Monday, September 15, 2008

MOON, grasshopper, Dad

I woke up this morning and looked out the front door (which faces East) and saw this light peering over the tops of trees. It was so crazy bright, it looked like stadium lights or a large city off in the distance. There was a glow to it, and it was captivating. I leave the house for work around 6:15AM, and let me tell you, the moon was BIG. It was a full moon, and the clouds were daunting to say the least. I'll explain it the best way for my own memory, then i'll try to expand on it. It was like a Nickelodeon Halloween special program. The clouds drifted eerily across the sky. The full moon shown so brightly behind the clouds, I felt like a black cat and a grave yard should have been around the bend. Maybe with a swing moving back and fourth with no human in sight. Humm, it's feeling more and more like fall every day. As I had almost exited my addition, I had to at least attempt to take a picture of it. Keep in mind, this was taken with my cell phone.I think that this picture gives the general idea of what I am talking about. The sad part is you don't get the really awesome looking effect of the big slow moving clouds creep in front of it.

Work was good, and then came class. I was challenged.I think I am going to re-visit the topic of my big paper in my English class. I thought I had a topic all picked out and was settled on it. BUT, my professor challenged me today in class by some of the things he said. I think I want to write about UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. I think that is what I want, that is something I am passionate about. And, it will be fun to learn and put authentic interest on paper. I will be able to write on this topic, stay interested, learn, and be motivated. In my opinion, these are all major advantages when writing a paper.

Got home from class, went to work out at YMCA and had something "funny," eeesh happen. Well, I had just bench pressed 185lbs 4 times. I wanted to get 6 reps in, but couldn't muster up the strength. Being the determined individual that I am, I took off 10lbs making it 175, and tried to get in 4. If I could have accomplished that, I would have been happy and content. I got it up 2 times, and it would not go up again. (big sigh here & a little giggle) Well, there were two freaks of nature next to me benching 345lbs, and as I struggled with my weight on my chest, I said in a sheepish voice, "ummm, hey guys do you think you could give me a hand?" They both had head phones on, but luckily another guy saw my struggle and came to my rescue. The moral of this story is......either have a spot, or bench an amount that you know you can get up.

Work was awesome, and I really love children...A LOT! I am so going to make an awesome father. We got to play outside today, which was nice because it is going to start getting kind of chilly outside, so there probably won't be too many of these days left. Anyways, there was a grasshopper on the play ground equipment, and the kids were just fascinated by it. They would scream and squeal about how HUGE it was. I had to snap a picture of it.

Then I was off to BSF (Bible Study Fellowship), which was stupendous. It was so much fun to go over the notes for the past week, and get other peoples input, and thoughts on different scripture that we were challenged to get into. I really like the format of the accountability groups if you will. It is going to be really sweet to get to know these men on a deeper and more meaningful level.
This is a picture of my Dad taken while we were all in a big group listening to the lecture. It is just so cool that I get to go with my dad to BSF now. I know that in the past, especially when I was in High School; making really bad decisions, my father found comfort and support from places like BSF. It would not surprise me one bit if there are men in there who have lifted me up in prayer. And now I get to go to it and learn with him. Just a pretty cool picture ya know?

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