Thursday, September 04, 2008


Indeed today was the eleventh day of fourteen in my pause and reflect series. I am going to start out with a reflect time right away.


1.) I got sTresSED oUt today! I think the reason that this specific stressor was so fore front in my mind is because I am on right now as I type. My compy has been acting funny, it's strange because I can always tell when something is "wrong" with my computer. It's like when your diabetic friend goes low. Maybe they don't starting talking crazy right off the bat, but there are slight nuances that just catch your attention. Well, that is exactly what was happening between me and the lap-top. I have all this expensive anti-virus and ad-aware software, so I was angry and stressed out because it wasn't finding anything wrong with the system. Well, I was disturbed because I just "KNEW" something was wrong but am not knowledgable enough to pin point it myself. It was really throwing me into a funk. Then I was just like, what the heck man, IT'S A COMPUTER!

R 1.) I just prayed about it. I let it slip into the background of my thought process, and when I got home from work I texted my friend Anita who is familiar with common computer problems. Well, she pointed me in the direction of Trend Micro's free House Call online program. It was awesome, found the issue and delt with it. Slam Bam thank you Ma'am! I trust God with my health, with my finances, with my transportation, with my schooling, but I won't trust him with my computer?? hummmmm, makes me want to list out my priorities in life and check the important ones, and take a good hard look at those so called "important ones" and see if they are actually important.

I have been getting head aches ever since the stomach thing went away. It's crazy because they are similar in start (how they come on) to M/S head aches. M/S head aches are the most horrible ones every. They are like migraines, well heck maybe they are in fact migraines. They come on super slow, but once in full effect they knock you off your feet. Usually vision get's blurry, and light of any sort is just unbearable. Like I said, they build slowly, but then they are capped off. They don't get horrible. I take Ibuprofen, and it seems to do the trick. I just hate taking that stuff too much.

I have a lot of reading to do in my Philosophy class. Stuff I hate reading too. For instance, Plato's The Republic...allow me to paraphrase the first fifteen pages. "The life of the unjust far outweighs in benefit the life of the just. If you can be unjust, and get away with it all along making people think you're just, you will be quite rewarded. It's the people in life who live justly who are screwed over with no ending reward." CRAP CRAP CRAP. But maybe it is helping me to think, see, understand, and not pounce all over other ideals and ways of thinking...I dunno, we'll see as the class progresses.

I didn't have time......excuse me, I didn't make time to get into the Bible today. I don't like that. I am going to be putting in place some preventative measures with BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) when it starts up on Monday. I am really looking forward to that.

i'm actually going to bed early tonight!


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