Monday, April 30, 2007

working was interesting today.

HEY, okay, so sweating prefusely when you have a scolding sun burn does not feel one bit good.

on a more interesting note, Chelsy is awesome. Cute, funny, sporty, sexy, skinny, talented, interesting, motivated to be a better person, nurtering, caring, loves God. Can you ask for better traits in a woman? I am quite interested to see where this is going to go.

I got a Challenge Grant from the NTAF. basically what this means is, because i have done so exceptionally well in raising funds for my stem cell transplant, they matched some of the donations. $1,000 to be exact. It's awesome. Also, WANE, News Channel 15 is going to be doing a story on me. I am totally sycked to do that. very exciting and what not. ;-)


ps. Chels, you amaze me. In a very good way, might i add.

Sunday, April 29, 2007


Today, me and Nick, a buddy from work, mulched my lady friend's house. I am an idiot. I did not wear sunscreen. I did not wear a shirt. Chelsy thinks I have sun poisoning. I resemble a lobster on a bad day. A very sunny bad day.
The house looks great. Kenny and Sarah were happy with the work. Me and Nick had fun and I got to hang out with Chelsy all day. Chelsy is one of those girls that you can do nothing with for long periods of time and enjoy every minute of it.
MY BACK FREAKING HURTS!!!! NOT A LITTLE HURT A LOT HURT!! Please pray that this pain subsides quickly. Chelsy is actually typing for me right now, I'm on the couch, in a lot of pain telling her what to type. Chelsy has an aloe plant, I need aloe plants. I don't know how I'm going to survive tomorrow, I will probably go insane.
The moral of this story is.... wear sunscreen if you're not gonna have a shirt on all day.
Good Night

Saturday, April 28, 2007

life lesson # 12,348

Where did my nuts go? Ohh, there they are. Ha, thought I had lost them.

Women/Girls, although beautiful creations from God himself put on this earth for man’s companionship. Can be deviant and deceptive. What do ya do though? Can’t live with um, can’t live with out um. I have this to say. Make the best of the situation, and don’t ever give in. Stick to your guns even if it would be more comfortable not to. Ughhhhh…

Well, today was a beautiful day. Seriously. Sun was shining all day, and the grass was green. Really green, and long. And………i’m going to friggin bed. Ughhhhhh……

Friday, April 27, 2007

I will not celebrate meaningless milestones.

Life can sometimes come at you pretty fast. If you let the nasty things get the better of you. Your world will explode. One day you could be just chillen at a church camp with friends, the next day you could be in a hospital wondering why everything is spinning. Then, before you know it. You will have airplane tickets to China to have a Stem Cell Transplant to treat a cronic illness. All in a matter of 2 years. Kind of crazy, don't ya think?

I guess I can't complain............wait a second, yea i could. I could complain a lot. WOOO IS ME. and all that nonsense. But that doesn't really help my condition. Ya see, in my opinion, stress is a huge factor in Multiple Sclerosis. It has been made clear to me, that when I fret, and think about things too much, it only worsens my condition. Especially my tremors, If i get super stressed, worried, or just too complacent. I shake a whole lot more.

I want to go to China and have them fix my sweating problem. That would be so so so cool. It would be amazing. It would be a miracle.
I guess if we are going to be honest. I have just always wanted to know what real Chinese food is like. Seriously, thats my only motivation. The food. Okay? NIGHT!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

wonderfully rainy

This picture was taken outside of Chelsy's house. It has been raining for 2 days straight. I haven't worked either. I mean, I did hang out with Chelsy all day & night. But, common, enough is enough. Freaking April showers bringing May flowers is really getting old to me. Chels would not be happy that I put this picture of her on the BLOG, but I think she is just ridiciously cute. I like this picture, cuz i think she was sick when i took it, so....this is Chelsy in her prime. No make up, no fancy hair, no cute lil outfits. Just Chels, and that's what I really adore. Me, Chelsy, and Chris saw the movie Disturbia. It's the one about the kid who gets put on House Arrest, and starts watching all his neighbors and what not. Well, it wasn't amazing by any means, but it did keep my attention, and kind of keeps you on the edge of your seat. I give it 3 1/2 out of 5 stars.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

who do you believe?

I think I am in the process of learning a very valuable lesson. The lesson is this, GO WITH YOUR HEART. Especially when you are in the midst of choosing a treatment plan to TREAT a cronic disease. ughhh, the American doctors tell me it isn't such a hot idea. My heart and all the doors that God has opened up for me tell me to go through with it. I feel comfortable with my decision to go to China to have this treatment done. But should I??? I just got off the phone with Dr. Burt from NorthWestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, IL. He very specifically told me that he does not, and can not condone this treatment option what so ever. He does, however, want me to follow my heart. He gave me some very encouraging words, and well. I am cool with that. I have to be. If I start to doubt myself at this point in the game, well, my confidence would crumble, and thats just not an option. Sometimes you just have to go with your gut. I believe that in a very real way.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

SMILE, and think of the little tug that could.

Tug Story
So, this is a shot of a Tug approaching a bridge, pushing a full load of Coal on a barge.
See how huge it is? lots of weight, lots of inertia.
ohhh crap! The river is super high, the current is fast, and the flood stage has been far surpassed.
ok, at this point the tug has lost the barge, and let it go ahead down stream.
The current is so strong, the Tug can't fight against it, and now it is no longer perpendicular to the bridge, it is now being pushed parallel. It will have no chance. you can't manuver when parallel. The rudder is now rendered completely useless.
I bet i know exactly what the captain is thinking at this point. SHIT!!!

Holy crap, all hope is lost huh?

The current of the river has forced the Tug under the bridge.
:-O ok, now it is surfacing on the other side of the bridge.

yes, this is real, and there was no photography tricks.

The tug is now immurging from underneath the bridge.
One of the smoke stacks is busted......but she keeps getting higher and higher.
The tug is still alive. This should not be. Even if it came back to the surface.....NO WAY!!!!

OK, just keep watching.

Think you have had a stressful day? think about the crew of the little tug that could.

Yes, that is smoke people. And no, it is not on fire. The engines are back under way.

yes, it is carrying on with it's duty. move the coal down river. ME, coming from a little maritime experience, am completely astonished.
I guess there is a lesson in this. When life gets you down, and all looks hopeless. You must keep faith, you must believe you can over come all odds, no matter what people say, no matter what happens. When you are forced under the water of life, believe you will resurface and continue.

Monday, April 23, 2007

What would you do for a Klondike Bar?

To be perfectly honest, I may say, "Can I have a Klondike Bar, please?" I don't think I would do much more to assertain a Klondike Bar. People talking about balancing sharp knives on their head, or running through a forest naked, or climbing a mountain. NAW, I don't think I would do any of the above. Not for a simple frozen treat?? That's just non-sense. HEYYYY, today at work it was really cool. Our mow crew gets along really well. We work as a team, and just vibe good with each other. For example, today a rather important piece on the mower straight up broke off, and was lost. Well, we had to take like an hour and twenty minutes to go to Menards and buy a piece, then go to the shop and put it on the mower. Me and Bill worked on the mower, and Matt swept the shop to stay busy. Very professional, and as productive as can be considering the circumstances. One of my neighbors, Mrs. Jergens did a little fund raising of her own, much to my suprise, she brought in almost $1,000.oo asking for donations from neighbors, and what not. I was very pleased, and glad I got a chance to speak with her in person. WELL, i am sleepy. Off to bed.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

i'm getting closer to my boat

As I walk down this amazing, curvy, dusty, smooth, rough, happy/sad road called life, I realize I love it, and am so glad I have been given all that I have. I had a really good day today. It was a fairly normal day, and started off really lazy, but push come to shove, my life is good. Thank you GOD.

Me, Chris, and Chelsy went and saw Blades of Glory, with Will ferral, and the guy from Napoleon Dynomite. It was so so funny. I seriously havn't laughed that much in a movie, for a long time. It is a must see for anyone who finds mindless humor extremely entertaining.

I think I am going to go to bed now though.

I had a lot of FUN chels, think I kinda enjoy hanging out with you. Just a lil bit anyway. ;-)

Friday, April 20, 2007


SO, today I had a chance to go to South Bend. This is where my good pal Kyle Steury was having a benefit concert in my name. It was great, and Kyle's band rocks out like none other. I forgot how good they flow with each other. Seriously some top notch talent, everyone too. There isn't one or two that stand out, they are all equally rockin!! Kyle is a straight up Stud Muffin! In this picture, I am holding an envenlope full of money. Kyle raised $500 tonight. I think that is remarkable! This black man is Elton. Elton is in a South Bend Police Officer in charge of keeping the peace. He is very wise, and an extremely cool dude. I am really glad I had a chance to meet him.
Chelsy drove me to South Bend. I love hanging out with this chick. She is extremely reliable now, and well on her way into my heart. Kinda scary, but at the same time, I think I am ready to commit.....wait, did i just say that?

Thursday, April 19, 2007

auction blew my mind

I know it is kind of blurry, but it is a good picture. It really shows how many people were there. I mean this place is huge, and there was hardly an empty seat. WHOOP WHOOP!!
This is a picture of me with the Summit Auction Group guys. They were amazing, and I believe the amount of money raised from the Live Auction alone was $15,500! That is a lot of money, and they just did an absloutly amazing job. I reccomend these guys over anyone else, they made it fun and extremely enjoyable.

The tables looked beautiful!

Merideth & Shorty looked beautiful. PURPLE POWER!

Victoria looked amazing, and what a sweet heart. I am so glad Vic found me.

There were so many people there, so many people, and they all had a really great time.

Annie's parents.

I saved the sexiest for last. Look at Chelsy, she is so beautiful. Definately a smile seen around the world, and eyes that would stop traffic. very glad to have her in my life. Very lucky to have her in my life.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

holy gotAlotDONE

wowzers! A lot of people, got a lot of very important things done today in regards to my fund raiser. GO MOM, GO CHELSY, GO HEIDI, GO ME, GO BILL SCHAFFER!!!

We got music (Jazz music), items of all sorts, food, entertainment, sexy ladies, the whole schlemiel! I am so excited to see what tomorrow holds. It is going to go so perfectly, I just know it! On an even better note, I just got off the phone with Jessica Norlander!!!!! Doesn't mean anything to you? well, your an idiot. Just kidding, well, you might still be an idiot, but not for "not knowing" Jessica Norlander. I had the chance to meet this chicka on an airplane ride from Las Vegas, to St. Paul, Minnesota. She is such an awesome sole. HUGE HEART, and is a physical trainer in Vegas. Super sexy on the inside & out. She called and we talked about the Virginia Tech shooting. She is so smart, and I absolutely love hearing her take on things. I am pretty sure she likes to get my thoughts on some stuff too. So, it's a win/win situation.

So excited for tomorrow, it is going to be so so so so so good!! whoop, whoop!!!

God bless, and good night!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Here is a slight preview of what the Auction will have to offer. There will things for the kids, the drinkers, the golfers, the football & baseball fans, for the Komets fans, and even for the car enthusiast. But when it all comes right down to it, this auction is for anyone who is mildly in love with me. And when you ask your self that question way deep down, How can't you be? I mean, I may have dated your daughter, and all that, but you still love me. I have that charm. It's something I was born with, I guess it's a gift. I like it, others Love it.
I am definately ready for this Auction to go really well. I hope lots of people show up, and It just helps me and my current situation. My current situation could help a lot of other people in the same boat. Thats the really groovy part.

Monday, April 16, 2007


I am so emotionally and physically drained right now. Torn between taking an Ego/pride hit, and doing what is right because it is the right thing to do. Almost in tears i come to the realization that sometimes you don't have to win. chalk this one up as life lesson 1,987,234 "doing whats right doesn't always feel good/shi* happens."

Thanks Dad.


I am on super massive stress over load times 10³! This is why; this morning after a hellishly sick weekend (BECAUSE I WAS MISERABLY SICK), I get up and get around for work. I have my mom drop me off at 8:00am on the dot. I go into the shop to clock in, and immediately I am told, “Mikey, did your ride leave yet?” I said yeah, then I was told “hey, you need to go to the office, boss needs to talk to you.” I said ok, and started to walk to the office. The only sense I could make of it was that Mark Nolot, my boss had the certificate ready for me, and wanted me to give it to my mom so it wouldn’t be waiting around the shop. WOW, I couldn’t have been more wrong. It turns out there was a massive failure to communicate. I made it about half way to the office, and the bosses came out. I said, “Whats up?” Mark W. asked me where I was on Saturday, I told him I was sleeping. Then he threw this comment at me. Were you drunk? I kind of snared at him and sarcasticly said, “Yeah mark, I took up drinking again just for last Friday.” Rolled my eyes and kept walking next to him. Then he told me, well, call your ride, your going home. My jaw dropped. WHY?? He told me it was a no call/no show. New rule this year, much strict rules and punishments in regards to work related behavior. NOW, just for the record. I have never had a no call/no show. I have been working for Vision Scapes for almost a year. Huh, kinda odd don’t ya think? SO, at this point I am furious! I walk up to Robbie, told him. “Robbie, you never told me I had to work on Saturday.” Robbie says, “Yea I did, told you with the rest of um.” NOW I am completely enraged, at this time I am in the shop, in front of everyone, including new people. WOW, I wanted to make a scene, but I would have probably been fired. So, I clocked out, and walked out of there, pissed like you wouldn’t believe.
Now, to compound the situation. My big benefit dinner is this Thursday. There is so much planning going into that, I have loads of stress already on my shoulders. My mom, God bless her heart. Only made it worse, by not being on the same page as me in regards to the Chinese stem cell transplant treatment. That, and the fact that some other little things are just urcking me the way wrong way. That’s life though.

I need prayer that I stay focused on all the right things. I need prayer that I stay strong, that I not give into temptation, and that I accomplish the goals at hand.

I feel much better, venting is quite nice sometimes.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

sickness is SICK!

it is Sunday, 9:38PM. I am still a little congested, and weezy, but a heck of a lot better feeling that i was a couple of days ago. On Friday, when I was working I wasn't feeling so hott. I felt down right crappy. SO, Friday night i went to sleep. I didn't wake up until earlier this afternoon. It was prolly 12:30PM. I pretty much slept for 2 days. I locked myself in my room, or in the T.V. Room. Although there was no Television watching, no eating, or talking, visiting, or anything except laying, sleeping, and dreaming. BUT LOOK!! it paid off, i feel much much better, and i am going to be going back to work tomorrow. HORRAY!!!!

All is well.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Yup, here is my buddy Evan. He is home right now from New Mexico. He is training on a huge helecoptor. Me and Evan use to be super buddies. Then like 2 years went by. AND BAM! he calls me up and next thing I know, we are eating at hooters catching up on everything. It was really good. I was quite happy

On the upper right my blog, there is a new LINK, it should be red, and say, "He's still in the game." That is the newest News Sentinel article. It is definately a must read, and I like it. I am quite happy. I am falling for Chelsy, my stem cell transplant is more than on the way, and did I mention I am falling for Chelsy? She is great, I really did know the day she got in touch with me out of no where, that it happened for a specific reason. It took me a while to figuer it out, but it happened. I have to say I am quite pleased with how everything is working out.

Today was quite cold. I was mowing grass, and seriously, i am suprised it didn't start snowing on us. I got through it though.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

AHHHH i'm falling

I was super happy when I finally got home.

happy with relationships, happy with situations, happy with fund raising efforts, happy with Chelsy Allison Vaughn.

Then I talk with one of my really good friends. There wasn't more than 11 or 12 sentences exchanged & it put me into a lull. Not a depression or anything that dramatic. Just took me right off the cloud i was on. Kinda sucked, i hate it when the people you care about the most just don't seem to "get it." the crappy thing is, i don't even think this person had any idea they were doing it. that's probably the most frustrating part.

Maybe i just miss my facial hair. :-/

maybe i am frustrated

caught up in good intentions gone awry.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


The newspaper comes out every day. There are morning news papers, there are evening newspapers. Sometimes they have pictures and stories, But it isn't every day that I am on the front page! :-) Check it out.

He’s still in the game
MS patient undeterred by insurance denials
By Jennifer L. Boen

By Chad Ryan of The News-Sentinel
Mike Riley, left, spends time with friends, from right, Jared Busch, Chris Heidenreich, Jon Ehle and Andy Ehle on Sunday at Jon Ehle’s apartment. Riley, who has multiple sclerosis, is seeking a stem-cell transplant in China after his insurance company rejected his appeals to have a transplant in the U.S.

Editor’s note: In February, The News-Sentinel told the story of Mikey Riley of rural Fort Wayne, who has an aggressive form of multiple sclerosis and is in need of a stem-cell transplant. The family was in the process of making its last allowable appeal to have the transplant covered by insurance.
In baseball, it’s three strikes and you’re out. For Mikey Riley, it was four strikes from the family’s insurance company that could have benched the 20-year-old Fort Wayne man.
But Riley isn’t one to give up. His will to live and optimism are keeping him in the game. The rules of the game have just changed a bit.
Their insurance company denied the Rileys’ final appeal to pay for the $300,000 transplant – the company said it is experimental – so the family is seeking treatment on the other side of the world at a fraction of the cost.
Friends and family are hosting a fundraiser April 19 to raise money for Riley to get a stem-cell transplant in China.
Riley hoped to have an autologous stem-cell transplant this month at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, a treatment used with about 150 other MS patients. His own cells would be removed from his body, then chemotherapy would be used to kill his disease-causing cells. The stem cells then would be “tweaked” and put back into his body to grow new myelin, the protective sheath around nerve fibers.
MS damages or destroys the myelin, which interrupts normal transmission of electrical impulses to and from the brain.
Scientists at the American College of Cardiology’s annual meeting last month in New Orleans reported they had grown new heart vessels in the same way. Stem cells were extracted from 23 patients’ thighs and grown in a lab using special techniques to induce them to become heart-tissue cells. The cells were then injected directly into the patients’ hearts. All showed improvement in cardiac functions.
After the insurance company issued its final denial, Pat Riley, Mikey’s father and a Lane Middle School teacher and coach, asked his son if he would consider other options, including going out of the country for treatment.
“But I really didn’t know what to do or where to go,” said the 2005 Leo Junior-Senior High School graduate, whose MS was diagnosed soon after graduation. He had been accepted into the Merchant Marines Academy in Traverse City, Mich., which he attended for about nine months until his health worsened.
Not long after his dad mentioned looking outside the U.S. for treatment, an American living in China connected with a program called Stem Cell China read Riley’s story in the Feb. 13 News-Sentinel. He contacted the American liaison for Stem Cell China, Kirschner Ross-Vaden, who lives in Chicago.
She told the Rileys about Stem Cell China and the program’s success in using umbilical-cord stem cells with MS patients. These cells, which can be coaxed to become cells specific for myelin, are collected from the cord blood of newborns, then injected into the patient. The family researched the program, praying together about it.
“I can tell his tremors are getting worse,” Diana Riley said of her son’s symptoms. “We need to do something before he can’t walk and is in a wheelchair.” He also has periods of extreme vertigo, unrelenting vomiting and more recently, hearing loss in one ear.
Riley said his Indianapolis doctor, an MS specialist, has told him that because the newest medications have not helped him, a stem-cell transplant is his only hope to stop the disease. The doctor, he said, would neither endorse nor refute the Stem Cell China program. But Riley began e-mailing an MS patient involved in the China program.
“It has really helped him,” Riley said. “The China transplant is not a cure. It’s a treatment … lasts about five years. Then you might have to go back for another transplant.”
Not everyone sees long-term results. But the treatment also does not require Riley to undergo chemotherapy that kills not only his cells that have gone awry but also all his good white cells. That would leave him vulnerable to infections until new white cells and the stem cells begin growing again. The goal is for the new cells to regrow healthy myelin around his nerves. With MS, the protective myelin covering of nerve fibers is damaged or destroyed, thwarting electrical impulses that travel to and from the brain.
“That was something that really bothered me,” he said of the chemo.
As much as the family has researched Stem Cell China, “We know we don’t have all the answers,” Diana Riley said. “But what do we have to lose? Mikey really wants this.”
The cost, including airfare for Mikey and Diana Riley, is less than $30,000 – one-tenth the cost of the U.S. stem-cell transplant, which is, albeit, considered a permanent cure.
Donations through guidance of the National Transplant Assistance Fund have raised $14,500 so far. Riley is confident friends, including fellow employees of Vision Scapes Lawn & Landscape in Fort Wayne and supporters of the local MS Society, will turn out for the April 19 fundraiser to help him complete his transplant goal.
“Every bit of me is ready to leave and experience this. I’m excited to see what kind of results I’ll have. I’m trusting God,” Riley said.
Ways you can help
What: Fundraiser for Mikey Riley, who has an aggressive form of multiple sclerosis and is in need of a stem-cell transplant. There will be snacks, silent and live auctions, and live music.
When: 6-9 p.m. April 19
Where: Landmark Conference & Reception Centre, 6222 Ellison Road, just south of the intersection of I-69 and U.S. 24
Cost: $25 per person; $175 table for eight; $500 for company sponsorship, including table for eight and special recognition
Items to be auctioned: Citizens watch and other jewelry; gift baskets; Civic Theatre tickets; restaurant and merchant gift cards; signed bat from the San Francisco Giants; signed Komets hockey sticks; and $1,000 of landscaping services from Vision Scapes of Fort Wayne.
RSVP: Call 471-8760 by Saturday
If you cannot attend: Tax-deductible donations can be sent to the National Transplant Assistance Fund, 150 N. Radnor Chester Road, Suite F-12, Radnor, PA. Write Mikey Riley’s name on the memo line. Contributions also are accepted online at

Now, there are a couple of errors in the article, but it isn't a big deal. I am quite pleased with it. Served it's purpose, and I am quite happy because of it. Nothing but smiles on my end of the stick.

ps Something very strange is going on. when i am around this chick. I feel kinda funny inside. Almost as if someone is poking my insides from the inside of my body!! What are you doing to me CHELSY? ;-)

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Christ has risen

In church today my pastor really pressed that Easter isn't just about salvation, it's about Forgiveness. It was really cool, cuz we didn't go over board on the fact that Christ died for our sins, and he suffered all something horrible on the corss. Don't get me wrong, that is very important, pastor just took the route about how when they went to the tomb and saw Jesus wasn't there, then Jesus told marry and what not to go and tell the disciples & PETER that he has risen. It's awesome, because Jesus implies that Peter is forgiven for pretty much stabbing him in the back. Doesn't matter where you are, what you are doing, what you have done, you can always fall to Christ. That is awesome for a sinner like me.

So, today after Easter lunch i went to my friend Jon's apartment. Jared, andy, chris, and Jon were there. The photographer came to snap some pictures for the upcoming article in the News Sentinel. I am excited, he set up his fancy equpiment, and I think he got a really awesome shot.

His name is Chad, he is a really great guy. He knew some of my buddies through an old job. It's a small world i tell ya.

After dat, me and chris picked up chelsy. We hung out most of the night. I tell ya another thing. This chick is starting to grow on me. I think i might be cool with that too. Not gonna count my chickens before the egg hatches though. I will just flow with it, and see where it goes.

Friday, April 06, 2007

It's official.

It is totally official. When you Google, Mikey Riley. It brings up several sites/pages with me on it. Pretty exciting, LOL.

Today this article was published in the Georgetown TIMES.

Local MS Victim Heading to China for Stem Cell Treatment Saturday, 07 April 2007 Sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone.By Rod King (Created: Friday, April 6, 2007 2:58 PM EDT)
Michael (Mikey) Riley, 20, needs a stem cell transplant to impede the progress of his Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Without it he faces a lifetime in a wheelchair.
Because he was turned down four times for a transplant at Northwestern University Memorial Hospital in Chicago by his insurance company (Blue Cross/Blue Shield), he's scheduled the procedure for May 17 in Shenyang, China, a two-hour plane flight north of the capital city of Beijing.
"I've been doing a lot of research on the subject since being diagnosed with MS in July of 2005," says Riley, "and learned that the Chinese offer the treatment. They're not encumbered by the red tape and lengthy testing period necessary in this country before a procedure is given government approval for general use."
The procedure involves undergoing four intravenous injections of 15 to 20 million stem cells into his blood every six days and then one bone marrow treatment. That will be followed up with acupuncture and massage treatments. He and his mother, Dianna, will be there nearly five weeks.
"The Chinese believe that the stem cells taken from umbilical cord blood will regenerate myelin (the protective coating around nerves) that has been destroyed by the MS. The treatment will speed up the transmission of electrical impulses from the brain to my body. I realize that this is not a cure for MS, but a treatment that will help me deal with the disease and slow down its spread."
To cover the cost of the treatments ($23,000), the air fare for him and his mother and their food ($1,500) while in the Chinese hospital, Riley has established a fundraising campaign that includes a benefit dinner and auction Thursday, April 19, 6 to 9 p.m. at Landmark Conference and Reception Centre, 6222 Ellison Rd, Fort Wayne. Cost for the event is $25 per person and a table for eight is $175. He's also hoping businesses will sponsor tables for $500.
The auction and silent auction will include a variety of items from a helicopter ride and tickets to a Civic Theatre performance to a scenic plane ride around Fort Wayne, a woman's watch and a baseball bat signed by members of the San Francisco Giants.
Riley has already received donations totaling slightly more than half of the necessary amount from friends and members of his parent's church, Grabill Missionary. He's also established a web site on the Internet ( and has received a number of donations from individuals who have visited the site. "I created it because I felt it would be nice to relate with others who are experiencing MS. It lists information on my background and my journey to this point. A man from Australia contacted me to ask about his son who was recently diagnosed with MS. It makes me feel good to reach out and help others. I want to learn all I can about stem cell research, because it will some day help cure a number of neurological diseases."
Riley says his first symptom was the loss of vision in his left eye for four weeks at age 15. At 18 he lost all sensations on the left side of his body for about a month. The 2005 Leo Jr./Sr. High School graduate learned he had MS just four weeks after finishing school and before heading to Great Lakes Maritime Academy in Travers City, Michigan, to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a ship's captain. He was able to complete a year there before health complications forced him to return home. In the fall of 2006 he enrolled at IPFW, but had to take a medical disability when the MS flared up again and put him in the hospital for four weeks. In addition to taking 12 hours of courses at IPFW, he was working full time at Vision Scapes on St. Joe Road. "My boss was kind enough to hold my job open for when I'm able to return to work," he says.
"My faith is strong and support from my parents, friends and acquaintances has been overwhelming. I'm positive that this treatment in China will make a great difference in the quality of my life in the future and may be the answer for others suffering from MS."
MS Benefit Dinner
Thursday, April 19, 6 - 9 p.m.
Landmark Conference
& Reception Center
6222 Ellison Rd.
Fort Wayne, IN 46804
Cost: $25 per person

Soon, I am going to be in the News Sentinel, which is a much more popular Newspaper in Fort Wayne. So, hopefully the word about the benefit dinner is really going to get out because of all of the publicity it is getting. I am confident anyways. I am definitely pretty stoked. I am going to start looking for air plane tickets. I sure wish I knew someone who could hook me up, and get my mom & I a killer discount on some tickets to China! That would be so awesome!

I think it is time for me to retire, NIGHT NIGHT!