up, got some food, and started painting my mom's sewing room. She is totally revamping everything in and about it. She wanted the walls painted, so I did it for her. I did a pretty dang good job too. That is a pretty color of blue huh? Yea, I got skills I know. And let me tell you, if I would have zoomed in on the walls, there wouldn't be any streaks or smudges or anything that took away from how good it looks. SKILLZ, lol.

Then my dad got home from work early, and we went out to eat at a really good restaurant called Dicks Wild Hare. It was a pretty neat place, and I had some killer fish. Then I went over to my sister Brandy's house. That is my brother in-law to be John. They are good people, love um. Rest of the night I hung out with Chris, most of the time I nerded it up at his place around the XBOX 360.


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Anonymous said...

Hey it's Anonymous #2:) Great job on the walls for sure! I just painted my laundry room that same color! (there might be smudges tho)
Thanks for the link to the news broadcast. I will watch it when I get home...:)