Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

WOW, heart is beating quit'e rapidly. I just talked with my mom, it seems the insurance company has responded to Kate's(Dr. Burts main nurse) letter already. The insurance company said, "In order to approve Michael's stem cell transplant, we will need the following tests......." Did you catch that? You didn't did you, ok i will point it out for you. The insurance company in order to APPROVE! that sounds pretty confident to me. they want me to get some more blood tests done, and some breathing tests, and some kind of odd test that i don't quite understand. but seriously now, this is huge. Huge i tell you. God is good, God is great. I was just starting to feel a little down today too. The right side of my face feels really weird, and i am definately going deaf in my right ear. LOL. that sounds kind of funny, usually when people say they are going deaf, they say it with a sarcastic tone, and no one takes it seriously. Sadly, when i say it, it's meant in all seriousness. Anyways, thats enough m/s talk, it's halloween, and i am going to a costume party, i am going to be a giant red m&m. it should be great, also this will be my first sober halloween in like 3 years. horray me!!!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Life is funny...

Okay, as i start to think about the day i giggle a little bit, no, i laugh full heartedly. Today i went to the sperm bank to give my first "specimen" which is just a polite way of saying i had to masturbate for a reason. The reason being that i may have a chance at creating offspring. If everything goes as planned then i will get a stem-cell transplant which will help if not cure my m/s. ANYWAYS, i am getting side tracked. back to the sperm bank. So, my dad dropped me off at the hospital, and as i walked to the elevators, i met up with one of the nurses. she asked me how i was doing, and i awkyardly answered "good." I went into the waiting room, and filled out some more paperwork. there is a ton of paperwork involved with freezing your seamon. I took my MP3 player and my cell phone to the sperm bank. My dad told me not to take all day, lol. thanks dad. So after about 15 minutes of waiting, the older nurse called me back. She led me down a hallway to a small rectangle room with a sink, a small cabinent, a television, a chair, and a basket full of pornography from old 80's nasty XXX to the newest and coolest playboys. Not to mention some interesting videos. i dunno though, all this is pretty overwhelming as you can understand. I felt like i was in a movie, and honestly i couldn't stop laughing. first i had to get some proof that this actually happened. I took the playboy's and laid them all over the floor, then got up on the chair and snapped a picture. lol. as you can imagine, i am having way too much fun with this, and there is nothing professional about my attitude. Finally it's time to get down to business, now, without getting too graphic, i did get down to "business" ;) i had my headphones on very loud, and didn't notice my phone was ringing untill it vibrated off the cabinent and fell on the floor, it stunned me for a sec. then i quickly picked it up and saw who was calling..........................yes, it was my mother. My jaw dropped and i was actually angry for a second. So, i opened and closed it quickly, then shut the phone off. Mothers have no business calling while you are taking care of "business" ya know??? Once you have successfully extracted a specimen, you mustput the lid on, wash your hands, then ring a door bell in the small rectangle room. I did this, and a younger nurse, probably no more than 4 or 5 years older than me came to the room. I was standing half in the room, and half in the hall. She continued into the room and told me i missed some stuff on the important paperwork. Now, get a visual of this will ya? As if i am not completely awkyard enough, she stands inbetween me and the "specimen." ok, thats enough. i don;t feel like writing anymore. p.s. Geek Squad is a joke, and a FU***** waste of money $100.00 to be exact. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Sunday, October 29, 2006

i'll just tell it like it is.

Okay, so i go to bed yesterday thinking it will be another night of rest and rejuvination. Little did i know i would get to experience yet another m/s exacerbation(attack,flair up). well, guess i should fill you in on what m/s is, huh?. last year in July, i was diagnosed with multiple schlerosis. m/s is an autoimmune disease that attacks the central nervous system(nerves in brain & Spinal cord) thats a fancy way of saying there are open sores in my brain and spinal cord that disrupt the flow of information to my brain. Of all the cronic diseases you could get, i do not reccomend this one. It's very sneaky, and is capable of destroying the body mentally & physically. Anyways, back to the most recent attack on my poor brain. i woke up at 3:30 this morning with a very intense and painful tension headach, it was only on the right side of my head also, so i went into my shower and stood under the warm water for almost an hour, the water felt soothing, but eventually i emptied the water heater. and the pain was back in full force. The thing about my tension headach's is they are usually a sign that something bad is going to happen. I wrapped a blanket around my head to provide pressure on my skull, and to keep any light out. I felt my way down to my parents room. I woke my dad and told him he needed to go to the gas station to get me some tylenol Extra Strength, liquid release gells. For some reason, these are the only pills that get rid of a vicious tension headache. i had to stay upright, because when i would lay down, the pain was unbearable. once the pills kicked in, i went back to bed. When i woke up again for church, i noticed i could hardly hear out of my right ear. so there you go, the newest victim; my hearing.

I dedided to start a "blog" site thingy because i think it is a great way to keep people informed on whats going on in my life. i live quite an extraordinary one. really i do. like Tomorrow morning i have to go to a sperm bank to give a specimen(jack off in a cup) so it can be frozen; so i can make babies in the future. right now i am in the process of getting accepted into the NorthWestern Stem Cell Transplant program for autoimmune disease. if everything goes as planned, it will make me better, but also steril. confused yet, don't worry, things will start making sense eventually. i'll keep ya updated.