Thursday, April 30, 2009

I forgot to POST yesterday

Sorry about that, but just take my word, it was a really good day. And a really good club.

Today, we did something a little bit "out of the ordinary" with the kids. Ya see, two of our 5th graders are taking voilin, and had a recital. So, Andrea (boss lady) wanted me to take some of the older kids down to check it out. I did just that.

Pictured above is Ryan, and out of the picture to the left is another girl who comes to Y care. The kids. . . well, they were really happy that they got to have cookies, brownies, and punch afterwards. I took about 9 kids; I was really proud because they all behaved really well.

Once I got out of work, I went directly to school where I had to get prepared for class. I had to turn in my final project. If you look back on Friday & Saturday, you will see that I went to the FARM to take pictures of Dick.So, when I got to school, I went to the P.C. lab because that is what I always do. (humph) It was full, and I didn't have time to wait around. I made the decision to go into the APPLE lab, and use one of those computers to work on my photo's. It was the difference between night and day.

My final project was turned in through a Power Point. Above are the contact sheets with all the pictures I took. The power point had 9 pictures that told a story. The story of an average day on the farm. I was very happy with my work. I would upload those pictures that I edited in photoshop, but they are big files and this post has too many pictures anyways.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Here is my TUESDAY

Okay, so in reality, I am only feeling the grind of FINALS week slightly. Compared to some, I have it pretty easy. Now I would bet money (if I were a betting man) that next fall semester I will be singing to a different tune, but for now I am thankful.

Morning (Mass Comm) and afternoon classes (Interpersonal Comm) went normal as can be. When I was going through my BSF notes and lesson for the day, I was captivated. First by the fact that I was working on the start of my 30th BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) lesson. And second because the content was so good. The notes really called out the fact that if you proclaim to be a servant of Christ/Christian, yet continue to live in chosen sin (I don't mean sinless, or not struggling-I am talking about saying you are a Christian, but not turning from your sinful ways) then maybe you are not saved. It was an eye opener to me, and a challenge to live a Holy life. I tried not to point fingers in my mind of people who I think fit that standard, and tried to focus on myself, and how I can improve my walk with Christ.

Then work was good.

After work, I had some time to spare before I went to my 6PM class. So, I just kind of started cruising. I was going through a near by large apartment complex and came upon this vehicle. It caught my eye enough that I stopped and took a picture of it.

Evening class was good, but I am going to have to study the constitution A WHOLE BUNCH for my final in my Law Class.

Then I went tanning. I love tanning, it is so relaxing. While I was laying in there just talking with God, he put on my heart that I should go and hang out with Nicky. And also talk with him about camp, and put out the official invite.So that is exactly what I did. My best friend (Jared pictured to the left), Nick's brother was there for a bit before he had to take off. And I think Nick heard me well. I told him to let me know, so we will see.

I finally got home around 9ish, and felt extremely sad for my mom. She was in a ton of pain. In the picture below, she had passed out, probably because of the pain killers she was taking, but man was she in some intense pain. Poor mom.That was my day. A pretty good day if I may say so myself.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Friendship/God/Healing = FGH

The title to this BLOG is not meant to be some deep intertwined meaning that is hard to grasp. More like just something odd/strange off the top of my head I felt like writing. So, don't freak out.

Today was so warm at work, we took the kids outside to try to play soccer and eventually end up on the playground equipment because it was just so insanely nice out.

Then, I went home to study. Well, first I got together all the paperwork for my Internship this summer, and sent it off today. I am good to go in that department (WHOOP WHOOP)! I am so excited to go to Arizona and work at Lost Canyon. God is going to do amazing things this summer, I just know it.

Back to the study part. It was just such a nice day, that I had to take advantage of it. I studied on the screened in porch.Yes, the weather was beautiful. . . the Business Law was not. That's okay though, it's almost over.

Then, around 1:30, my friend George came over and we went through this Bible Study called Growing in Christ (A thirteen-week course for new and growing Christians). It is so awesome, it has the basic premise for what a follower of Christ is, and some foundation laying Scripture to memorize. It is good stuff. As you can see, we also did that study outside. It was just so nice out!!

Then, I went to work of course, and when I came home, my mom had gotten back from the Hospital where she had her second surgery for her foot. Which she broke over a year ago because of a slip at Menards. It did not heal correctly from the first operation, so they had to go in again. My poor mom, she was higher than a kite when I took this picture. I am just glad she is not in pain, and pray that everything heals just the way it needs to this time.

I ended the night with BSF, and it was such a great lesson. It really pounded the fact into me that I must never stop going after people in Christ. It is such an amazing gift, I must share, no I am commanded to share the Love of God with others. Even if they don't want to hear it, I must share, when at all possible. Not force feeding it to people, but making TRUTH known and living it in and through my own life.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

God's provision

This morning I went to Alliance Community Church. It was really cool because my parents decided to go to to ACC with me today. It was neat to have them there, but moreover it was neat to have them see why I am so attracted to that church/body of believers. Today, Brian Scott (pastor) gave a sermon about What does it mean to worship? This is so awesome, because this is right where my heart is. These were some of his key points to start off with.
True worship is. . .
  • Wanting God more than wanting relief.
  • Finding God even when you don't find answers.
  • Walking with God in the dark and letting him be the light of your soul.
Brian talked about how Christianity is not just the fire insurance the majority of our culture see's it as being. It is so much more. Jesus preached that the Kingdom of Christ is now on Earth. Brian directed us to Mark 1:14-15 and I wrote in my journal -> Repent (turn from your sinful lifestyle) and believe (accept the Truth that is here on Earth right now) the good news. Then we went further, after he expanded of course to 16-20 which says to Go, and make disciples out of the fragile jars of clay that men are. This part is really cool, one of the last verses Brian gave in his sermon was Deuteronomy 30: 6, 19-20. Which talks about God revealing to his followers what life is really all about. The "awakening" if you will. This scripture was especially neat for me to see, because when I was doing my BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) lesson(s) today, I was in Deut. 30. Pretty neat affirmation to have.

Then it was STUDY TIMEYes, FINALS are close. So close, I can almost see the finish line. I want to finish this semester off strong, so I must just DIG IN for these last couple of weeks and fill my brain. This final in my business law class is going to be over the Constitution. That is going to be a lot of tricky information, emphasis on A LOT.

Then George & I went to Dave church. It was an amazing night. Dave spelled out where we are going to be moving collectively as a body. We have the core people, who is Dave, Margie, and Rachel. Richard. Julie & Eric (and their children). Me & George. Now, except for George, the rest of us have been involved from the start. We are all in it to win it (whatever that means). And Dave talked about starting to look for a Launch team. A launch team would be individuals or families that would be willing to come along what we are doing and commit for 4 months. It would be an invitation to be a part of something God has His hand in. The launch team would play a role finicially, spiritually, or just being there for encouragement. The first Pre-Launch date is set as May 17th, and this is just to inform people about what we are about, and what God is prompting us to do. As well as a call to be a part of it.

So, then I say to Dave, "well, where is the location that this wil take place, and what time?" Dave says to me, "Well, I do not know yet." We talk about possible locations, and talk goes towards one specific location. Then George chimes in and says, "Hey, I think my dad owns that office building, I could ask him about it." Dave get's overwhelmed almost to the point of tears (which I do not think was Dave at all).

The plot unfolds further as the night progresses. It turns out that Georges dad does own that building, and told George that Lifelight Ministries (Dave Church) can use it until we find out where we want to stay, or just rent it from Georges dad if that is God's will.

This is good on many levels. Yesterday, George and I got together. George had been struggling, and I walked through the steps with him, guiding him in love and patience. George get's it, and desires sincere God honoring change. Now, I leave for Arizona on the 13th. George needs accountability, and now he God has used him to give something to Lifelight Ministries (Dave Church) that was obviously ordaned by God himself. It was amazing, and George is just as much a part of what is going on as any of the other core/starter people.

It never ceases to amaze me what God has going on. Truly amazing stuff. It just motivates me to work harder at being close to Him and seeking out His will at all times and in all things.

The night ended with me filling out and completing all the forms needed for my Internship in Arizona at Lost Canyon this summer. THERE IS A LOT OF PAPERS!

Friday, April 24, 2009

picture day

I soo wish I would have had my phone with me today. But, alas, it was turned off in the basement of Dick's house. I had to turn it off because I forgot my charger at home and need a phone to wake me up in the morning. Today was so cool though. It started off by me going over to the BIN's to get anamazing shot of the sunrise. You will see all these pictures Iam talking about once I get them developed and decide which ones Iam going to use for my final project. I got some really awesome ones of Dick working in the field, and on the tractor. Some really cool pictures that are going to look really awesome. I got some serious sun today too. It's just so much fun on this farm. Dick is the definition of. . . . .

The ALL AMERICAN FARMER. I can honestly say, there is no where I would rather be in all this state (Indiana) than on this farm. There is something about it that I just can't get enough of, and always miss when I leave.

I turned on my phone just before bed time, just so I could take this picture of Dick & Trudy.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

red bull & pictures

Well, I am BLOGGING from my phone, in the basement of my uncles house (I call him my uncle, but he is actually my uncles sister's husband). He lives in Wakarusa, IN. which is like 1.5 hours NW from Fort Wayne. I have my FINAL photography project that I will be shooting. We had to pick a subject (I chose Dick, my "uncle") and then shoot them doing whatever activity you want to cover them doing. Dick is a farmer, so I wanted to cover him being a farmer. I am going to get some SWEET shot's over the weekend and the weather is supposed to be extremely beautiful. Ya see, we had to shoot the desired subject in more than just one shoot. So I will be photographing Dick from sunrise, to sunset on both Friday & Saturday.


Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I gave the CLUB talk today at Young Life. I told the story of the Prodigal son. It was a really good experience for me. I was not nervous, I was excited to tell then what I had been thinking about/had on my heart. It was such a totally good thing. I got to use an awesome video clip from Blood Diamond, to kind of use as a visual to represent our relationship with God. How, God forgives us, but only when there is a relationship with him. ~CLICK ME~ to see the video.

After CLUB, I took some kids home, and then took one guy (Ian) back to my house to pick up a paper that I have been promising to give to him for a long time, but always keep forgetting to do so. We had some great conversation in the car.

Then I went to school. I went to the 24/7 computer lab. It was late when I got there, and even later when I left.On the drive home, it was probably 11:30PM-12:00AM, and I pulled up to a 3-way stop. The car was not moving. . . . . I waited for maybe a minute, and then rolled down my window and wistled at him (my horn does not work). Still, nothing. So, as I get ready to pull up next to him to see what was going on, he pulls away. I knew right away what was going on, HE WAS DRUNK!! He (I am just assuming it was a male, it could have been a female, I did not see the driver) was all over the road. Swerving into the grass, then back to the middle. Drunk as a skunk if I had ever seen a drunk driver. So, I did the right thing and called 911 and reported a drunk driver. I followed him for a long time, and kept reporting exactly where he was. Finally, when he turned around to drive back into the city, the lady on the phone directed me to stop following him. I hope the cops found him and arrested him. Not so I can feel like I did something, but because that is so extremely dangerous, it just makes me sick.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

i'm a pretty awesome dork

So get this, I discovered today that it is very difficult to eat noodles with a splork. And, yes I did Google it, a spook/fork combo is referred to as a SPLORK. There was left over food from dinner that I did not get a chance to eat last night. SO, in preparation to the fact that I was going to be at school all day + night, I took it with me.Yes, look deeply into the frustration that I ran into with my splork. Well, I mean the frustration did not go any further than, "man, these noodles keep sliding off." But, you get what i'm talking about.

After lunch, I went to my Interpersonal Communication's Class. We had our group presentation today. It went perfectly, we had 8 members in the group, and right from the get go, everyone was taking responsibility for their work, and it was just so awesome to be a part of a group where everyone put in the same amount of work. Half the grade came from our team members (we all gave each other 100%), and the other half comes from the prof. I don't see how she couldn't give us an A+, but we will see.

Then I went to work, and then to my evening business law class. I got my third test back today, and I got a 92% on it!! YESSS!!! Not a big deal. . . . but it actually is. :o)

Then I went straight to SubWay. I went inside to eat, which is something I don't usually do when I have no time. I had to eat dinner, and get straight back to a computer lab, so I could finish my Media Analysis for my Mass Comm class. But, while I was in the SubWay, I was looking at this light hanging above my head. Ya see, I saw this light. And for some reason, maybe it is because I just came from a law class where we always talk about sueing people and businesses. I started thinking to myself, "man, if this light fell from the cealing, and fell on my head and put me in a coma for like a month, I bet SubWay would settle and maybe even give me free sandwiches for life or something, then if I had free SubWay sandwiches for life, I would would totally get ripped eating super healthy sandwiches, and get my own Mikey diet instead of the Jared diet." These are the things that I think about. I am in the computer lab now, doing my BLOG. I wrote and wrote and wrote for this Media Analysis for my Mass Comm class. I just can't write anymore tonight for it. So, I decided to do my BLOG and peace out.I have been listening to Bon Iver (listen to him!!) while writing. I have been thinking a lot too. Ya see, I did my analysis over the Binghamton shooting. It is so messed up, and I was looking on Wikipedia to see the messed up letters he wrote the news stations. And then I was reading all the names of the people who he killed. My heart just broke as I read through the names. I wondered how many of them were saved, how many of them lived happy lives, how many tears were being shed for them right at the moment I was reading their names, ages, and occupations. It is hard to take in, senseless violence.

A horrible thing. Then I have to remember, that Christ died for that gunman too. He loves him, and other people like him just as much as He loves me. It only breaks my heart more, I don't possess that type of love, I want it though.

Monday, April 20, 2009

I don't have enough time. . .

I feel like I don't have enough time to get things done that need to get done. Yet, I still did not wake up early today to get them (things) done. No, I was lethargic and postponed things (them). The couch was my demise for most of the day. I finally got around, but my success in completion of those things that need to be completed, mostly SCHOOL. Was minimal to none. (BIG SIGH) The conference to Chicago really threw off my schedule, and though I am not regretting going, I am wishing I would have prepared better for the completion of my duties as a student. I did not have work today, because the kids did not have school for whatever reason. If I would have woke up at ohh I don't know 8AM, and gotten busy, then I would have been in a good place I feel. I did not though. And so, now I am not in a good place. Here is the finished product of skylights that my parents had put in. They look pretty darn good. The roof is not even 50% finished because of all the rain we have been having. The sealing continues to leak, and that causes tension amongst the house dwellers (parents), though slight.

Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) was really good tonight. This last week we went through Deuteronomy 1-26. It was a lot of reading, but thankfully I stayed up on it, and was not encumbered by it. I took many notes from the lecture, but this one is the one I choose to share. In the old testament, God commanded the Israelites to completely destroy the towns that God hands over to the Israelites. Completely destroy meant killing everyone, men, women, and children, and burning all the plunder. The note I took was this. . .
  • We Christians are not given the opportunity today to completely destroy a people going against God; but Jesus does give us the opportunity to love them anyways.
I took this as a direct challenge. I am not trying to say I wish I could completely destroy evil people in my life that go against God. I am saying, I need to be prepared to love people who are very difficult to love. To act in a way that would lead them to believe I am not acting on my behalf.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Okay, I forgot to do a BLOG POST for Saturday, so I will have to squeeze it into today's post. Saturday was awesome, we had morning sessions, where a really awesome guy named Scott talked. He was not a YL speaker, but a prof. from a Bible College. Very smart, very funny, very in tune. He challenged the leaders in ways I believe they needed to be challenged. Then, we went out into the CITY. Chicago that is. First we took a train into the city. This picture above shows Ryan sitting across from me on the train, next to some of the other leaders. There were tons of leaders from all over the country. In the picture above you can see leaders from Indiana, Nebraska, and Missouri. Great stuff. Right into Union Station, which is something I had never experienced before. Union Station was beautiful, and without having any experience in train stations, I can say with assurance that "they don't make um like this anymore."

We got to go to millenium park. It was so cool. If you don't know what it is, just google millenium park, and you will see what I am talking about. So cool! This one was my favorite. They have two huge square columns with faces on them. Digital faces of random people in Chicago. Then, every once in a while, water spurts out of their mouth. LOL!! IT IS AMAZING!!! The two columns face each other, and as you can see there is water all over the ground. Then of course there was the BEAN. Very cool (look it up).



Okay, so for Sunday, we woke up (I could have left that out huh?), went to the morning session which kind of pulled all the ideas and concepts together. Then closed with communion. It was very powerful, I wrote an awesome letter to God during the last praise & worship song. I will share that letter when I get my journal back. It was a very motivating, and awesome YL conference. I totally loved it and got a lot out of it.

After everything was over, Ryan & I had a decision to make. Ya see, we had befriended two girls named Kaytlin & Heather from Nebraska. Their flight did not leave till later, like 6ish. And it was like 11ish when everything got over. Should we go home, or go out to eat with the girls, and drop them off at the train station? DUH!! Kaytlin is to the left and Heather is to the right.

Then, Ryan and I drove home. It was good. . . . .

Friday, April 17, 2009

roof, chicago

Okay, so for the most part, today was filled with me going to work, and then coming home to the AMISH unloading a bunch of shingles on the roof. Not only did they unload the shingles, they cut out large sections of roof for a couple of sky lights. Check it out.This process is pretty cool. Now I use to drive for the Amish when I worked on a crew my senior year of high school, I had just graduated and was waiting to go to school in Michigan. So, I am fairly familiar with this whole process. There is a guy (pictured above), with a little remote control thingy he is holding, and he just picks the shingles up off his truck, and disperses them all over the roof where ever they need to go.

So, I mentioned the sky lights, now this was in complete deserving of mention on the BLOG. Again, check this out. Yea, so he brings his 6ft ladder, and his saw zaw and just starts cutting. As you can see, he is fairly confident with his cut and ability. And he should be, those cuts were so perfectly straight and I was just amazed. so BAM!! It went just like this. It got cut out pretty darn good. Then, he did it again right next to it. The final project looks great.

I left the house shortly there after, and went and worked out at the Y. Then I went to work, as soon as I got out of work, I went directly to Ryan's house where I hopped in his Grandma's car, and we left for Chicago.The day was perfect to drive long distances. It was like 72 degrees, and just a beautiful day. We enjoyed the drive and each other. Ryan is another Young Life leader in Fort Wayne. He is not doing work at the same school I am at, but working his way into another school in Fort Wayne where YL does not yet have a strong presence. Finally we arrived, and boy ohh boy did it feel good. There was about 200+ individuals just like me, who love the Lord and love impacting young people with the message of Christ. It is very powerful just to be around a large body of people just like yourself. Just like yourself meaning they want the same things in life. . . kind of, were all different, but aww you get what I mean.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Just hold on.

ohhh yea, today was real good. I changed up the evening a bit too. Pretty wicked good too. My Thursday evening turned out in a way I did not see or plan one little bit. But very pleasant. I can't completely update now, because it is 12:36, but I updated yesterday's post, so just read and enjoy that one till I get this one updated. :-)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

picture story

Okay, so I am going to write in this Post, but I am going to let the pictures tell most of the story of my day.This is my buddy Tony. Tony holds the ball, is it representative of a bigger story? Yes, I would say so. But you try to think for yourself. I love this little one though.

After I left work, I went home and the DUMPSTER got there. Yes, tomorrow we will get a new roof on our poor little house.

Then, literally 25 minutes after this dumpster got dropped off, my mom and I left for Indianapolis, where I had a doctors appointment at the Indianapolis center for Multiple Sclerosis.My mom did not feel like being in the BLOG today. That is okay mom, even your hand is beautiful.

We got to the doctors office, and had my exam and it all went very well.

I got my mom to go to Ted's Montana Grill! We had some Bison burgers. Tuesday September 29th, 2008 was the last time I ate at Tedd's Montana Grill. Click the link to check it out.When I got home, the prize part of my day. Wednesday night Young Life CLUB!!
Tonight was the Cross Talk. Sam Gensic was the one who gave the talk tonight. It was very good, very analytical, but soo good. There were things that could have been better, like time, BUT, kids got it, and I saw God working in the hearts of kids after CLUB was over.

On the way home, I took Dylan & Kacie home. We got donuts, and it was a good bonding time. I love hanging out and being crazy with high school kids for Jesus.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The hair style

Okay, so yesterday I told two little girlies that I would let them style my hair. To stand true to what I said, I brought in some gel and a comb for them this morning. Below are the results. . .This is an action shot, their little hands just quickly working to try to punch out something beautiful. This picture does not do justice to the true FEAR that was in my eyes at the time.

And now we have the final product. Yes, the revealing of the wonderful hair styling.Can anyone say Alfalfa? Well, I can, and I did.

Today was good. I love it when I stay real busy, and the day goes fast. I had a test real early, then when I got out of work, I went straight to the YMCA, and worked out like crazy.

God talked to me through my BSF notes, and now I am BLOGGING. Sleep will be my next step.


Monday, April 13, 2009

14 and going STRONG!

Yes that is correct. Today I had my 14th infusion of the drug that has kept the MonSter at bay. Yes, I went to the ER and they plugged in my, count um, FOURTEENTH INFUSION (14th) of the seemingly wondrous drug Tysabri. As the slow drip, drip, drip of the medicine was taking place. I sat and pondered about just how much money my dad's insurance has pumped into my veins with this drug. I thought about how amazingly thankful I am.

I went back to the house, and waited for the Verizon guy to come and make sure our HD Set Top Box is working correctly, and he informed me that the "bug" had been fixed, and that we would not experience any more problems.

George came over too, we talked and hung out before I had to go back to work. Which, I did right at 3PM.

At work, the girls were extra touchy, mostly with me. I was bombarded!! They also told me that I needed to shave. Maybe if I wake up early enough tomorrow, I will do so. But, they all wanted to style my hair, I don't know if they knew or cared that I don't really have enough hair to style, but it did not seem to stop them in the least bit.Yes, these little ones needed some attention. So, I took them in the gym, and ran after them for a while. It got rid of some of that extra nervous energy, that seems to fill them up so much all the time. Little girls, you gotta love um. Ya see, when all the kids come into the YMCA childcare in the afternoon, I welcome them from the hallway into the cafeteria.

When I left work, I headed on to campus (IPFW). I had a 5:30PM meeting with my academic adviser. I got all my classes situated for my fall semester. It will be really good, but a super FULL BOAT. 16 hours is what I will be taking. And challenging classes too. I might have to get a Spanish Tutor. :-O But, i'll cross that bridge when it comes.

And this is the testimony: God gives us eternal life; he who has his son has eternal life, he who does not have the Son of God does not have eternal life. 1 John 5:1-5

Yesss, I just typed that from memory. I think i've got it! Pretty plain and simple.

After I met with adviser, I went to BSF. It was good tonight, but Jack, the usual lecture giver, was not here. I miss hearing him talk. He just really knows how to give it, but Keith (replacement) did a really good job in his absence.

What service or task is God preparing me to do??

That was the main question. The lecture ended with this note that I really liked.

**What ever God is prepping me for is far better than any thing I could settle for.