Sunday, September 21, 2008

So much to say.

I'm just going to go for it. Okay, I started out my day with a super positive. Now, a "super positive" is something that far surpasses your ordinary positive. has many different definitions of POSITIVE>> I like #9, {emphasizing what is laudable, hopeful, or to the good; constructive: a positive attitude toward the future; positive things to say about a painting.} With that definition in mind, you can only imagine what SUPER POSITIVE means. Today started off by me taking my cousin Matt to a church near him, a really good church. It was set up differently, all chairs were focused inwardly to the central point of the room. Matt and I sat at a table, and it was really unique, but he liked it, and it was legit.I should have stood up on a chair to take this photo, because this picture doesn't really do the set up, justice. Mat felt encouraged and a sense of belonging, and THAT is what God's love is all about. I am just going to go with the God flow and help Matt in any way that I possibly can. To love him the way I am commanded to love him. To be relational and put my all into him. It's all very good stuff.

After I dropped Matt off at Kroger, I went to IPFW, of course to finish studying for my OLS test on Tuesday. I am feeling like I am pretty prepared.

Then off to Collateral I went. LOVED IT! We had such an amazing worship time. It was so extremely powerful, and the Holy Spirit was in it to win it. We touched on some heavy stuff tonight tool
To live is to die, but to die is to live.
This awesome quote is something that I must repeat. The guy giving the talk tonight did not come up with it on his own, but I do not remember where he quoted it from, so I will just quote it without giving the creator credit.

If you are born once, you will die twice.
If you are born twice, you will only die once.

This example was given about having real freedom in Christ. I had never seen it this way before, and when I really thought about it, it blew me away. When God told Abraham to take his only son Issac and kill him as a sacrifice to God, found in Genesis 22:1-19, my brain always wants to go directly to how amazing it is that Abraham was willing to do it. Well, when we were discussing this tonight.....I realized how amazing it is that Issac was willing to lay there and take it. A young kid vs. an old man, he could have very easily gotten away or over powered his father. BUT, he knew God's promises to be absolute and Gracious. He knew what God had promised his father. He was willing to take a knife in the heart. That is where his faith was at. BAM!! To live is to die, but to die is to live. I get it, I really do. It is such a beautiful thing. This God thing that is so important in my life. I really can't see myself living any other way and actually feeling fulfilled in life. I know there just isn't any other way for me. Not even in the rhelm of possibility.

I ended the night with some good ole fashion Campus Golf, HA!! Good times Brad.

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