Monday, September 22, 2008

Great is Thy Faithfulness

Today, after English class I spent much of my time in the Media M room. It's so great, it is a really awesome tool that the university offers. I have been working on a brochure for my OLS group project. I don't know a thing about photo shop, but they give me help, and it is really starting to come together. I AM SO PUMPED!! This place helps with power point, video stuff, anything Media. I left a bit early, because my old pal from last year wanted to meet up for lunch. Good ole Brandin A, who I know only because I always saught him out at school for the majority of last year during lunch time. All I did was took an interest in him. He has never once gone to anything Young Life related, but dangit if he doesn't keep calling me. So, for lunch we met up. You might remember brandin from a little community service project not too long ago. If you do not, then CLICK THIS LINK and you will soon understand what I speak of. (side note)~this is one of the things I really enjoy being able to do with a BLOG. I can look back on life, and pull up dates or thoughts from 5 months ago with just a press of a button. It refreshes the memory, and reminds me of my past train of thought. Anyways, brandon and I met up at Fazoli's and my sampler platter was pretty pathetic. I didn't complain, but my lazugauna was not cooked. :-O, but at the same time there are kids dying because they have not had food all week, so I need to just shut the heck up and count my blessings.

Well, his father was diagnosed with Prostate cancer, and left today for the Mayo Clinic in Minneapolis Minnesota. He is going there to have it removed. I'm not going to go into specific's, but it is a huge worry on brandin, his sister(22), mom, and of course FATHER. If you could please just lift him and his family up in prayer. I would so greatly appreciate it. Him and his sister are flying on Wednesday, to be there for the procedure. I just pray that everything goes smoothly, and that no other complications are involved. I also pray that I get put in a situation that I can impact my buddy in an eternal way.

BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) was awesome tonight. This lesson for this whole week has been over Exodus 2:1-10, but as the lecture told, they really pack a punch.
  • Trusting God with the outcome. Do everything you can in His will.
  1. Hebrews 11:23 Faith is trusting in God and ACTING on it.
*(interesting comment) It is God's responsibility to maintain our Faith.
  • Soverign God determins the outcome of all things according to his own wise purpose and the good of his children.
  1. God rewards those who trust in Him. "This was shown in Exodus in how Moses's mom got to keep him, that he was picked up by the Pharoah's daughter, that his sister Miriam knew what to say/do, by parents risking lives to keep Moses, etc."
Then, in closing tonight we sang a hymn. Great is Thy Faithfulness. Well, about 2/3 way through it, my dad locked arms with me. Now, my father is not a very kissy touchy kind of guy. He is proably not like this because his father was not like that. But, I would be a lier if I didn't say, "it felt good for him to be able to do that." We don't deserve anything in life, but boy if we did, my dad would deserve a son who he can lock arms with and sing Great is Thy Faithfulness. That was really cool, on so many different levels, it was really cool!

I have my first OLS test tomorrow at 12:00PM!! I have studies my butt off, we will just see how this guy set's up his tests, and I will be able to plan accordingly after this initial one. Peace!

Grace & Peace

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