Tuesday, April 24, 2007

SMILE, and think of the little tug that could.

Tug Story
So, this is a shot of a Tug approaching a bridge, pushing a full load of Coal on a barge.
See how huge it is? lots of weight, lots of inertia.
ohhh crap! The river is super high, the current is fast, and the flood stage has been far surpassed.
ok, at this point the tug has lost the barge, and let it go ahead down stream.
The current is so strong, the Tug can't fight against it, and now it is no longer perpendicular to the bridge, it is now being pushed parallel. It will have no chance. you can't manuver when parallel. The rudder is now rendered completely useless.
I bet i know exactly what the captain is thinking at this point. SHIT!!!

Holy crap, all hope is lost huh?

The current of the river has forced the Tug under the bridge.
:-O ok, now it is surfacing on the other side of the bridge.

yes, this is real, and there was no photography tricks.

The tug is now immurging from underneath the bridge.
One of the smoke stacks is busted......but she keeps getting higher and higher.
The tug is still alive. This should not be. Even if it came back to the surface.....NO WAY!!!!

OK, just keep watching.

Think you have had a stressful day? think about the crew of the little tug that could.

Yes, that is smoke people. And no, it is not on fire. The engines are back under way.

yes, it is carrying on with it's duty. move the coal down river. ME, coming from a little maritime experience, am completely astonished.
I guess there is a lesson in this. When life gets you down, and all looks hopeless. You must keep faith, you must believe you can over come all odds, no matter what people say, no matter what happens. When you are forced under the water of life, believe you will resurface and continue.

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