Sunday, April 29, 2007


Today, me and Nick, a buddy from work, mulched my lady friend's house. I am an idiot. I did not wear sunscreen. I did not wear a shirt. Chelsy thinks I have sun poisoning. I resemble a lobster on a bad day. A very sunny bad day.
The house looks great. Kenny and Sarah were happy with the work. Me and Nick had fun and I got to hang out with Chelsy all day. Chelsy is one of those girls that you can do nothing with for long periods of time and enjoy every minute of it.
MY BACK FREAKING HURTS!!!! NOT A LITTLE HURT A LOT HURT!! Please pray that this pain subsides quickly. Chelsy is actually typing for me right now, I'm on the couch, in a lot of pain telling her what to type. Chelsy has an aloe plant, I need aloe plants. I don't know how I'm going to survive tomorrow, I will probably go insane.
The moral of this story is.... wear sunscreen if you're not gonna have a shirt on all day.
Good Night

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