Friday, April 20, 2007


SO, today I had a chance to go to South Bend. This is where my good pal Kyle Steury was having a benefit concert in my name. It was great, and Kyle's band rocks out like none other. I forgot how good they flow with each other. Seriously some top notch talent, everyone too. There isn't one or two that stand out, they are all equally rockin!! Kyle is a straight up Stud Muffin! In this picture, I am holding an envenlope full of money. Kyle raised $500 tonight. I think that is remarkable! This black man is Elton. Elton is in a South Bend Police Officer in charge of keeping the peace. He is very wise, and an extremely cool dude. I am really glad I had a chance to meet him.
Chelsy drove me to South Bend. I love hanging out with this chick. She is extremely reliable now, and well on her way into my heart. Kinda scary, but at the same time, I think I am ready to commit.....wait, did i just say that?

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