Saturday, September 06, 2008


But today is number thirteen (13) of fourteen (14) days in a journey or self examination and careful thought processing as to why I do certain things the way I do. The point of this was to take a break, and really examine why I do the things I do and what are the inner motives for doing them. And, I suppose I don't really even have a REFLECTION for today. Not on my own life and habits, but I do have a lot to share. Starting with this amazing radio conversation/video presentation. I am just in awe of this little one. In fact I look up to him, and desire to have that inner push to learn from mistakes. That is what this whole reflect stuff has been about. Being able to learn from mistakes and past wrong doings. Not for me to dwell on anything and beat myself up because of it, but to LEARN from it and become free from whatever "IT" might be. I do know this. I can never be free if God is not in it. I'm rambling, so I am just going to post this and you can listen to what Logan has to say about this subject.
It's the simple childlike faith, and the deep sense of honest pains that attracts me to Logan. Like the radio announcer said, Logan is far wiser than he knows. He is about twenty steps ahead of the game if he continues in that way of thinking.

So, I got dressed and headed off to my school's library by 10:50AM. I got in there and started typing as soon as I sat down at a computer. I finished my first paper for my OLS class too. I think it's really well done also.
When I was done typing, I headed up stairs to a quiet spot, and I started reading. I read and read until I didn't have to read any more. It was long, and horribly boring. I was reading The Analects: by Confucius. And, it was just silly. I do not enjoy reading this material, nor do I feel like I gain anything from it. I'm in it to win it though. So, that is that. Here is a picture of me deeply entrenched in reading BLAness. Can you spot me? That picture was a bit blurry, I think because that sun was so darn bright. I guess I can't say I didn't learn anything. I learned that remonstrate means to plead in protest. When I got done with school activities, I went over to my friend Tony and Josh's house.Tony and I rocked out on these two classy bicycles. HA! The girl bike with the trendy basket was the one I rode. That bike belongs to one of my moms friends. I think she is borrowing it....Anyways, you might notice some string and a handle(tent stake) in the basket. You noticed correctly! That is for pulling Josh on his skate board. We went through the neighborhood. Now, remember I am 21 years old, both of those guys are 22. It was awesome though, just like back in the day when activites like this were common place, and life was a heck of a lot less complicated. Maybe life is only complicated because I allow it to get that way, or maybe it isn't and I just think it is. I'm not really sure. I do have one more picture to share though. The below picture is of me, Josh, Tony, Trouble (Tony's dog), and Chris (who is behind me, out of the picture). We are hiking through a nature preserve. I didn't even know it existed until today. It was out in the middle of no where, and was actually a lot of fun.It was such a beautiful day. And what a nice way to simmer it down to an end. After a day of study time, reading & writing, I get to go on a beautiful walk through a very quite and desolate forested area with friends and a good dog. Good conversation, laughs and so on. They all were going to go to Buffalo Wild Wings (BW3) for beer/food or whatever and to watch the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) title match, but I declined for whatever reason inside me said to.

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