Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Drive, Doctor, Bison, Sleep, GRACE, love

It is 12:02AM, I should probably be sleeping, but I have to bring these things to people, because if I don't....how else will you see them???? More importantly, how else will I remember them???So, here goes.My day started off with some driving. About 2 hours and 15 minutes of driving. My car doesn't have cruise control, and when you get up past 65, it is a little bit shaky. No big deal by any means, I am so thankful for that shaky car it isn't even funny. It just proves to be an interesting drive. It wasn't much of a pretty drive, and music just didn't have the appeal I thought it might have. So, I just talked with God most of the time. And, well thought. I think a lot when I drive. God is often in the fore front of those thoughts.

The whole reason I was driving was because I had a doctors appointment at the Indiana Center for Multiple Sclerosis & Neuroimmunopathological Diseases. LOL. Right when I got there I said, to the sectretary/receptionist, "so how is The Indiana Center For Multiple Sclerosis and Neuroimmunopathological Diseases treating you today?" She kind of chuckled, and said under her breath, "say that one again." So I did, and she gave me a smile. Then it was off to the waiting room. And waited.And waited. I actually waited in that little room for 63 minutes before anyone saw me. They didn't forget me, just went to lunch. LOL, acutally I dunno why it took so long, they are usually quick. The important thing is, the main doc. Dr. Kolar wants to keep me on the Tysabri, and said I looked good. Actually, they could tell I have been working out. The other Doc. who checked me out and did all the physical tests said my hearted sounded different. Like I had been working out. I said, in the MANLY MAN voice, "yea well I lift weights every now and then." (clears throat)I got there at 11:50 and didn't leave till 2:10, I was a little hungry to say the LEAST. I really wanted FISH, but set out on a search to find something unique and yummy. I found Ted's Montana Grill. And, holy diver was it good. They serve Bison meat there. It is actually a chain of stores owned by Ted Turner, yes the T.V. guy (CHECK THIS FOR MORE INFO.) started these aweome restaurants that serve Bison meat. It is sooo good too. This is a picture of a Bison Burger. It was amazing, and delicious. This place was so nice inside, and I am so glad I found it!!

Since I was in Indianapolis(which is a big city compared to Fort Wayne) I decided to take advantage of what it had to offer me in the food department. So I also stopped for Ice Cream at Maggie Moo's. It was good, and when I finished, I set back off for home. But let me tell you, all that food and the boring drive home started to make me super sleepy. I found myself dozing off, so I had to pull over into an empty parking lot and take a little nap. HA!! This is something I have never done before. But I wasn't going to fall asleep on the road and possibly hurt someone else, so I just took about a 30-45 minute nap. When I got home I went to Campus Crusades, something I had also never been to. It was on the IPFW campus, and it was cool. It was good, but while I was in it, I got a phone call from my cousin Matt. He felt as though he was in trouble, and in reality, probably was/is. It all came down to much phone calls, and my willingness to come get him if need be. Well, long story short, I prayed with him many times, asking God to just take over in the situation. There was one point when I was in my back yard, very late at night, in the dark, where Matt said some things that were directly God driven. Some thoughts and ideas that only Christ can implant in us stupid and sinful humans. I rejoyced, and now I am sharing it with anyone who chooses to read this, and myself of course, so I can come back on this moment and remember the joy and gloriousness of Christ!



Jared said...

I am glad your app. went well. My name is Jared I just graduated from Saint Francis. I found your blog online and thought I'd say Hi since we are in the same area. That looked like an awesome burger, my girlfriend is a big fan of Bison burgers and I ate one for the first time while on vacation in New Mexico, it was awesome. Glad to hear that you've got an active faith, I've been looking for people here to hang out with especially to find a good faith group to be involved in. Keep that strong faith, it is such a blessing!

Mikey said...

Dude, where do ya live at? I'm going to school @ IPFW, I am just starting to get involved with several of the on campus ministries. BUT, there is this thing called Collateral that meets on Sundays at Brookside church, it is pretty legit.