Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Guess what, today is day 10 of a 14 day walk to take a moment to reflect on the actions, words, decisions I have made through out an average day. I have been seeking guidance, not just for this specific 14 days, but for my life. The 14 days have just had heavy self accountability. It's been really good. And yes, I do still carry the notepad with me. I will continue to do so until the 2 weeks is up. Dang, I am listening to this re-mix of an old school song I have loved forever. I love Punk Goes Crunk!! CHECK IT OUT

Ya know what, I was so intensely happy today. I got to get back in the high school that I do my contact work with for Young Life. IT FELT SO GOOD to be back in the halls of Snider, and to see my friends. LOVE IT.This is one of the main halls that I spend a lot of time at. I love just talking with random kids, maybe kids who have their heads down, or look like the day or other people haven't been too kind to. There is just so much pain and potential coursing through the veins of high schools today. I just feel like I am suppose to be there. And trust me, there are plenty of other things I could be doing. BUT, I just see the challenge of walking into a cafeteria room filled with 600 kids and see faces that really need to be talked to. Faces that just need someone to listen and take interest. Christ will take care of the rest. If I can just plant a seed, boy oh boy, do you see the potential?So what does it look like for me to go into a cafeteria and love on kids? Well, here is a picture of some guys who I was able to create a rapport with last year, so they kind of knew what to expect. BUT, with new kids, especially freshmen who are so uncomfortable in their own skin they don't hardly know what to do...I usually just find a neutral topic to discuss, and expand from there. It is amazing what kids want to talk about. From The Wizzard of Ozz, to G.T.A. 4 It takes a bit of a talent to be able to feel comfortable around kids, and you can't be afraid of failing, because it is around every corner. BUT, for instance. One kid I had a chance to befriend last year, who was never even slightly interested in Young Life, or God for that matter wanted to meet me in the Parking Lot to just talk with me for a while. He only goes to school for a half day, and came back to the school property just so we could meet up for a bit to talk. We are gonna go and try to catch lunch one of these days soon. It's stuff like that that I thrive on. I never know how God is going to use me in a situation, I just have to make sure I am ready and willing at all times. Never to miss an opportunity ya know?

So, I went back to work then. I had a little bit of time to blow before I went and met up with some of the guys I took to camp this summer. And guess what??? IT RAINED LIKE CRAZY!!! I love storms so so so much, so I just had to drive around in it for a bit. I recorded some of the action. We haven't gotten rain in such a long time like this, I just had to soak it up for a bit. It rained cats and dogs for a while too.

And just so people know, I was on a private christian campus, where there was no one out. I may not have stayed on my side of the road, but I was actually being safe. Trust me on this one.

I went and picked up my buddy Corey (high school kid who I spent a lot of time with last year, and took to camp this summer) and we went and met up with Josh (Young Life area director) and some other guys who were also in the cabin this summer. It was good to see everyone's face and hear how they are doing.


When I got done at the coffee house, I went to Nolan's (also another Young Life kid who went to camp this summer) house because 3 weeks ago he tore his ACL! Yeah, it sucks very much that it happened to him, but he is strong enough to be able to handle it and everything that is going to happen because of it. It was good to stop by and talk with his parents, and to just let him know that I am thinking/praying for him. It is good to know someone outside of the family cares. And I really do care, so I enjoyed stopping to see him a lot!

It is crazy how busy I can get once things get into the full swing of things. BUT, I did have time to reflect.


1.) I want the quick fix. Not only in my life, but I want to fix everyone's life as well. Either I want to just see a problem and force my thought process or way of thinking on someone until it works. I get frustrated when people struggle, or when I struggle, and I know the best for them/me. BUT, the best isn't taken for whatever reason.

R 1.) I don't have patience. Patience in God, other people or myself. I need to just erase my thinking that everything follows a calendar. That is just not how it should or has to work. Every time I trust in God to take care of the time involved with a situation, I never fail. You can't fail that way, because no matter what you are going to be okay as long as your motives stay correct. This makes perfect sence in my head, I hope I am explaining it okay.


p.s. if you liked I WISH, you will really like Devil Wears Prada Re-Mix

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