Saturday, September 20, 2008

dé·jà vu/opportunity

I forgot to add this video to yesterday's BLOG. But, well before I got out of work yesterday. I had to do something that I have never done before, nor is it even normal for me to do. Ya see we have this thing at YMCA called the CANI (Community Action of Northeast Indiana) program; helping parents who need finicial aid. Well, there is a little credit card sign in and out thingy for parents to use. And, well every Friday the machine must be plugged in and all the sign in's and out's must be sent to headquarters...where ever it may be. Well, I had plenty of trouble getting the thing to plug in and connect. So much so that I called my Site Director (BOSS) and told her I couldn't get it to work. Well, I figured I would try it one last time. Dé·Jà VU!!!!! It is such a weird and creepy feeling. I remember dreaming this very moment some time ago. Such a strange feeling, I don't understand it one little bit. Well, it was so strange and familiar, I knew I had to start recording the moment so I could remember it indefinitely.

I'm not kidding, this very moment when the machine started printing, just hit me like any other past memory with extreme familiarity would. I swear that I had dreamed this moment before. This very moment in the office. It was just so strange. I remembered the office chair, the plugs that I had to mess with, the copy machine and everything!! I have never done this before, I have never even seen it done before. HOW COULD I HAVE BEEN ABLE TO DREAM SOMETHING UP THAT I HAD NO CURRENT INFORMATION ON WHAT SO EVER?!?!?!?So my cousin Matt called me today and asked if I would pick him up from the movies. He had gotten there via the City Bus. The Bus system in Fort Wayne sucks hardcore. Mainly because there just aren't enough people using it to make it run efficiently. So, it took him like 2 or 3 hours to get there. He called me right after he watched his first movie, to see if I would be able to pick him up for the second one (new Batman) he wanted to watch. I told him I could absolutely do that, and planned on picking him up at 6PM. He needed to know if I could or could not pick him up, because if I couldn't, then he would have had to leave for the bus right away. When I did pick him up, I called my mom and we decided to have him over for dinner. During and after dinner, he talked about how he wanted to go to Church. Push come to shove, I told him I would take him tomorrow to a church out by where he is staying. The church is called Grace Gathering. It is supposed to be real good, and I have many friends who go there. I have never been there though. I am so pumped to take Matt. I have prayed for this moment. I have prayed for God to ignite a fire under him. I am excited, but not not putting any pressure on him. I just see God a working. Working real good!!

I had a good time working out at YMCA today too. Felt real good. Studied from like NOON to about 4:15PM. Still have one chapter left to study tomorrow after church.

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