Friday, April 27, 2007

I will not celebrate meaningless milestones.

Life can sometimes come at you pretty fast. If you let the nasty things get the better of you. Your world will explode. One day you could be just chillen at a church camp with friends, the next day you could be in a hospital wondering why everything is spinning. Then, before you know it. You will have airplane tickets to China to have a Stem Cell Transplant to treat a cronic illness. All in a matter of 2 years. Kind of crazy, don't ya think?

I guess I can't complain............wait a second, yea i could. I could complain a lot. WOOO IS ME. and all that nonsense. But that doesn't really help my condition. Ya see, in my opinion, stress is a huge factor in Multiple Sclerosis. It has been made clear to me, that when I fret, and think about things too much, it only worsens my condition. Especially my tremors, If i get super stressed, worried, or just too complacent. I shake a whole lot more.

I want to go to China and have them fix my sweating problem. That would be so so so cool. It would be amazing. It would be a miracle.
I guess if we are going to be honest. I have just always wanted to know what real Chinese food is like. Seriously, thats my only motivation. The food. Okay? NIGHT!

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