Saturday, September 13, 2008

Rained some more

I started my Saturday off pretty early, and got my butt to school to get some study time. I want to be super prepared for my first test in OLS. I don't want to just assume his tests are going to be super easy like I think they will be, so I will be extremely prepared instead. Here was a picture I took during my lunch break. You can see the bottled water and Pop Tarts that I was eating. ;-)When I drove onto campus this morning, there were big huge balloons hanging and tons of people gathered out in the rain. I asked one of the officers what was going on, and he said it was a walk for heart health day. Apparently these were the people that were walking around for heart health awareness, or fund raising, i'm not too sure. But the walked, and made a lot of noise while they did it. Well, later in the day, once things were dryed off and it got really humid, my friend Tony wanted to go pick up this motor bike he bought. It get's like 80 MPG, and he is happy with it. I had to drive behind him, cuz it wasn't legal or anything.

After we got back to his house, We (Tony, Chris, Josh & myself) went and got hitch-hikers guide to the galaxy. It is a funny movie, and Mos Def is really funny in it. His character is quite enjoyable. It kind of slams religion, and just a lot of things, but the overall story is interesting and very witty. Josh kept slamming religion too. He claims to be Agnostic, but with many overtones of actually "knowing truth," but just not wanting to live by it. It's frustrating, because sometimes he puts out some some low blows....I usually just don't hang out with him or those guys for a long time. I'd rather be by myself than hear that constantly.

i'm going to do my BSF study and go to bed.

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