Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

WOW, heart is beating quit'e rapidly. I just talked with my mom, it seems the insurance company has responded to Kate's(Dr. Burts main nurse) letter already. The insurance company said, "In order to approve Michael's stem cell transplant, we will need the following tests......." Did you catch that? You didn't did you, ok i will point it out for you. The insurance company in order to APPROVE! that sounds pretty confident to me. they want me to get some more blood tests done, and some breathing tests, and some kind of odd test that i don't quite understand. but seriously now, this is huge. Huge i tell you. God is good, God is great. I was just starting to feel a little down today too. The right side of my face feels really weird, and i am definately going deaf in my right ear. LOL. that sounds kind of funny, usually when people say they are going deaf, they say it with a sarcastic tone, and no one takes it seriously. Sadly, when i say it, it's meant in all seriousness. Anyways, thats enough m/s talk, it's halloween, and i am going to a costume party, i am going to be a giant red m&m. it should be great, also this will be my first sober halloween in like 3 years. horray me!!!


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I like your blog. I'm proud of you. CLC