Tuesday, September 23, 2008

631 today

Today is my Six Hundred and Thirty-First post. That is a lot! I suppose if I am going to be addicted to something, I would much rather it be typing into my computer every day religiously, than any kind of substance or unhealthy act. Yes, indeed BLOGGING has taught me self-discipline and brought me joy. It reminds me of things, and people point things out to me that I would otherwise ignore, not realize or just pay no attention. It is a good thing in my life.

Today I had my first test for my OLS class. I think that I could have done really good......or I could have totally failed miserably on one of three Essays, which would drastically lower my final score. UGHHH, I did my best though, I really did. Also, I got back my first paper for that class. It was only a 4 page paper, but I got a 100% on it! Yes sir, that always feels good, easy assignment or not.

I went to see my cousin Matt after work today. I took him a piece of blueberry pie that my mom made for her and my dad when they went to a friends house. I also took him an old phone so that he has something that can work as an alarm clock. I want Matt to do good so badly, I would do almost anything to help him succeed.

When I left his place, I went to an old pizza place I use to visit often. Good ole MJ's Pizza. I love this place, and they have great pizza. After the pizza eating, I went to the YMCA and worked out my muscles. It is funny, because I often run into people that I went to high school with, and it seems that more often than not, I find people not wanting to make eye contact with me. They know who I am, and our "connection," but choose not to make eye contact with me. Strange, but not important. I gotta finish reading the BSF notes, and then go to bed. (10:17PM)


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