Friday, September 26, 2008

Unique experiences.

Something strange happened today. This is worth telling too, because it is just delightfully bizarre. I am walking into IPFW to work on a project that I have been putting a lot of time into for one of my classes. There was this girl who was standing outside the bus stop. I suppose she wasn't really standing either, more like pacing. She just had this look on her face that said stressed and disconnected. Well, I walked by her, then had a tug on my heart. Ughh, so I turned around and asked her, "are you waiting on a ride or for a bus?" She said she was waiting for a bus, but that she thought she had just missed it. She had this giant purse, full of books and quite possibly all of her belongings. She was acting strangly too. She was maybe 24 or so. She said she needed to get to the mall, and since it was only maybe 10 minutes away with traffic. I told her I would be happy to take her. As soon as she got in my car she acted very tense. She leaned forward covering up her bag, and looked like every muscle in her body was flexed. I asked her if she was stressed out about anything, and she said, "I am so sick of people asking me that, I had a cop ask me the same question eariler today." She said nothing more after that. I didn't bother asking any more on that subject either. So I kept driving and talking to her. When I asked her if she was from Fort Wayne, she replied, "No, I just moved here from Elkart, IN." Elkart is about 2 hours North West of Fort Wayne. I said, "ohhh I have family near there." She said, "it's a horrible town, I hate it." I asked, "why?" She told me, "well I got 666'ed three times there." I kind of looked at her, expecting her to explain. But, she didn't, so I had to ask, "well, what does it mean to get 666'ed?" From what she explained, she told me that several times she had machines print out a receipt and all it said was the three numbers 666. She said that one time she was at a coin machine, and all that printed out was the numbers 666. This also happened at an ATM, and I forget what the third instance was. I asked her, "well, why was it happening?" She told me that THEY, were sending her a message. I had to ask, who are they? She explained that "they" are the electronics. She kept saying, I just hope I get paid soon. It has to happen eventually. In my head, I am thinking, this girl is either possesed, on acid, or just nuts. I tried to understand what she was saying, but couldn't get through to her. I shared Christ with her as best as I could, but couldn't really get through to her. Or maybe I did, I dunno. It was just an extremely strange situation.I went back to IPFW, and got some serious help from the Media Help center. This place ROCKS!! This guy from Napal, hooked me up with some serious photoshop skills.

When I left school it was late, so I went to get some food. Chinese food that is, and after I ate, I started handing out these surveys to people that I have to give out for my OLS project over Australia. It is a 6 question test with general knowledge questions. I gave some to a handfull of Chinese guys. It was good stuff.

When I got done with that, I called my friend Andy. I needed to ask him a question, but then found out he was playing Tennis with his cousin/my friend Alex at a park. It was like 11PM, but I had a tennis racket in my trunk, so I said, "i'm on my way." After a bit of tennis, I went back to his house and played on the Wii, and then a little garage disc golf (pig). It is just like playing pig in basketball, but you take different shots with a disc, into a disc golf hole, or catcher, whatever they are called.

I got home super late, and that was my Friday.

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Brad said...

Mikey, you did the right thing by showing that girl love, bro. I just wrote about an essay I read about God in Our Ethics. It is amazing how damaged some people in this world are. But in reality we are all damaged by the world, we just tend to hide it better. I am not discounting God's grace by any means, just emphasizing the importance to show people love, because it is only by Christ's redeeming blood that we are restored and renewed.