Sunday, April 01, 2007

What A DAY!

So, today started off with a really good church service. I didn't get a whole lot out of the sermon, but the worship part was amazing. I think if you go to a church, any church, with a heart that wants to praise God, that is exactly what you will do. It doesn't matter if the worship band is talented, there could be a hillbilly plucking on his banjo, if you want to worship the creator of the universe, that is exactly what you will do!

Many things happened today, and I have many pictures to share. So, after church I went to my sisters friends house. There was a bunch of gal's there from the benefit show the other night. This is Mer at the show. I believe she was about to go up on the stage and give a speech about me. Or she went up with a friend to help her. I know whatever she said came from her heart, and I love her so much for it.

This is a picture of Shorty, Shorty did a huge part in making this show happen. She is amazing, has a huge heart, and did such a top notch job.

Okay, this next picture is of Christy Glew. Christy use to baby-sit me when i was a wee little boy. She hangs with mer occasionally, and is as sweet as can be.

Yeah....This picture above is of a fish tank. The fish tank is filled with $1, $5, $10 & $20 dollar bills. All in all the night rung in about $1,300.oo!!! Now, if that is not amazing and a total God send. I dunno what is. Seriously i don't.

After chillen with mer and her friends for a bit and letting them all know how awesome they are, and how thankful I am that they all did what they did. I went out with my buddy Andy, his bro Jon, and their cousin/my friend Alex. We hit up Shoff Park, cuz it was absloutly beautiful out, and threw some frisbee Golf. It was amazing, I sucked, but I always do, I do it to hang with friends. After that, we went back to Jon's apartment, and seriously watched 5 hours of this t.v. show on DVD, it's called Weeds, and it is a Showtime t.v. show, it is very good, and very addictive. Here is a picture of Jon & Blyth's(Jon's G/F) cat benny. Benny is a very big cat, in this picture he is saying "Hey, what the heck are you doing? Don't make me beat you up, I am large and in charge!" That is literally what his body language is saying, practically screaming.

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