Friday, September 12, 2008

it's my Friday

I am finished with math for my college career. This is of great excitation to me because I am not in sync with mathematical excitability. Just let those 5 dollar words sink in for a second....good, okay so my thought is that I should try to sell my calculator before it becomes obsolete. I posted it on and if anyone who reads this BLOG might be interested, or know someone who would be interested, I am willing to send it through the mail if need be.

When I was leaving school today after my morning English class, I saw this red escort in the parking garage, and well it reminded me of my friend Chris. He use to have an escort, and we had many good times in it. He always talked about how he wanted to "pimp" out that car, and make it all nice and rally worthy. This car just gave me a kick, so I wanted to be able to share it with others. Good stuff. That car was in good shape for a late 80's vehicle. Paint was perfect, it even had some nice lil rims on it. It reminded me of the good ole days. Chris and I have a lot of memories from that old car. His was silver, and a bit more beat up than this one, but I figured an escort is an escort. Some of our friends use to really mess with him in the parking lot after school. One guy inpaticular (Eric), would go up to him and nudge him on when ever he had the opportunity to do so. Chris would get so furious, it didn't really matter, there were a million bumbs and scratches in that thing, but Eric knew it really set him off. One of the MANY memories I have of that car. Another one was when Chris and I were coming back from sking in Michigan. He had a little tiny crack in his windshield, more towards the passenger side. On the way back, I decided to test it's strength. I made a fist with my hand, and gave it a punch. Well, as soon as I made contact with it, the tiny crack (made probably from a rock falling off a truck), turned into a full blown, full length crack from top to bottom in a matter of minutes. OOPS!! I remember laughing extremely hard and some type of liquid coming out of my nose. I think that may have been the same road trip where a bottle rocket was lit off in the car, while we were driving. OOPS, DIDN'T KNOW THE WINDOW WAS DOWN!!! lol. So many of these types of memories associated with his old car.

It has been raining like crazy today. It started last night, and has not stopped. I mean like a constant drizzle at all times, with some spots of HARD RAIN. I saw an accident on the way home from work. One of the cars must have spun out, but man it hit a light really hard. I mean really hard. No one was hurt though, I saw both drivers out walking about. The first picture illustrates the size of the pole that was knocked down, and it's approximate position if it were still standing.
The second picture shows that the driver is still okay, and shows the pole lying next to the vehicle in the median area. Seriously, he must have been going fast, I am so thankful no one was killed.

My evening ended with a grand Bible study. I went with the guys, and boy we just talked about and read scripture that had really been talking and moving in our lives. It is so good to have that. I love those guys. The prayer time we had tonight was amazing! The Holy Spirit was in that room. I laid on the ground, to just humble myself before the Lord by making myself as low as I possibly could. The prayers of the men in the room were sincere and powerful. They were of gratitude, appreciation, thanks, awe, hope, thirst and humbleness. Also, Matt (the Matt that has been struggling with Wife and things) is in a place of peace and change. Also, he hasn't talked to his brother in months. His bro has separated himself from Matt. Well, he called Matt last week out of no where. Told Matt that he had made changes in his life, that he had accepted Christ's path, and wanted to know how to study scripture. :-O Matt was blown away, completely blown away. He has been praying for his bro for so long, and BAM, just like that God grew that seed. Man's calling may be to plant the seed or water it, BUT, only God can grow it. It sprouted in Mark (Matt's bro) and it is just so powerful to see things like that unfold.

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